Standing down as group leader

  • Standing down as group leader

    Hello all. I remember in my usual vague way that there used to be a facility to mail everyone's inbox to get important messages through. Maybe not.

    I can't find it anyway, so with some sadness I'm making a public post that (I suspect) most group members will never read. no longer figures in my daily routines, and when I replaced my main computer I didn't even install the scrobbler.

    Activity within the group is confined to a few stalwarts who could no doubt devote their time to more profitable ventures, given the infrequent visits that the group's main page now gets.

    If someone would like to take on group leadership (it isn't onerous at all) I'm sure it's fairly easy to make the transfer. Just send me I message and I'll do the bits I need to do and you can take over. Some new blood could turn things around I'm sure.

    In the meantime I'll keep half an eye on things, and if no one has offered to take it on in a month or three I'll stand down anyway and cut the thing loose.

    Many thanks for everyone's interest and enthusiasm over the years. I do appreciate it.

    All the best

    Sam Saunders

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