Add: "IN MY PANTS", to any song title ;P

  • Add: "IN MY PANTS", to any song title ;P

    For example:
    Sound of Silence, in my pants
    I wanna hold your hand, in my pants
    I am a Rock, in my pants

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 2 Feb 2009, 06:32
    Wait, what?

  • Pieces of You in my pants

  • Hell yeah! I tried this on a forum once and got shouted down for being "immature" :-/

    Waiting For The World To End in my pants
    Crushed in my pants
    Heaven's A Lie in my pants

  • Sweet Dreams in my pants, lol
    Härkä in my pants, o_o
    Smells like teen spirit in my pants, lawl

    las primeras tres que me tocaron

    Si te sientes ofendido o identificado conmigo: TE JODES.
  • Stalkers in my pants
    You Didn't Want Me in my pants
    So Many People in my pants

    word :]

    • Syn-Six said...
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    • 26 Feb 2009, 17:08
    I did this ripped out of my mind with my friend in his kitchen. We just about killed ourselves laughing

    The One Eyed Man In My Pants (This Morn Omina)
    Rape Upon Rape Upon Rape In My Pants (Manufactura)
    Hep C In My Pants (Alter Der Ruin)

  • Blood Runs Forever in my pants
    Monster in my pants
    Abort the Pope in my pants

  • The Land Of Rape And Honey...IN MY PANTS
    Dead Man Walking...IN MY PANTS
    Comfortably Numb...IN MY PANTS

    "I would insult your intelligence, but what would be the point?" ~Wobbly Headed Bob
  • A Forest...IN MY PANTS

    "I would insult your intelligence, but what would be the point?" ~Wobbly Headed Bob
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Apr 2009, 16:34
    Diskofleshpot in my pants 0.o
    The great divide in my pants >.>
    The Unrestrained Use of Excessive Force in my pants xD

  • Emmanuel Lewis Handjob in my pants (Endif)
    Parasite in my pants (C/A/T)
    Gunman in my pants (Funker Vogt)
    Shelter in my pants (Icon Of Coil)
    Relax and Ride It in my pants (Alter Der Ruine)

  • Wow!! Great topic! How about...

    I Hear Your Voice in My Pants (21 Gramms)
    Drink and be Merry in My Pants (Amebix)
    I Never Wanted This to End in My Pants (Designer Substance)
    He Who Holds the Lightning Rod in My Pants (Electric Hellfire Club)
    Life is Good in My Pants (Ministry)
    And This Is What the Devil Does in My Pants (Thrill Kill Kult)

    ...and all of these are Jello Biafra:

    Wake up and Smell the Noise in My Pants
    Your Child Left Behind in My Pants
    Fat Mike Speaks in My Pants. (see 21 Gramms)
    Why I'm Glad the Space Shuttle Blew Up in My Pants
    Votes Disappear Like Magic in My Pants

    This was fun.

  • Shit, I can do this all day:

    Cause of death: Suide in my pants (Suicide Commando)
    Ride the Dragon in my pants (Manowar)
    Bloodred&Safe in my pants (Batcheeba)
    Infection loves the child in my pants (Batcheeba)
    Blood on the Bunny in my pants (The Residents)
    Nothing is Real in my pants (Veil of Thorns)
    The Sanity Assassin in my pants (Bauhaus)
    Days before you came in my pants (Placebo)

  • Crushed Like Fruit in my pants

  • nyarlothep said:
    The Unrestrained Use of Excessive Force in my pants xD

    Aww, beat me to it! xD

    1000 Transmissions In My Pants
    A Strange Device In My Pants (XD)
    Lies In My Pants
    The Plague In My Pants
    Canned Heat In My Pants
    Brainbondage In My Pants
    Disconnected: Void In My Pants
    Jugular In My Pants (erm...okay)
    Ammunition In My Pants
    The Great Depression In My Pants

    This is...ugly. It's like a cyclops, with a MILLION EYES!
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 16 Mar 2010, 17:58
    life's a glitch in my pants (celldweller)
    angel of fury in my pants (infra black)

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