Favorite Person in Sopranos

    • AR-DZEJ said...
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    • 7 Jun 2009, 11:42
    Silvio Dante is mudufucking master!
    but i rly like livia soprano too
    she rly scared me!

  • Richie Aprile. The. hardest. motherf*cker.ever.

    Chcąc ukryć się przed sobą samym chlałem wódę w dusznym barze.
    • Wojtky said...
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    • 29 Jul 2009, 23:04
    definetely Tony
    Carmela, Chris, Paulie, SIlvio, Adriana, Livia, Junior are great too

  • Paulie (that ep when he was stuck in the van in the middle of nowhere with Chrissy was hilarious :D) and Silvio.

  • Silvio, and Uncle Junior.

  • Oh, I love Christopher and Tony.

  • My Top10:

    1. Tony Soprano
    2. Furio Giunta
    3. Silvio Dante
    4. Paulie Walnuts
    5. Ralph Cifaretto
    6. Johnny 'Sack' Sacramoni
    7. Junior Soprano
    8. Livia Soprano
    9. Hesh Rabkin
    10. Richie Aprile

  • Mine is Ritchie Aprile. Total badass old-school gangster. One of the most memorable gangster character too.

  • Christopher Moltisanti is my favourite!

    • Hiercho said...
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    • 14 Dec 2009, 16:21
    Silvio Dante, nummero uno of course. Second must be Sack, he had dignity. And why is nobody digging Pussy? I loved him!

  • Oh, I love Christopher and Tony.
    me too :D

    • A_W_O_L said...
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    • 26 Jan 2010, 11:47



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    • Nikke0 said...
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    • 1 Feb 2010, 10:38
    Tony, Paulie, Chris and Sil.

  • Nope!

    Livia Soprano - This is the last person I would describe as pleasant. :-))

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Jun 2010, 22:50
    Gotta be Paulie Walnuts. Junior also got some great lines.

  • All characters in The Sopranos are great. They're all very realistic and perfectly performed. My personal favourite is Ralph Cifaretto and of course main character, perfectly played by James Gandolfini, Tony Soprano.

  • I can't decide between Chris and Paulie, but the character I despise with all my heart is Janice. Words can't describe how much she annoys me

    Who's the more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him?
  • At first i liked Paulie the most, but now its definetly Furio.

    I hold steel in the Hour of Chaos
    and hurdle through the Base Heads
    just tryin' to play with the Odds

  • Paulie, simply because he cracks me up just about every time he talks, sometimes I don't know why lol.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 May 2011, 22:57

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 9 Jun 2011, 06:57
    Paulie Walnuts!

  • Sil & Furio

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Nov 2012, 18:17
    tony, janice, livia and junior. janice and livia are probably the most unlikable charecters in the history of TV, janice in particular.

  • Mexicola13 sagte:
    Johnny Sack, he has this inexplainable coolness about him.
    Johnny sure was one cool fuck, but my personal favourite was Ralph Ciafaretto.

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