• Big Day Out timetable

    8 Jan 2007, 19:48 by plattopus

    January 28th, 2006 - Princes Park South, Melbourne.

    The colour changes indicate a clash between a band that I'm seeing and one that I want to catch on another stage. Black is used for the bands I will see, grey indicates those I can't see.

    11.15 - 12.00 Sick Puppies (Orange Stage)
    11.30 - 12.00 Mach Pelican (Green Stage)
    12.00 - 13.00 The Gingers (Lilyworld)
    12.00 - 12.40 Bob Evans (Converse Essential Stage)
    12.45 - 13.30 The Butterfly Effect (Orange Stage)
    13.15 - 14.00 Trivium (Converse Essential Stage)
    13.30 - 14.15 Evermore (Blue Stage)
    14.00 - 14.45 The Vines (Green Stage)
    14.15 - 15.00 Scribe (Orange Stage)
    14.15 - 14.45 Lily Allen (Boiler Room)
    14.45 - 15.15 Lily Allen (Boiler Room)
    14.45 - 15.00 Little Birdy (Converse Essential Stage)
    15.00 - 15.30 Little Birdy (Converse Essential Stage)
    15.00 - 15.50 My Chemical Romance (Blue Stage)
    15.50 - 16.40 Eskimo Joe (Orange Stage)
    16.40 - 17.30 John Butler Trio (Blue Stage)
    17.30 - 18.30 The Killers (Orange Stage)
    18.00 - 18.30 The Streets (Boiler Room)
    18.30 - 19.00 The Streets (Boiler Room)
    19.00 - 19.30 Jet (Blue Stage)
    19.30 - 20.30 Muse (Orange Stage)
    20.00 - 21.00 The Sleepy Jackson (Converse Essential Stage)
    20.30 - 21.30 The Presets (Boiler Room)
    20.30 - 22.00 Tool (Blue Stage)

    I'm pretty lucky this year, the majority of the bands I want to see are on the main stages, so their start times are staggered. Last time I went to BDO a lot of my bands were spread through the smaller stages so I spent the whole day deciding which of my favourite bands I wanted to miss.

    The biggest disappointment this year is that I'll miss The Presets' entire set, and I wish I could see more of Little Birdy... but considering the rest of my schedule I don't have much to complain about.
  • TOOL, Mastodon, 16/12/2006, Olympic Fencing Hall, Athens, Greece

    23 Dec 2006, 18:14 by thedaydreamer1

    Sat 16 Dec – Tool, Mastodon

    Well, yeah, a week later I finally found the time to write down my thoughts for the show... and it's in english too! :P

    This must have been the most higly anticipated show of my whole life. It's not only the fact that Tool is one of my favourite bands of all times, it's also that they had never been to Greece before and judging from their touring habits they might take a long time before (and if) they ever come back again. Having that said let's proceed to the show itself, but I warn ya, there is lot of whining included:

    I reached the venue at about 6.20, and about a quarter later the gates opened... unfortunately the greek organisers decided to squeeze us all through 2 tiny gates in both points of ticket control which resulted to a long wait... but anyway we entered the "Olympic Fencing Hall" to find out it was just an airplane hangar with a stage (since these Olympic installations for Athens 2004 were built in the old airport of Elliniko). The place started to fill up pretty quickly and at 8.00, when Mastodon took the stage the place was full of people, at least from the stage to the sound console, something that showed the great drawback of this venue... the fact that those under 1,80 where having real trouble seeing the performers... and I measuring just a mere 1,73 (or something...) had to keep on standing on the edges of my feet trying to avoid other people's heads in front of me.

    Mastodon: Unfortunately I cannot say much about Mastodon, their sound was just awful! The only thing I could hear was an ugly wall of sound with the drums being the only instrument one could make out, no guitars, no bass, no vocals. It was sad actually, I would really like to see Mastodon performing live and this was a nice opportunity, well actually I was able to see them, and they seemed to be playing real good, regretfully few managed to trully have a good time (possibly imagining what Mastodon would sound) throughout their set.

    Tool: 9.30. Thankfully the sound was highly improved once the 4 took the stage. They began with Stinkfist and went on (as their sound improved even more) with Forty Six & 2, one of my favourite tracks from Ænima, Jambi and Schism, it was then time for the Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)/Rosetta Stoned which resulted to a short break with the band gathered at the middle of the stage, lighting up ...lighters. An introduction to the magnificent Wings... Wings for Marie (Part 1) and 10,000 Days (Wings Part 2) were accompanied by a wonderfull laser show, this seemed to be the best part of the show for me, until... well until the next song, which was Lateralus, actually a special version of Lateralus because Mastodon came on stage, at first only the drummer and guitarist (don't ask for names please :) ) augmenting the band to 6 but also Justin and Adam gave their instruments to the other 2 members of Mastodon for a couple of notes, it was a nice experiment and it also was the first time of the night I actually listened Mastodon playing! After the end of the song, the hugs, the thanks from Maynard followed by "Now get the fuck out!" lol! Tool played Vicarious, which included a short break in the middle of the song with roadies coming up on stage wearing white robes and filling up glases of wine for the band. As a conclusion to the night Tool embarged on Ænema... and then the lights went on ending one of the best shows I have ever seen.

    A show which I would have been far more pleased from if the greek organisers, Didi Music, had picked a better venue and decided for once to treat their clients as such and not as sheep. But damn, if I had such fun at a show where I had to struggle to be able to see the band imagine how good it was (or just how much I like Tool)!
  • Tool & Mastodon, Olympic Fencing Center 16/12/06! Playlists

    17 Dec 2006, 18:20 by CastDownHeretic

    Tool + Mastodon 16.12.2006

    Mastodon :
    1. This mortal soil
    2. The Wolf Is Loose
    3. Colony Of Birchmen
    At this time I Joined the fuckin pit so I'm not sure if i have these right... Too much punches.. :P
    4. Capillarian Crest
    5. Aqua Dementia
    6. Crystal Skull
    7. Hearts Alive
    8. Sleeping Giant
    9. Hunters Of The Sky

    Tool :
    1. Eulogy (+ part Of Stinkfist)
    2. Forty Six & 2
    3. The Patient (yeahhhhhh!-i thought they wouldn't play it!)
    4. Jambi
    5. Parabola
    6. Rosetta Stoned
    7. Viginti Tres
    8. Wings For Marie
    9. 10,000 days
    10. Lateralus (with Mastodon)
    11. Vicarious
    12. AEnema

    The Pot and Ticks & Leeches weren't played at all :(((
  • Nice music review aggregation site

    8 Dec 2006, 05:09 by LANjackal

    One of the problems with looking for reviews online is that usually you're stuck with looking at one review at a time, and each review incorporates the bias of its author so you're not really getting a fair opinion anyway.

    What if you had a site that aggregated reviews for each release, captured synopses of them, and aggregated the results into a combined score? Fantastic, right? Enter, which does exactly that. And not just for music. Add movies, TV shows, books and games to the list.

    Credit goes to my friend S.C. for showing me this site on Monday, by the way.
  • Tool 05/12/2006 @ Porsche Arena, Stuttgart

    6 Dec 2006, 14:06 by stewpid

    This was my first gig in Porsche Arena and i didn't really like it - although there was a really cool light show i found the constantly glowing lamps near the seats irritating. Anyway, having arrived too late to catch anything of Mastodon's set i looked at the merchandise, which consisted of a lot of Tool T-shirts and just two or three Mastodon T-Shirts.. Furthermore they cost 30euro which i happily invested in a couple of beers and a big mac. So back to the gig, it seems that everybody already knew what the setlist was. Here it is, but excuse me if i don't remember the order correctly:

    Stinkfist - okay the crowd went nuts on this on may be because it was the opening track. The people were looking unhappy at me, because i was singing along and they somehow manager to hear it(now is the time to complain about the sound - most of the times i could hear my own screaming better than Maynards so i had to feel happy with just opening my mouth)

    46 & 2 - i just couldn't help it - i screamed the words 'i choose to live and to grow take and give and to learn and love and to cry..' as loud as i could

    Jambi - i would wish this all away

    Schism - it seems that all tracks were a little different than their original versions, but this one turned out really good an incredible version

    Lost Keys - we all knew Rosetta Stoned was next, so we decided to catch our breath and get ready for some serious action

    Rosetta Stoned - i was joined by some fellows in screaming "holy fucking shit" till the "picture this if you will" line. i don't think moshing was appropriate on this concert but hey you can't tell people not to jump and stuff.

    Swamp Song - even though i knew swamp song was coming i hoped for the pot or even better - sober, but hey cool song nevertheless.

    Wings for Marie - i'm not sure but i think after swamp song there was this pause when Justin a lighter and prompted the audience to follow. this is where the light show kicked in - some green lasers wandered through the hall and oh, i forgot the mention the giant screens, which showed parts of Tool's videos and other creepy-cool-crazy stuff(kinda reminded me of Slayer's performance at unholy alliance)

    10, 000 days - i must say i was looking forward to this one i chanted the lyrics as loud as i could.. IT'S TIME NOW, MY TIME NOW, GIVE ME MY WINGS. however i think that listening to that particular song alone at home has a greater effect on me :)

    Lateralus - i'll just say that the videos and the music made this one the most touching experience(YES, even better than Wings, what a disappointment). ride the spiral till the end.(cool spiral video)

    Vicarious - an almost 3 minute pause followed, some serious bass distortion and the sound of vicarious got the audience crazy.. again some serious screaming.. vicariously i... live while the whole world dies

    Aenima - i knew that was the end of the gig so i gave everything what was left in the "pit"(or the place were people weren't just sitting their hands crossed with a thoughtful expression on their faces). we didn't get the learn-to-swim-dance but a lot of people nearby knew it (so did i :))so we kinda helped :).
    i wanna see it all come down
    suck it down.
    flush it down
    and off we were giving away Mastodon stickers..

    i would appreciate all comments and corrections :D
  • I l0ve t00l !!!

    13 Nov 2006, 14:36 by rageT_H_C

    12 Nov – Tool
    My first Tool's gig... an incredible mix of sounds emotions lights heart and passion...
    Thank you dudes, for all
  • Tool and cheating myself

    20 Oct 2006, 05:56 by Samtallic

    It should be fairly evident for those who manage to look at my top artists that Tool is my favorite band, and has been for some time. I've been lucky enough to have seen two live shows so far, and I'm eagerly awaiting for the second leg of the american tour to kick off so all of us normal people can afford tickets.

    I've also had the longest history and struggle with making compliations of Tool. Its easy to randomly choose songs and have a nice selection, but its more satisfying to create a mix that flows with style of playing (which varies heavily from album to album with tool) and content (lateralus making that hard to do).

    For years I've been giving up on the longer Tool songs. Those songs, such as third eye, reflection, flood, pushit, etc, just simply must exist in and of their own, and I usually put them on a separate CD altogether. This leaves me with two mixes, one with shorter trackers that play harder music and leave a disjointed feeling for the mix, and a mix that has about six to eight songs. Thus the first cd mix, aptly titled TOOL I, is just an attempt at making the most out of Tool's singles, with a few single wannabes thrown here and there.

    Here's my most current Tool I tracklist:

    1. Stinkfist
    2. Jambi
    3. Aenema
    4. Intolerance
    5. Jimmy
    6. The Pot
    7. Sober
    8. The Grunge
    9. Schism
    10. Prison Sex
    11. Right in Two
    12. Forty Six & 2
    13. Part of Me

    I feel like its important to try and sample from each Tool release at least once, but I obviously lean more on later albums than earlier ones.

    Tool II:

    1. 10,000 Days (Wings part 2)
    2. Mantra
    3. Schism
    4. Third Eye
    5. Pushit (live)
    6. Lateralus
    7. Reflection
    8. Rosetta Stoned

    Here I competely leave out the earlier songs and try for a little bit of the spirtual/introspective side of Tool, but of course Rosetta Stoned throws that off a bit.

    Tool I is basically a random selection is unfortunately all over the board, despite the fact that Maynard reguarly writes lyrics that cover similar territory every album. What I would like for both mixes are more coherient themes, but I can't seem to put into a playlist.
  • Tool - Ænema [PL]

    17 Oct 2006, 22:31 by rajmund69


    mówi się, że koniec już blisko
    mówi się, że wkrótce ujrzymy armageddon
    naprawdę mam nadzieję, że tak będzie
    z pewnością mógłbym sobie wziąć urlop od tego
    pierdolonego cyrku udawania tych zjebów
    z tej beznadziejnej, obsranej dziury, zwanej Los Angeles
    jedyny sposób, by ją naprawić, to zatopić w cholerę
    w każdej, kurwa, chwili
    każdego, kurwa, dnia
    uczcie się pływać, zobaczymy się w zatoce arizońskiej

    martw się swoją figurą i
    swoim mlekiem i
    swoim procesem i
    swoją fryzurą i
    swoim prozakiem i
    swoim pilotem i
    swoim kontraktem i
    swoim samochodem.
    to pierdolony cyrk udawania tych zjebów
    z tej beznadziejnej, obsranej dziury, zwanej Los Angeles
    jedyny sposób, by ją naprawić, to zatopić w cholerę
    w każdej, kurwa, chwili
    każdego, kurwa, dnia
    uczcie się pływać, zobaczymy się w zatoce arizońskiej

    mówi się, że spadnie z nieba kometa
    następnie deszcze meteorów i fala pływu
    następnie linie uskokowe, które nie mogą się utrzymać
    następnie miliony dupków oniemieją
    mówi się, że koniec już blisko
    mówi się, że wkrótce ujrzymy armageddon
    naprawdę mam nadzieję, że tak będzie
    z pewnością mógłbym sobie wziąć urlop od tego
    głupiego, naiwnego, gównianego...
    jedna wielka, ropiejąca rozrywka
    może wreszcie byście się czymś zajęli
    (uczcie się pływać
    uczcie się pływać
    uczcie się pływać)
    mamusia wszystko wkrótce naprawi
    mamusia ułoży wszystko tak, jak powinno być

    pieprzyć L Rona Hubbarda i jego klony
    pieprzyć tych wszystkich zabijaków kreujących się na gangsterów
    pieprzyć wszystko, co stare. pieprzyć twoje tatuaże
    pieprzyć wszystkie twoje śmieci i pamięć krótkotrwałą
    pieprzyć uśmiechniętych dupków z ukrytymi zamiarami
    pieprzyć wszystkie marne, niepewne aktoreczki

    gdyż modlę się o deszcz
    i o fale pływu
    chcę patrzeć, jak rozstępuje się ziemia
    chcę patrzeć, jak wszystko się wali
    mamusiu, proszę, zmyj to wszystko
    chcę patrzeć, jak wszystko się wali
    chcę patrzeć, jak się rozstępuje
    patrzeć, jak wszystko zaleeeeeewa

    pora znów to zburzyć
    nie nazywaj mnie prostym pesymistą
    spróbuj czytać między wierszami
    nie wyobrażam sobie, czemu nie
    ucieszyłbyś się ze zmian, przyjacielu
    chcę patrzeć, jak wszystko się wali

    Tłumaczenia wszystkich tekstów z płyty "Ænima" Toola na moim homepage'u:
  • ISIS / Tool @ the Nassau Coliseum [10/07/06]

    8 Oct 2006, 20:57 by xthroughmyeyesx

    Where the fuck to begin? We got to the venue before Isis had started to play to, y'know, kick off the festivities with celebratory bowls and the lot. I ran into the whole world and then some, but on to the concert.

    Isis had started before I had gotten to my seat, they were only midway through the first song but holy FUCKING shit... their sound completely entranced me and I couldn't help but move along with the music and I swear it when I say I had an out-of-body experience. Their sound translated over to the big arena scene very successfully and their approach to writing music and playing it live captured me once again as they'd quickly become one of my favorite studio bands, and finally getting to see them live just set the fact in stone.

    They played a four song set, which when dealing with epic / terms equates to about a half an hour. There's only so much I could say, but seriously - I cannot wait 'til they come around again some time. If you ever get the chance, do not even think twice.. definitely take the opportunity and run with it and I guarantee you'll be into it. A lot of the other fans seemed to not really care, but they were taken mostly in a very welcoming manner. At the end of Isis' last song - Justin Chancellor came out and jammed with them and it was fucking beauty.

    The only complaint I had was the price of the merch. Sure, it's to be expected.. but fucking $80 for a hoodie? $40 for a shirt? Ehh, yeah. Fuck that.

    Moving on... Tool was next. It always feels like it takes them an hour to take stage, but I was intrigued at the set up nevertheless. You had this crew come out and lay out these white pads that took up all of the stage; they took such care that they were wearing socks and sweeped it off afterwards making sure there was nothing on it. A lot of people were a bit perplexed, but I had a feeling I knew what was coming up. When they unveiled Danny Carey's drumkit, I couldn't help but fucking applaud it hardcore. The thing was MASSIVEEEE, this dude was ready to go to war with this music haha.

    Tool finally takes the stage.

    There stands Maynard James Keenan wearing a shirtless cowboy outfit: jeans, giant belt buckle, cowboy boots, and sporting a mohawk. The cowboy hat was only worn during "Rosetta Stoned". You need a cowboy hat when singing into a bull horn. It adds credibility. ;) He kept telling us that Jersey was louder and well, I don't know how true that might have been, but our crowd was fucking hot for Tool.

    Adam Jones is still one of the most intriguing guitarists I've seen live. Kudos to him.

    They played a slew of tracks I was very happy to hear, including "Forty Six & Two" which I am SO glad they played. For a few of the songs, including "Stinkfist", the opener, they changed up the parts and added new killer parts that definitely provoked a lot of crowd amazement. During the "Wings" suite... they broke out the lasers and that in itself made the mammoth of a song coupling a bit more exciting. I love the two songs, but you can only listen to it for so long y'know? The entire time I felt so connected with the set - I feel that I missed so much but I didn't at all. I was spaced out as hell between the bud and the set but ugh, haha. They were fucking incredible, the end. Their light show and laser set-up was just beautiful and it was good that I got to see them this tour. I was supposed to see them in Camden, NJ a week or so ago, but my mother had gotten way ill and I had to cancel that. All good, though. Last night definitely made up for it. Tool closed with "Aenima" and it was so beautiful and intense, haha. I'm always a little sad that Tool doesn't do encores, but the set was well worth it.

    Tonight, I get to see Medications with Channels opening in Brooklyn which I'm definitely siked about. Wednesday is the Say Anything, mewithoutYou, Piebald, and Days Away show at Irving with Mr. Sean Rahilly and a pretty giant crew of people. I'm helllaaaa excited for this. Autumn and winter will continue to serve my ears, eyes, and body well, I will make sure of it.
  • A Perfect Circle's not dead ? F*ck...

    19 Sep 2006, 23:55 by Kzeon

    Dear Ricky...

    I'm very concerned about this weird news I've just read... Go see by yourself, A Perfect Circle's fan on, and give a look to the last news posted by Maynard yesterday...

    I found that news very very strange...since APC's supposed to be dead and buried now... stock from them would only make me an happy guy... :)

    Thanks again good friend Ricky for this hint :)