Favourite Plan B song?

    • Cobbit said...
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    • 24 Jun 2007, 01:28

    Favourite Plan B song?

    Mine is probably Mama (Loves A Crackhead), although the whole Who Needs Actions When You Got Words album is great.

  • whole album "Who needs actions when you got words" is just stunning, it's hard to pick one song, but i think that "Couldn't get along" has greatest lyrics and beautiful piano

  • definitely "Everyday"

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Apr 2010, 21:50
    Either Darkest Place, Stay Too Long, Writing's On the Wall, Happy As Larry, Who Needs Actions When You Got Words or No Good.

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  • Either Couldn't Get Along, She Said or The Recluse.

    • ybatec said...
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    • 25 Oct 2010, 19:27
    grrr... stricklandBanks stole my name! :D

    mh, id say the recluse, Free, or sick 2 def.

    A man is a man and a woman is a woman
    But the times we are living in demand
    That a man can change from a man to a woman
    And a woman can demand to be a man
    We’re just flesh with socks and locks and frocks
    And I am here to say to you
    On the day that I die I’ll just give a smile and fly into the blue
  • The Recluse Rulz

  • The Recluse and Couldn't Get Along

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 Aug 2011, 13:51
    it is No More Eatin' ........ very calm but show truth

  • Probably 'Lost My Way', 'ill Manors' or 'Where Ya From?'.

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