Most of you probably already know about the XFM shows. But if you don't, head over to www.therickygervaisshow.com to download series 1-4.

    Anyway, what does everyone think of the XFM shows? Most of the stuff has been repeated in the podcasts/audiobooks. But I still think they're really, really funny. My favourite thing is the when Karl edited his voice into movies.

    "Gimme the record, Jimmy." - Special Ed
  • I think they're superior to the podcasts!

    All the stories told for the first time as R&S hear them, it's like you were there.
    Some of the shows mark out big steps in the Ricky, Steve and Karl partnership.
    Like the first time Ricky Mentions how round Karl's head is.
    The first time aunty nora was mentioned, although they never mention her split tennis ball anymore.
    All the stories were mentioned here first and to think it was all before watershed on a radio show, anyone could listen to them talking about; gay fellas, little midget fellas, hairy chinese fellas, monkeys and freaks. Every single show, without fail!

  • They certainly are better. They're longer and funnier. Although Ricky wasn't allowed to say the word cunt 20 times every episode like he does now.

    "Gimme the record, Jimmy." - Special Ed
  • He did say shit, bollocks, cock (..meaning the male bird..and meaning a male's genitalia) clunge, among many other things.
    He almost said fuck when Karl talked about the conspiracy theory behind Princess Diana's death that the flower company killed her to make a mint on selling flowers.

  • I love the XFM shows. Series 2 is 51 episodes of awesome.

    I'm a reasonable man, get off my case
  • yeah but I can't stand the best of episodes or the ones with Claire Sturgess =/

    "Gimme the record, Jimmy." - Special Ed
  • I don't mind the Sturgess ones because you normally get Ricky and Steve being quite witty without Karl but yeah, I skip the best of episodes.

    I'm a reasonable man, get off my case
  • yeah, I guess so. I'd prefer to listen to a Sturgess ep than a best of ep. that's for sure

    "Gimme the record, Jimmy." - Special Ed
  • There is a Sturgess ep where Karl calls in and takes the piss out of Steve. I forget which one, but it's worth checking them all out to find that one bit.

  • There's a thing in Men in Black that could be your brother.

    I'm a reasonable man, get off my case
  • haha yeah!!! I do love that ep. and they were gonna give out Karl's phone number if he didn't call in!!!

    "Gimme the record, Jimmy." - Special Ed
  • ProjectX2 said:
    There's a thing in Men in Black that could be your brother.

    I forgot all about that, absolutely amazing!
    As much as Karl is a "mong" he comes out with some great insults

  • There's also that great moment in a Sturgess show when some random guy e-mails in to insult Steve. "MECHANT!"

    I'm a reasonable man, get off my case
  • Love when Anders refers to him as a 'comedy character' makes me chuckle right hard.

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