• How do YOU do it?.

    Okay, so.. because I'm actually supposed to be doing an assignment right now, I'm going to share with all two of you my techniques.

    First, I come here and post randomness in forums.
    When I get bored with that.. I look for pointless flash games XD
    While those are loading I tend to google random things and see what it comes up with.
    Aaaah the internet is my favourite distraction.

    • campag said...
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    • 19 May 2007, 08:47
    Last.fm at work. Bound to get my ass hauled in for it sooner or later. Also google image searches for to make purdy powerpoints. Copyright theft. Dontcha just love it.

    "You have the right to free speech. As long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it." John Graham Mellor (1952-2002)
    • campag said...
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    • 19 May 2007, 08:51
    Oh, and looking up old music vids on YouTube. Where would we be without YouTube?

    "You have the right to free speech. As long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it." John Graham Mellor (1952-2002)
  • I'd be very, very lost. Haha ohhh I just realised that I watch movies a lot when I shouldn't be. But at the same time I'm looking up stupid shit on the net.

  • http://www.illwillpress.com (stong language, sex references, violence, and crazy-shit that should NEVER be seen by human eyes!!)

    ^ The fourth greatest distraction site on the Internet (After Last.fm, MySpace and YouTube).

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 May 2007, 16:01
    mm distraction lastfm soulseek all cool :)

  • Oh. I forgot. I like to know stupid things. Lots of trivia. Usually I just get it from one of the trivia/general knowledge books I have.. but sometimes the net provides some corkers.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 May 2007, 22:45
    - Browse MySodomy.
    - Browse artists/users/groups on Last.fm.
    - Downloading music.
    - Erm, I mean, not downloading music.
    - Reading about music.
    - Something to do with music.
    - Eat, even though I'm not hungry.
    - Watching "The Mighty Boosh".
    - Read something at ANUS.com.
    - Browse recent news articles.
    - Watch odd flash things.
    - Read my favourite webcomics.
    - Play games, but rarely.
    - Reading ANYTHING.

    I don't even know if I've scratched the surface.
    I am an expert procrastinator, and the internet is a perfect tool filled with plenty of useless things to occupy oneself.

    I'm currently supposed to be either sleeping or writing this lab report, of which I'm clearly doing neither.

    (edit: took out the list bbcode... last.fm is gay like that.)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 May 2007, 10:40
    campag said:
    Last.fm at work. Bound to get my ass hauled in for it sooner or later. Also google image searches for to make purdy powerpoints. Copyright theft. Dontcha just love it.

    Same here, same here. D:

    At home, last.fm, music, flash games, Online RPGs or just reading random stuff.

    I really love reading forums, so tha usually helps. ;D

    heh, well, I have Futurama Seasons 1-4, ALL of Monty Python's Flying Circus (Bask in my Python Collection's glory, all of you) which includes two discs of live performances, both seasons of The Mighty Boosh, Danger Mouse volumes 1 and 2... Know what? I should just open a new thread.....

  • I used to procastinate by going to the Vegetarian and Vegan group and annoying them by offering a civilised debate, but man those guys have NO sense of humour!

  • This is why I started le group to pwn all groups. It's like /b/ but with no porn, and people aren't anonymous. Oh, and take offense in this group, and I'll have to kick you out, even if it's funny to watch other people squirm X'D

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 28 May 2007, 09:40
    Any time I had something to do for school that required me to use a PC ended up something like this:

  • First of all, why do I do it. Because I hate doing what I'm supposed to, like for instance school. School sucks, it's supposed to help you make big money when you come out of school. But those fuckers don't give away your diploma for free, apparantly it isn't enough that you pay for your education (we all know school isn't 'free' and that we all pay pieces of their loan), no you have to work for it too. Work for it, that means listening to those tard bitches all day long and then when you come home, they expect you to study everything you learned that day, plus making stupid homework to entertain them. I actually can't believe how anyone can enjoy working for school. They say: 'When you work for it, then you will get good grades'. Fuck you, I've seen people working for it and getting rien de knots after that, also there are people who don't do shit and get good grades. I was once like that, but like all good things, there comes an end to it. That's the hard part, you know you can't make it this way, but on the other hand you're far to lazy to do something. When your grades continue to drop and the end of the schoolyear gets closer, you realise you have to come in action. Note: the action what I'm talking about is the far-too-late action, when you know you're allready screwed but hey it can save your ass/schoolyear. Now, this method may work for a few years, but as the years pass you become even more lazy and school gets harder. Last year I thought I was screwed but I was wrong, I hope I am wrong this time too. This year was my first extra schoolyear after 18 (when I translate, it would be high school, but that is something different in usa/everywhere, so you know what I mean). That means I am no longer obliged to go to school. That means I can skip every lesson I want. And what do you do when you get that opportunity, you grab it, hell yeah. Offcourse when you want to keep it clean, you make sure that your parents don't find out. Well they did suspect something but I talked my way out of it. That brings me to where I am right now, 2 days before a math exam, like usual I haven't done shit for it. I'am pretty sure this year won't be victory-in-your-face-bitches, but hey, I can't change who I am or what I've become.

    Ok I know this topic was about 'How do you do it?' but I thought a little explanation 'why' was needed too. Actually it was because I had some inspiration :$.

    I should start by saying that everything else is better than what you should be doing. So I do these pointless things, like googling for things that pop up in my mind, seeking funny pictures, reading forums, watching youtube, doing _this_. Watching movies, going on a mtb trip, even cleaning my room :o and so on. Not all those things are possible if your parents thinks your 'studying' in your room :P

    Voila I said it, it's done, if you where insane enough to read these mind extracts, don't hesitate to post comments/laughs or your own 'why'.

    Magical solutions to my problem are always welcome :)

    Since the beginning of time 'twas written in the stones that one day a band would come. Well that band has come and now they are here to cum again in your ear pussies.
  • I'm exactly the same =D Apparently I'm one of those weirdos who has a "natural intelligence" and I seem to pick things up relatively easily (except for maths.. and the calculations in physics =|) so I've never actually studied in my life. Sure I'll cram a little bit in the hour or two BEFORE an exam, but it's almost physically painful for me to try and study properly. In fact, I have this method down pat. I managed to get into what's apparently one of the more difficult courses at uni to gain entry to, doing purely this for 13 years of school =P

    Besides that, I actually get worse marks if I try and do an assignment gradually, so that it's finished before it's due.

    Just the other week, I wrote a 2000 word essay in less than two hours. I'll soon see if I've still got the knack for bullshitting so convincingly that I pass. I did it last year.. aaah I find it so hilarious when my friends do their assignments when they're supposed to, I do it the night before, and kick ass. HAppened with neurodevelopment and neurophysiology essay-mahbob. 3 hour job the night before got me an 86%, which cleared the next closest mark (out of my friends) by a good 10%

    They're all secretly planning my death. But somehow I don't think it's going to help me pass my exams this semester =D

    that is all.

  • I totally know what you mean. My gift to pick things up fast sure has helped me through my early years but, now it doesnt work anymore (works fine for courses like geography biology but not for math, physics, elektricity, chemistry and stuff like that) especially when you don't go to class anymore :( 4 years ago things started to go wrong for me, the other courses kicked in. When I had assignments to do, I usually made them in the morning. And the heavy shit, you know, those papers where you get months to finish them, I made them like the day before or even the day after (for half the grades :( ). The stupid thing about homeworks was if you decided to drop them, you eventually HAD to make them anyway but this time for no grades. Nightwork was also one of my specialities, despite my parents warnings. I once tought i could work better at night, but that was total bullshit, i just worked better because the end of the deadline was coming closer. I also found it funny to see others work on their assignments for days and it was even more funny when you totally pwned them but that wasn't always the case. I have this 50% policy, why need to have more, in the end it makes no difference. Last year when i had to make my paper (not just a paper, my travail de fin d'études paper, endwork or i dunno how to say it, no not a thesis, I don't even know what that is), we had whole year to finish it offcourse, but guess what, I made it during one day + night. The pages came out of my printer right on time, bundled it and arived on school 5 minutes to late. You should have seen the look on the teachers face, she was like: 'Hehehe he his here, that must mean he doesn't have his paper with him, muhahaha doomsday'. Wrong move bitch, I had it, booya in your face biatch. The following will explain the look on her face, the week before I had taken 2 days 'off' if you know what i'm saying (even with cooperation of my parents). I wouldn't be me if I hadn't totally wasted those 2 extra days (oh i also wasted saturday). But in the end everything was fine, I was feeling glorious, knowing that the others had spend their whole year looking things up and writing things down and I had the same effect with only 1 day + night. When I told people about it, they wouldn't even believe me, *sigh* ignorant turds.

    As for the studying, that is just a torture for me, I can sit in front of my books and do nothing at all, play with a pen, watching out of window, or something as idiot as that. But when the end of the deadline comes closer and I actually start studying (evening) its just reading that I do, writing things down has never worked for me, when I try it, I only make it to 1 page. That was for exams, for tests I didn't study at all, just when it was break I used to read everything over again and hope I would remember it.

    Now I realise why I am having so much inspiration, wednesday is coming closer :(

    Since the beginning of time 'twas written in the stones that one day a band would come. Well that band has come and now they are here to cum again in your ear pussies.
  • hehehe yea, I have an oral exam tomorrow, for "applied biomechanics and Kinesthiolgy" I was going to study aaaaaall day. r0ffle. Only problem being I was at my desk and I was using my laptop. Laptop = distraction.
    It's every bit as nasty as it sounds, by the way.. I have to know the anatomy of the hand and forearm, in detail.. which nerve makes which part work, and all the stupid injuries and what affect they have on a person's function.

    So far all I've really learned is that medial epicondylitis (Golfer's Elbow) causes pain in the common flexor tendon, the medial co-lateral ligaments, the ulnar collatoral ligaments, pronator teres and flexor carpi ulnaris, whilst if secondary impingement occurs, it could crush the ulnar nerve in the olecranon fossa.

    Treatment is a volar splint at 20-30 degrees of flexion for pain relief (not too much flexion, 'cause it can cause carpal tunnel to develop) and passive range of movement exercises when out of the splint... Ice for 20 minutes at least 6 times a day.... hehe sometimes I learn by telling other people things... I suprise myself with the stuff I know when I'm talking to other people =P

    But I'm sure you don't want to hear about all this crap XD

  • Universal Treatment: Chop hand off*.

    Yeah distraction, whatever you try there's always distraction, last week I tried studying outside, but then suddenly it was 30°C, neighbours with lawnmovers kicked in, chainsaws, supersonic vacuumcleaners, pigeons making uhu sounds and guys next door making music while they where also supposed to learn, meanwhile fly's where atacking me, and in the end I was just playing pacman on my calculator.

    It isn't exacly my thing but if it helps you studying, well that's a fair reason to spam some forums. All I can say is goodluck for your oral exam tomorrow and if it turns out bad (wich will hopefully not happen) then you demonstrate the 'universal treatment' by applying it on your teacher :) .

    *: May cause side effects

    Since the beginning of time 'twas written in the stones that one day a band would come. Well that band has come and now they are here to cum again in your ear pussies.
  • Well I think you have already named all things I do to make time go by:

    • browse myspace/last.fm for bands/people
    • watch youtube videos
    • browse wikipedia
    • search for legal downloadable music
    • write something in last.fm groups
    • write journals
    • talk to anyone via icq
    • phone anyone

  • I look up every thing I have ever heard of online, even if I've already looked it up. And then, I look up everyone I've ever met on myspace, and look at their friend's profiles. And then I think of how much time I've wasted. hehe

    • dumatin said...
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    • 5 Jun 2007, 00:34
    - Last.fm is a killer. I go from artist to artist. Group forum to group forum.

    - I love making randomly themed playlists in iTunes. Like "songs to bake to" and "omgschoolsuxx1000."

    - MySpace also leaves me screwed. I just click from profile, never really doing anything.

    - Music blogs. I love them.

    - Reading anything other than what I'm supposed to. Whether online or in book form.

    - Looking for scholarships that I will never apply for because I am too lazy.

    - Drawing the same face over and over again with different expressions.

    - Complaining about all the crap I have to do.

    - Eating. When I'm not even hungary.

    How I have a 4.0 is beyond me. I'm able to deceive people very well. My best work is always under pressure, usually at 2am. I, too, ALWAYS get worse grades if I spread out my work over time and finish well before the deadline. My best assignments are completed about an hour before I have to hand them in.

    I have a 3,500 word research paper due Friday. I might think about starting that rough draft tonight.

  • When I have important things to do, I like

    - Looking for things on Wikipedia, especially learning about languages. That's called professional deformation, I'm Translator Trainee.

    - Looking for ticket planes to go nowhere.

    - Looking for accomodation in the cities where I'll be able to study in 2008.

    - Looking for artist descriptions in lastfm in Spanish, correcting them, re-writing them and later taking some abuse at the user who's written the latter description.

    - Facebook facebook facebook.

    - Visiting beer brands webpages.

    - Painting my nails.

    - Combing my hair.

    - Writing some email to my intermittent boyfriend, alternating "I miss you" with "you're a bastard".

    - Translating anything but what I should be translating for University.

    - Spreading insecticide around my bedroom.

    - Last but not least, grimacing in front of the mirror.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 28 Jul 2007, 07:14
    Whenever there's something of more priority, I am usually involved with:

    - lurking various forums across the internet
    - visiting mindless sites like Whiteninjacomics.com
    - blogging, usually about nothing important in particular
    - drinking
    - eating

  • I am dying over here I sit at a desk 60 hours a week and these fuckers just recently blocked all the good websites (i.e. myspace, youtube, etc) so there is nothing.to.do. Thank god they didn't take my last.fm (I guess cuz its not a .com?) someone help me

    *trade in my bike for a shopping cart and beg change from a world that needs some.*
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