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    Quoth awthomp86:
    Praise the Lord!!! Its nice to have a rap lover in here.

    I sense a bit of sarcasm.

  • None at all. If it was RPM or Metal, yes, it would be sarcasm.

    • tmills said...
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    • 26 Apr 2006, 18:06
    What's RPM?

    • zfarrow said...
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    • 26 Apr 2006, 19:14
    doesn that stand for rotations per minute? i mean, not sarcastically, but both in the music world and the world of automotives? i think rpm is like dance music with a really fast tempo

  • you hit the nail on the head zach

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    Quoth awthomp86:
    None at all. If it was RPM or Metal, yes, it would be sarcasm.

    None at all? None at all, you say. I would like call on exhibit A. Now tell me Adam, are you or are you not currently a member of a group on the popular college social network website,, entitled "0000 I Listen To Rap Because it Makes Me Laugh 0000?" Hmm? Are you?! ARE YOU?!?!?!

    No further questions.

  • Yes. But thats club hop... like 50 cent.

  • NOTE: I let Andrew back in... he promised to post.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 May 2006, 12:15

    greetings of the maddest kinds

    Hi guys..

    Through random convergence, chaos theory and total chance I ended up in this group! Just on a break from work so thought I would check out this forum &/ say hello. Saw this thread and thought it was the most appropriate place..

    I'm a computer science graduate and right now I'm doing some postgraduate studies on a 2nd degree. Quite why is beyond me however. Somewhat contradictive to the flow of social vibes I'm afraid I'm an online privacy nut of the highest degree and have also been accused of being a conspiracy nut. The end result of this is a long time personal rule of mine is to minimise the amount of personal information that I leak in to the public domain of the Internet. See, I really am quite, quite mad.

    What I will say is I hate computers more than you would ever know; I'm in to snowboarding, downhill & slalom mountain biking, scuba diving and relaxing. Right now I'm working on some research in to high performance indexing compression algorithms but we dont need to go in to that.

    Anyway we're here for the music right? I like a pretty damn wide range of things really. When I'm working I usually listen to nu-jazz, breakbeat, chillout & atmospheric stuff. I also listen to classic hiphop triphop and rap, drum & bass, punk/metal/rock, bigbeat, brokenbeat, electronica, tribal and funky house. The only things I don't dig is sh!t like britney spears pop, manufacturered and financially-motivated engineered music/groups, insanely unlistenable things like happy hardcore/hard style. While I'm on a roll, cant say I like garage either.

    Whilst I don't really have any favourite artists per sé, at the moment I'm digging: Hexstatic, Hybrid, Bob Marley, Jazzanova, Kinobe and DJ Vadim.

    I also spin the wheels of steel once in a while. Recently I have started running an online 'radio' stream, doing some funky house or drum and bass live mixes via my website, though this project is still quite embryonic.

    So there you have it. God willing I bring to the charts a mild mannered, sharp collection of funky beats and tasty treats.

    GTG, pizza is burning.

    • tmills said...
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    • 5 May 2006, 13:12
    Haha, welcome kawazoe. Thanks for joining our group. We could use a little more chillout/breakbeat type stuff on the boards, so I'm glad to have you aboard. Let us know if you get your wheels of steel stream up so we can hear it.

  • I'll bitter you adam

    Yeah. I'm Andrew, I also go to Clemson University, but now reside in my home of Chattanooga Tennesee (and have time to post...word). I'm an environmental engineering major who wishes he was majoring in music, but its all good. I can't sing, but i can break guitar picks like nobody else.
    My absolute favorite band doesn't exist. I guess right now its Of Montreal, but it switches every few months or so, other recent ones being Belle and Sebastian, The New Pornographers, Radiohead, The Decemberists, Interpol, and Modest Mouse.

    Those are all in the same vein, but I'm up for pretty much anything. I generally dislike rap and country, but there are exceptions to everything I suppose. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Wow, there are lots of science/engineering people around here. Anyone else majoring in a humanities field? I'm doing international studies and communication, maybe with a minor in poli sci, German, French, or Spanish.

  • Communication Studies with an emphasis on Sports Communication and a minor in Philosophy for me. I started off as a Computer Engineering major but a combination of hatred for it and shitty grades turned me away from that, albeit 3 semesters into the program. So I'm a little behind now, but whatever, I'll be on Sportscenter soon enough anyway.

    • zfarrow said...
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    • 7 May 2006, 06:53
    im a production studies in the performing arts major with an emphasis in audio engineering (not real engineering). i basically play with music in all my classes. its cool stuff. but im pretty sure my degree will be worthless when i graduate cos it will only be in its 5th year when i graduate. but whatev. its easy at least.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 7 May 2006, 15:16
    dont ever do postgraduate studies. :@

    • tmills said...
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    • 7 May 2006, 17:15
    Graphic Communications major here which, when you take away all of the fancy words, simply means that it's a major in Commercial Printing. I'm also picking up a couple of minors, one in business administration and the other in film studies.

  • Tyler is also working on a minor in map reading - how not to get pulled over by Police officers for entering "well known drug holes."

    Ironically, it was the Jesus saves sign then lead us astray.

    (and for those who have no idea what i'm talking about... i'll let Tyler do the honors).

    • tmills said...
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    • 10 May 2006, 02:51
    Hahaha, let's just say that after the Mogwai concert last night in Athens, GA, a friendly police officer informed Adam and I that we were about to end up as victims from being in the wrong part of town.

  • It was scary.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 10 May 2006, 10:13
    Eric Cartman Voice:

    In the ghettooo... In the ghetto!

    In the Ghetto

    • nkh said...
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    • 10 May 2006, 17:05
    Good Afternoon folks,

    I've decided it might be an idea to introduce myself now that i'm a member of the group.

    My name is Nick and i'm writing to you all from across in the UK. East-Central Scotland to be more precise. At the moment i'm 20 years old and in the final year of an HND in Music and Audio Technology.

    I think that must be similar in some ways to what zfarrow mentioned a few posts up, as like him i tend to just play about with audio equipment and music in almost every class.. although, at this stage of the year we're all working in groups to complete our end-of-year project. This involves getting a band into the studio, recording some songs and then mixing and producing them to what can be deemed as commercial quality. We had our first proper mixing session this afternoon, and to be honest i'm now feeling quite optimistic about the final outcome!

    I'll be sure to post up a link to the band's myspace page when these mixes finally find thier way onto it.. should only be another month and a bit i think.

    Anyhow, in terms of musical interest i can't really pin-point any specific genre of music i prefer. The ones I listen to most would be pop/indie rock, hip-hop/instrumental hip-hop, electro (especially the glitchy kind) and the genre which i'm absolutely, scarily hooked on at the moment FUNK AND SOUL!.

    oh my, whether it be old school funky-soul stuff from back in the 60's/70's or contemporary funk/soul artists i just can't help but smile from ear to ear the moment i hear them - i think it's a love that's been fueled by the endless mining of old funk beats by my favourite hip-hop producers.. but whatever it is, i'm not going to complain!!

    At this precise moment i'm drawing near the end of Step It Up by a band called The Bamboos.. if any of you like good funky music, check it out... it's marvelous!!

    anyhow, that's enough! tara!

  • Nick:

    It's so nice to have different musical tastes in the group. Funk and Soul is a genre that, as far as I know, is only touched by Tyler (tmills).

    And I'm just as jealous of you as I am of Zach in your studies.

    I'm going a little on the more technical side by getting my degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Signal Processing in Communication Systems. It's a bunch of big words that will mean I can play with toys to make music better.

    My dream job would be working with Bose or Bang & Olufsen... but I really wouldn't mind a cell phone company or what not.

    I would be a music programmer for satellite radio or muzak in a heartbeat as well... but I don't even know how to begin to get into that.

    • nkh said...
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    • 10 May 2006, 21:35
    BOSE? asin the audio equipment manufacturer?

    i keep seeing adverts for thier radio/cd player that supposedly features advanced wave technology or such-like, it looks tiny but apparently can fill a room with incredibly hi-fidelity sound.. been rather tempted quite a few times to get the free 30-day home trial offer.. but then again, i'd have to post it back to them and that would cost me a fortune i'm guessing.

    You any idea if the claims they make have any strength? Not sure if anything in your course would involve that side of things or not..

    One of my good friends is studying (or was until last year) Electrical Engineering and i must say that when i had a glance at some of his coursework it went right over my head.. luckily my studies are more based on the sonic side of things and although we all need to know how things are affecting the sound, we can simply trust our ears to quite a large degree.

    I have been quite lucky i'd say with the course i'm doing, as last year the college was given millions to build a brand new state of the art studio for the creative industries students - the only thing is, it's means i've probabaly been spoilt. When i get out into the real world of studio work (fingers crossed that is) i'll walk in and be like, what the hell is all this? analogue? i've forgotten all about analogue! ;)

    With regard to your comment about having different musical tastes in the group i'd agree, gets a bit boring discussing music with people who only listen to the things you do - you never really get a differing opinion, and that's what a discussion's all about!

    The thing that swayed me to apply was the moment i spotted Sly and The Family Stone in the artists connections.. thier song "If It Were Left Up To Me" will always put a smile on my face!

    • tmills said...
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    • 11 May 2006, 00:19
    Another Sly Stone fan! Long live funk and soul!

  • I knew that would make Tyler happy.

    And as for the Bose soundsystems, they are every bit as good, if not better, than what they advertise. Personally, Bang and Olufsen is better, but then again, compare the price. At least Bose is somewhat... and that term is used VERY loosely, reasonable in price. When i was browsing the B&O website, I saw they sold a keychain... yes, a keychain, for 80 dollars.

    Here is a picture:

    Anyways, I haven't actually taken an EE course yet, but that is to come next year. Currently, i'm working on the restoration of an electric organ so I do know a bit about circuits and their application. Plus, I have always found it interesting!

    On a final note, don't get the 30 day trial, nick, unless you're prepared to keep it.





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