In which I become mysterious

  • In which I become mysterious

    Okay, I'm now going to get mysterious and say things that are true but without letting you know how I got the information.

    The first thing is that who should turn up to see My Bloody Valentine at the Roundhouse just recently? Four guys whose names are Andy, Mark, Loz and Steve - and they did so by coincidence. Kevin should have invited them on stage...

    The second thing is that a video of the Oxford Scene is being produced which will include footage of our favourite band and include interviews with some of the fab four.

    A reminder that the Downloads page has moved here.

    Speaking of Downloads, new ones in the last few days are:

    Radiohead: Pablo Honey
    Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation
    Sonic Youth: Goo (Deluxe version)
    The Warlocks: The Warlocks EP

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