What do you think of Tebow being traded to the Jets?

  • What do you think of Tebow being traded to the Jets?

    I really dislike this move. I believe it is detrimental to all involved parties. But, I know that Tim Tebow has the character and the drive to succeed no matter what team he is on.

    The reasons I believe this is a bad idea are as follows:
    • Sanchez will provide a large problem. He is generally disliked in New York because he doesn't perform up to standards and he has an ego bigger than the entire state. But, he has just signed a new contract and it is unlikely the Jets will get rid of him to make room for Tebow. And Sanchez will have the opportunity and desire to make Tebow suffer.
    • Many players from the Jets team have come out and ridiculed Tebow and what he stands for, making it very clear they do not want him as a teammate. Tebow was brought in partly to "bring unity to the locker room," but I don't know if even he can overcome that much hatred.
    • As a major understatment, Rex Ryan does not share Tebow's character. But, he is willing to do anything to win the Super Bowl he has been promising for years. I do think there is hope that if Tebow plays, he will be willing to make adjustments to fit his unique style and that Ryan will support Tebow, as long as, he produces. However, Ryan has stuck with Sanchez for many years, even while he has been horrific and I don't know if he will be willing to make the change, even now.
    • The Broncos, eager to be rid of him, gave Tebow away for only a few petty draft picks, not even getting their first round pick back out him. That means the Jets have very little invested in him.

    However, Tebow has had opposition since before he was born and I know that he will make us proud no matter what happens. And he may be just what the Jets need, a hard-working, ego-less player who can unify them and lead them to a Super Bowl.

  • With the Jets

    I cannot wait to see what he does this year.

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