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Leaders: trombipulation and generalmalaise
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Created on: 4 Jan 2006
We are a highly exclusive, pretentious group of music experts who stand above commonfolk and command the attention of our peers with superior intellect and a highly evolved sense of audition....

Welcome to The Musical Elitists

ani nunquam sera

Lineage of Kings and Queen:
- tmills
- awthomp86
- Dinosaur_Act
- tmills & awthomp86
- frequency71988 & zfarrow
- frequency71988 & zfarrow
- frequency71988
- tmills
- pavskies & beelzbubba
- pavskies
- StDionysus & knkwzrd
- StDionysus
- General Zod & herbie hancock

Note to all newcomers: We require a minimum of 5000 tracks to join this group. If you don't have that, you get rejected. Also, if you hide your charts, you get rejected - we judge you based on these. Also it's not considered cool to block one's shoutbox.

Participation: We have a highly active forum in this group. All members are expected to contribute, else they may find their time here rather brief.

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  • FunioVelZorz

    I always forget about their weapon board. It's just too disturbing.

    10 Aug 10:40am Reply
  • generalmalaise

    never 4get.

    8 Aug 8:18am Reply
  • generalmalaise

    And reconvene at the weapons board on 4chan.

    8 Aug 8:18am Reply
  • generalmalaise

    I can see them losing the forums during one of these updates. One day we will cease to exist.

    8 Aug 8:17am Reply
  • knkwzrd

    who uses

    8 Aug 12:09am Reply
  • pavskies

    Has anyone tried out the new they're about to launch? Link:

    7 Aug 7:25pm Reply
  • Tilaton

    True Detective season 2 intro music makes me think of Tonetta...

    6 Aug 9:01pm Reply
  • Tilaton

    I think they didn't do 9 because it sounds inferior to cool apple OS X system. You have to have your own X. XXXX! X!

    6 Aug 4:37pm Reply
  • Tilaton

    Hello luddites. Running Windows 10 as we speak and having no problems at all. Like how it looks and feels. Jumped from 7 to this, 8 and 8.1 I considered no going zone. Just tick out some important boxes to opt out from the big brother marketing regime and everything is fine and dandy.

    6 Aug 4:36pm Reply
  • StDionysus

    what was between 8 and 10?

    6 Aug 3:34pm Reply
  • StDionysus

    or wahtever

    6 Aug 3:33pm Reply
  • Youyesyesyes

    But... there is no Windows 9. Damnit Dino you got me

    6 Aug 12:19pm Reply
  • StDionysus

    XP was my favorite. 8 and 9 aren't bad. Keep away from 10.

    5 Aug 7:54pm Reply
  • FunioVelZorz

    I still use xp. But I think about upgrading it to Mint.

    5 Aug 7:10am Reply
  • Youyesyesyes

    windows 8.1 is fine, you don't have to use the tile screen and can just set it to a regular desktop. Don't be such a stick in the mud General.

    4 Aug 5:48pm Reply
  • generalmalaise

    I'm staying the shit away. They've got those shitty little Windows 8 tiles on the menu screen, which are like computer cancer. What's wrong with Windows 7? = nothing. Leave it alone, technoboffins.

    4 Aug 11:17am Reply
  • Youyesyesyes

    I'm sure windows 10 is more efficient and better and what the fuck ever but how the flying fuck do I change my keyboard input language... Used to be a little button on the task bar by the clock.

    3 Aug 10:40pm Reply
  • FunioVelZorz

    classy stuff

    3 Aug 5:41pm Reply
  • rm508

    I love our front page by the way.

    2 Aug 6:57am Reply
  • rm508

    2 Aug 4:48am Reply
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