Hard Dance Awards 2007 CD Review

  • Hard Dance Awards 2007 CD Review

    Well, upon first listening to this album I must say I felt rather disappointed with the mix as a whole. For me it all just felt too tekky, which I'm sure many people would be happy with, but it's just not for me. For 'Hard Dance Awards' I would have expected something with a little more bite, but then I'm concerned that the awards themselves have fallen subject to commercial influences. But, that aside, there were a few bright sparks to come from this mainly dreary set. Tracks such as Don't Pigeon Hole Me, Hoof (Nik Denton Mix) and ASBO, as well as a few others, really stood out for me a the highlights here.

    Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say that the track chosen to end off disc one, Killer Instinct, is not one that I shall be rushing off to the Tidy Digital store to buy. Personally I would have much preferred they use 'The Celestine Prophecy'. This was just one more massive nail in the coffin for what in my opinion is a poor release by Tidy's standards.

    Better luck next year guys!

    Don't give me no funky bollox
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