Summer of Sam(pling): 2012 Mixtape Competition Discussion Thread

  • ShockSlogans said:
    Zorzy, you have an 8tracks account. Stop being so lazy and get it up there. You've let me down, you've let The Musical Elitists down, but most off all, you've let yourself down.

    It's actually more doing what he's done--making them one file. Can't say I'm crazy about that format, but I am for the mix.

  • Sorry, but it's more like one track stuff. So It's not going up to 8tracks and there's no scrobbling profits from it.

    • ut0 said...
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    • 20 Aug 2012, 04:21
    at least give us a tracklist—quickly, I recognize the sound of like three of the tracks but cna't put my finger on what they are. This is gonna haunt me.

  • I recognize Talk Talk, or at least Mark Hollis' voice.

  • Allrighty, here it is:

    Lech Jankowski - Hymn. Coda. Choral (first cello stuff, plus recurring vocals)
    Talk Talk - Taphead
    Barbaros Erköse clarinet, Kudsi Erguner nai - Peshrev Hidjaz Homayoun from
    Anouar Brahem's Conte de l'incroyable amour.

    L. Subramaniam - Jai Hanuman!
    Eric Dolphy - God Bless The Child

    Eric Dolphy - God Bless The Child -
    Kaiko Abe - Michi for Marimba

    K.Abe+ Lou Harrison - Avalokiteshvara
    + L.Jankowski

    Benjamin Britten - A Ceremony of Carols, Op.28: III. There is no rose

    Rabih Abou-Khalil - Puppet master

    Morton Feldman - Rothko Chapel V mixed with Rothko Chapel IV

    Sergei Rachmaninov Hymns of Degrees - My soul doth magnify the Lord (01)

    Luciano Cilio - Terzo quadro Della conoscenza

    Krzysztof Penderecki - Per Slava for Cello solo

  • Ah, closure.

    "Reciprocity, Mr. Hudgens, is the key to every relationship."
  • I thought I heard some Britten, and Dolphy would have been my highly educated guess for the bass clarinet playing in the middle.

  • Also, even though the tracks were identified, I'll keep accepting votes for Zorzynek's mixtape until tomorrow night, or 30ish hours, since I posted it late last week.

    In the next hour, I'll post the next entry by StDionysus.

  • The Klassikal by StDionysus

    And remember to vote on The Odd Delights of Impossible Jamming by zorzynek before it's too late!

    • rm508 said...
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    • 22 Aug 2012, 08:26
    Hold open zorz, I'm getting on to it.

    • Paw_paw said...
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    • 22 Aug 2012, 13:26
    I'll submit my vote for Zorz this evening, thought it was too late when I listened so now I have to re-listen before voting.

    Wish my head had a larger than 1 hour attention span.

    Cause I'm a good girl.
  • People should stop making good mixes now, I want that medal

  • Thanks for voting everyone, I'm really glad you liked it.

    • rm508 said...
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    • 23 Aug 2012, 07:10
    Curse you zorz with your worldbeating musical skillllz.

    • Rrah said...
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    • 23 Aug 2012, 17:37
    Very good, sir, very good.

  • I'm only lacking one track to be identified from Dio's mix, and of course it's the one with the least info.


    "Reciprocity, Mr. Hudgens, is the key to every relationship."
  • Hey, so I need a few more votes for St Dio's mixtape "The Klassical." Let's say until Wednesday night.

    In the meantime, here is ut0's mixtape entry, Preliminary Broadcast for the Coming Revolution, Insha'Allah.

    Ut0's mixtape is the last one on our list. Unless anyone else would like to submit one, and you are more than welcome to still do so, we are nearing the end of competition.

  • Tromb's MIA ,and I assume people have already cast their votes, so

    for those who haven't figured it out

    Bah Bah Conniff Sparch (Zarathustra) -- Ray Conniff
    Thus Spach Zarathustra -- Ricard Strauss

    Saturday Nite at the Duckpond -- The Cougars
    Swan Lake -- Tchaikovsky

    Eight Lines (remix) -- Howie B
    Steve Reich

    Danse Macabre -- Ruckus Roboticus
    Camille Saint-Saëns

    Ninth Symphony -- Wendy Carlos

    Szerencsétlen -- Venetian Snares
    The first movement of the fourth string quartet -- Bartók

    Contrapunctus 1 -- Laibach

    Pieces in the Old Style 3 -- William Orbit
    Henryck Gorecki

    Brownouts, Alone -- Nero's Day at Disneyland
    Pictures at an Exhibition -- Mussorgsky

    Vengeance in Cloudland -- Nero's Day at Disneyland
    I was actually hoping someone from the Classical Crew (or anyone else) could help me out. I know it's a waltz and that I've heard it a thousand time, but I can't put my finger on it.

    Trois Gymnopedies (First Movement) -- Gary Numan
    Erik Satie

  • Dio's grade. Sorry for the delayed reaction time. I was waiting on scores, and then things just got out of hand.

    Remember, everyone, that ut0's mixtape entry, Preliminary Broadcast for the Coming Revolution, Insha'Allah, is on the voting block now.

    • Rrah said...
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    • 4 Sep 2012, 17:33
    Huh, that was a lot of voting. Anxious now.

  • Apologies for my recent absence from voting. I've had interweb problems. Everything should be sorted now though, touch wood.

  • Hey, all of yesterday I could not get to load. Has anyone else had issues with that lately?

    Anyway, I only have 4 votes for ut0's mixtape, which is certainly not enough and frankly you guys are missing out by not listening to it.

    Listen to it! Let's end with a bang, not a wimper.

    • Paw_paw said...
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    • 7 Sep 2012, 20:16
    I'm horribly sorry for lousy attendance the last few weeks. Been distracted. Listening to ut0's mix now and I will vote, tomorrow at the latest.

    Cause I'm a good girl.
  • Final Update

    Here is the score for the final mixtape, ut0's entry.

    Thanks to everyone who voted this last week. It took a while, but the votes are there and that's what counts. Thank you to those of you who didn't give up on the competition these last few weeks when things began to dry up.

    My next post will be some kind of summation.

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