Ole ole ole ole... Duran... Duran!

  • Ole ole ole ole... Duran... Duran!

    Thanks to my friend Alex (martiniaddict) for this. :) Visually, it's mostly Simon, but there's a little bit of everybody for everybody! ;) I love the look on Roger's face after he throws his drumsticks at someone....like he just accidentally poked an eye out. :) Very cool Argentinian crowd...every concert should be like this!!!

    Duran Duran in Buenos Aires 07-11-08 - Concert's end

  • aaww this is so cute :'D so bad I wasn't able to go to that concert... I promise I won't miss them the next time :)

    PD: that football shirt looks great on Simon (and I hate football XD) . Argentinian music fans are CRAZY, believe me, I'm one of them :)

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