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    Hey I bought this book yesterday : D Finished it in an hour :P I know I`m a fast reader lol XD I was just wondering if anyone wanted to start a book discussion? XD
    Or something to that effect on here :)

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    I haven't read Neon Angel but it sounds like it's rather good. I don't read much these days though. I have a bunch of unread books sitting on my shelf.

  • I really really enjoyed it :) I would highly recommend it actually.. It gives interesting insight into the Runaways from Cherie`s point of view and her life afterward :) Shes a very strong woman and the book really makes me admire her even more than I already did XD
    Its quite well written as well :) I like the story vibe it has , its not as stiff and formal as other auto biographies I have read : D

  • Ah, Neon Angel... I read it, two times actually. And... Cherie Currie is my hero :) This book is incredible. But... there's always a but :) I read Jackie's Fox The Runaways Remembered blog. Jackie say's, for example, that Kim's sex education class is a lie. In first version of Neon Angel the person that was in the room with Cherie and Paul, and is actually mention by name, was Jackie Fox, not Sandy West like in second version. I don't know, I haven't read first book, this is what Jackie posted on her blog. And it makes me think. Did Cherie changed versions of this particular story because Jackie confronted her and said it was a lie? (Jackie did confronted Cherie about this) Did she used Sandy's name because, I'm sure, Sandy would confirm this story in the name of their friendship, and even if not (it's awful to say I know), she's dead and she can't say anything. And I can't help but think, what else is in more colours than the truth... But on the other hand Joan read this book, and wrote foreword to it. Then again, if it is a lie, what makes them do this? Money? It's hard to belive...

    Here's link to Jackie's post

    "They tell me I'm crazy. But the truth is, I just know bullshit when I see it!"

  • I've just begun reading Neon Angel, I'm at the point where Cherie has just started the band.

    Concerning BestVillainEvers comment on the sex ed-incident: I like to believe both Cherie's and Jackie's stories. Why Cherie changed so that Sandy was in that room and not Jackie, I don't know. But I don't think that Cherie is lying, and I don't like to believe that neither Jackie nor Sandy asked for more burgers after watching a drugged girl get raped.
    As Jackie points out, Cherie herself admits that she was a very heavy drug addict and that she was wasted and/or stoned pretty much all the time. Then she likes us to believe that she remembers everything that happened during those Runaway days (and before and after) crystal clearly. Not very likely.
    Maybe Kim Fowley really did rape that girl in front of Cherie and the other people, but that doesn't mean that neither Jackie nor Sandy was in the room with her, or that one of them asked for burgers afterwards. Maybe Cherie remembers it totally wrong, being high on cocaine and God knows what other stuff at the time. Just because she's been sober for years now doesn't mean that her brain and body isn't extremely damaged. That Jackie/Sandy seemed so oblivious to the incident changes the whole story, and that's something Cherie could have been imagining/hallucinating. And the reason Joan accepted the book and wrote the forewords and all that may just be cause she doesn't know the whole truth. After all, the book is what Cherie remembers, not what actually happened, and that's a huge difference.
    Maybe I just want to believe that both Cherie and Jackie was and are great women, but I really like to see it this way. That Cherie doesn't lie to hurt anyone or bring in more money, but that she doesn't remember it accurately either.

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