Archive of Movie Group Banners!

  • Archive of Movie Group Banners!

    An Archive of Movie Group banners made by oldschool-music, luke9994 and tarantulajones

    Edited by tarantulajones on 22 Aug 2011, 11:52
  • godard. fellini. truffaut. visconti

  • Iron Man 2

  • movie titles

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 22 Aug 2011, 13:03
    it's a shame we can't resize to see the entire banner... because some of these banners created are truly amazing and desktop wallpaper-worthy!

  • i'll upload the ones i still have at full size and put the links to them at the bottom of the banners. i'll do that a little later though.

    for some reason flickr (where i used to upload and where i'm mainly taking them from now) has resized the banners to 640 pixels. on the plus side the 640 width is just nice for here.

  • benjamin button

  • harry potter and the half blood prince

  • wolverine and friends

  • a michael jackson tribute

  • gangsters

  • star wars

  • WOW! NICE!!! great idea, thanks for thinking of it. :)

    love is all you need! is there anybody alive out there?
  • inglourious basterds

  • patrick swayze

  • welcome back to the movie group

  • dance!

  • inception

  • billy wilder

  • a knight's tale

  • legally blonde

  • john hughes

  • monty python

  • new moon

  • alice in wonderland

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