What is your favorite character of The Lord of the Rings book and why?

  • What is your favorite character of The Lord of the Rings book and why?

    Mine is Samwise Gamgee (samy),i love this man because he is a excellent friend and person, honest without hide his feelings, carry out his word, besides he bore with Frodo and the ring figuratively and literally. This little man deserve the recognition like a heroe and his loving spirit will pass by generation to generation of readers to immortality... Samwise the Brave!!!

    My second favorite is Gandalf, the wisdom, astuteness and good sense reflects his essence, and his words and proceed are the most important philosophical basis of this book.

    this is my opinion, feel free for write yours.

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    • Eleniel said...
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    • 28 May 2008, 16:06
    Gollum! I fell in love with him for compassion, and I think that the only good thing in the Peter Jackson's movies is the Gollum's representation. I want a Gollum for me! I will take care of him!

  • Legolas. Affinity to elves...., also Gandalf.

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  • If we're sticking strictly to LotR then I'd have to say I love Galadriel. ^_^ Once upon a time I was in love with Legolas and then the movies came out and ruined my beautiful vision. Legolas is still cool, though. And Pippin because he's so light-hearted. Oh, I admit it, it's really difficult to make such a decision. =/

    Non-LotR I love Luthien and Beren.

  • Could be Lady Galadriel. Because she is so noble and elegant and daring and... Well she has so much to admire.

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Jun 2008, 13:01
    Maybe Boromir. Cause he's a REAL human, not an angel in human skin (like Aragorn) and he's not so "clean" as other characters.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 9 Jun 2008, 01:04
    definitely Faramir and Eowyn... my fav couple of all times

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Jun 2008, 00:35
    Faramir...the book portrayed him much nobler than in the movie...and Boromir, for his funeral sequence (I always found it very moving)

    And of course Gandalf! But that's three...hmm...

  • Gimli... I like to much the dwarves... And Sam, because without him, the ring never had been destroyed... Frodo is garbage XD

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  • Gandalf..his uniqueness...i always wonder how he's soo unpredictable at his decisions..

  • Tom Bombadill!

  • I like many characters described in LoTR, Hobbit and Silmarilion, but after all I like Arwen Undómiel, because she give up her immortality and stay with mortal men.

  • Aragorn (dark, noble and lonely)
    Legolas (I love the elves so much, but not the female characters)
    Frodo (= me)

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  • Legolas, because he's mysterious, good archer and elf. :]
    I also like much Gandalf. But I think, what I like all LORT characters, because they all are original, interesting and particular.

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  • Tom Bombadil! Old old man. He hasn't got a very big role but I love him because he's so stange. And odd. He's THE Tom Bombadil. I can't describe anythin in English, sorry :P

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 29 Jul 2008, 10:10
    It's rather difficult question to answer, well, at least to me - because I like so many of them. Every character is unique and special it his/her own way, and I'm not sure if I can choose just one (or two).
    Urgh, well I will try nevertheless! ^-^
    At this moment (I'm re-reading the trilogy again), my favorite is Gimli. I don't know, I just like him a lot, and I think it would be great to meet him... and take a walk through one of their famous mines, and let him do all the talking :D

  • Pippin

    I just LOOOVE perregrin Took, both in the book and the film.
    In the film he just talkes very cute (scottish, I love it!) and I think he's funny seeing as he allways gets in trouble.
    In the book I just like his charracter and the fact that he likes adventure and so on.

    I also like gollum very much because of his way of talking.
    "nice crunchable birsesssss"

    so cute *0*

  • Pippin

    -woops sorry for the dubble post .__. my internet is going mad >.>-

  • galadriel - a true own character, she represents an independent and sovereign power, and makes decisions according to her own matters, from ancient days on. it is hard to read in her mind, she fits not in the classic angel-like admirable elven-cliché. Think about her position when sauron occured in middleearth. I like the passage silmarillion or unfinished tales that she didn't need to pass the trial by frodo to redeem herself. this final task was more a cleansing of her desires and anger that allowed her to return in peace eressea.

    i also like celebrimbor, because he is similiar, a politician, a sniffy, arrogant "winning"-character. He did not listen to Galadriel and finally he failed, he learned his lesson through death.

    I like the tolkienesque experiment to let elves pass or strall through familiar states of human feelings, behaviours and vices over a long timescale.

  • Sam, one of the most important characters (for me)

    Gimli, ROCKS!!!!!!!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 26 Aug 2008, 19:44
    Eowyn rocks!

    and Gandalf, obviously.

  • Hm... If we're talking only about LotR than my favorite character is Sauron. Just because I like the philosophy of the Dark ones really much and I think they are not as bad as it's written, good heroes sometimes behave themselves much worse.

  • reading the end of lotr again, it seems quite obviously that bilbo is the crucial link, that makes the world of lotr so appealing and homelike to the reader.
    the middleearth characters have been a company through nearly my whole life, and bilbo seems to be the person really familiar or close to me.

    • Shavra said...
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    • 13 Sep 2008, 18:13
    Elves have been my passion since I read Lord of the Rings -trilogy. I was 9 years old, and the mystic of those immortal, beautiful and faerie-like figures were really fascinating then. Galadriel has always been my favourite character of LotR, there's no doubt of that.

    But if it comes to whole mythology of Tolkien's production, my favourite character (above all) is Fëanor from Silmarillion, the high king of noldor and creator of Silmarils. He is just so tragic character; a man, whose intelligence turned against him and pushed him into the circle of revenge and anger - and made him slay even his own kin.

  • My favourite character is Eowyn ^^ I love this moment when she kill the Witch King :D
    Also I like her brother, Eomer for his devotion to Rohan and king Theoden.

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