What's your favorite Muse show?

  • What's your favorite Muse show?

    If you've had the chance to see them live you can write here your impression.

    Mi favorite Muse show was their performing at the L.A. Forum on april 10th 2007 :))))

    By the way, I've seen they twelve times :)))))))

    and you? what's your favorite? ;)

  • I never seen a muse show until now :(, but at Wembley is the most beautiful

    it's indie rock'n roll for me
  • I also haven't had a chance to see them live, but i wish i were at their Glastonbury 2004 concert and their Wembley 2007 concert...both amazing

  • I was close to going to Lalapalooza 2007 to see them but something heppened and i couldn't so i never seen them live :(

    But yah i agree, i wish i was at Wembley

  • I like much the concert in glastonbury but my favorite is the one of Guadalajara, Mexico the 18 of July of the 2008, in that I was present

    (they excuse my erroneous handling for the English XD)

  • I've been to just one of Muse's concerts by now.. it was the Hamburg show of The Resistance Tour.. on the 28th October, 2009.. it was great, of course.. :)

    but I also wish I had been present at the Wembley..

  • wembly 2010- Muse were awesome!!!!!!!

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