• WHO ARE YA!!!

    Hi There

    I just thought i'd get the ball rolling since nobody else had posted here.

    My name is Michael aka Honest Joe (James Board) from Belfast. Been a James/Tim Booth fan for 16+yrs now, didnt buy bone until lately but cant stop listening to it now..

    be interesting to hear from other like minded Tim-ons! hahaha

    Michael aka Honest

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 17 Aug 2006, 03:54
    I'm Jessie, and I have been alive only a few years more than Michael has been a fan. Thats a bit scary, but, yea. Tim is great, I'm addicted.
    Oh, and I always love meeting new James/Booth fans since there aren't many in the states.

    So yea, say hi :)

    • SfromL said...
    • User
    • 13 Sep 2006, 13:31
    I'm Sean, and I know Michael (Honest) through the James message board. Have also been a fan since 1990. Saw James 13 times, and have seen Tim 4 times. Managed to get on the James Manchester DVD from their last tour. I love "Bone", but think that the Bad angel album is also great. Looking forward to hearing his new stuff, some point soon I hope...........

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