• hi im new

    hi folks ive very recently started getting into Thirteen Senses, i've known about them for a while but it was when I saw them two weeks ago supporting Embrace in leeds that I was absolutely blown away by them, Thru THe Glass was my favourite song from the night but I also really liked history, the lead singer's voice is fantastic and fits the tone of the music perfectly, he also said they'd recently been supporting Rammestein!!!
    does anyone know if thry're touring any time soon?

    • kettiby said...
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    • 2 Jul 2005, 21:00
    I think they've finished touring now, word is that they're working on the next album. But I was at that Embrace gig too, Senses were great.

    • AyeCapn said...
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    • 13 Jul 2006, 16:20
    Hey gang. I bought the Invitation about a week ago after hearing "Gone" online. I really like it. These are going to be fun songs to learn how to play as well. Any chance of them coming to Canada to tour?

  • Hey! I'm new too :)

    Just thought I'd say hi. I'm Sarah by the way. No one seems to use this forum but hey! Much like their official one to be honest :/
    I really like Thirteen Senses, hope to see them live soon :)
    See you around!

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