Ritual Melodic Dark Ambient - your suggestions

    • muhmood said...
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    • 11 Jun 2009, 12:00

    Ritual Melodic Dark Ambient - your suggestions

    ... i was asked if there are dark ambient projects that play a more rythmic, structured, ritual music - like Herbst9, please add your suggestions here
    ... i find it quite challenging cause there are bands who have dark ambient elements, but once they apply rythm they get more on the side of industrial or neofolk or tribal...

    i would say:
    Ruhr Hunter
    Mimetic & Origami Galaktika
    Karjalan Sissit
    Coph Nia

    not so dark ambient, but quite interesting melodic, folk based -
    Moon Far Away

    being a musician myself, i hate to stick labels/tags but in cases like this they do help - one of my most favorite albums that is quite a great example of "melodic-not-so-abstract-dark-ambient" - Sleeping In The Sleep by Lunar Abyss Quartet

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    • smpcln said...
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    • 11 Jun 2009, 13:41
    Thanx too much!

  • I've been listening to Mondblut as of late, and they play a somewhat folk influenced "melodic" dark ambient, and I think they do a good job of it. Though I wouldn't consider them as "ritualistic" as the name implies, they make great melodic ambient nevertheless.

    I've especially noticed that ambient side projects of metal band members are usually more melodic in structure.

    Some other projects to look into:
    Aere Aeternus
    IHVHLXXII of China.

    And my favourite, 舟沢虫雄, a very underrated Japanese Butoh performer making beautiful experimental/melodic dark/drone ambient. Some of his songs are free to take from last.fm.


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  • Ulf Söderberg Which is also Sephiroth
    Tzolk'in Not really Dark Ambient but some really nice ambient sounds, and more industrial tribal beats.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 11 Jun 2009, 19:29
    Ehm, Artefactum perhaps? And maybe also Instincts.

    • sfeN said...
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    • 12 Jun 2009, 15:12
    There is no folk in Mondblut whatsoever but still, it's excellent and could fit the topic.

    Another recommendation from me would definately be Die Wappen des Thodt, try search them up, if you can't find their album I could upload it.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 Jun 2009, 14:23
    I see some very good recommendations above :-) I'd also like to add a few that hopefully satisfy.

    Not everything in their repertoire qualifies as ritualistic dark ambient, though...

    Ain Soph
    Penjaga Insaf
    Staruha Mha
    Inanna (Mikael Stavöstrand)
    Voice of Eye
    The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Jun 2009, 18:23
    I think that Black Seas Of Infinity should also be checked out. Really good project, despite the fact that I've only listened to one album fully so far.

  • Aghast
    Archon Satani
    Halo Manash
    why not?

    • nhojj said...
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    • 3 Oct 2010, 16:03
    i would almost say Vidna Obmana fits the bill as they use quite a bit of rhythm within their works, creating a very lush natural jungle / rain forest-esque tribal (the ritual part is debatable) feel. the albums Crossing the Trail as well as Spiritual Bonding are both very solid in my opinion.

    also, Enemite rely heavily upon oriental instrumentation and are quite good at what they do.

    • Wizun said...
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    • 12 Dec 2010, 14:55
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