• reunion ?! (from:

    16 May 2009, 09:29 by rosemarie__

    Three members of The Libertines reunited in the early hours of this morning (May 16) to play live together for the first time since they split in 2004.

    Singer/guitarists Pete Doherty and Carl Barat were joined by drummer Gary Powell on stage at the London Rhythm Factory for a tribute gig to the late Johnny Sedassy, who used to put on gigs by the band plus those by Doherty's current band Babyshambles and his solo shows.

    Rumours had circulated that some kind of Libertines reunion was on the cards, although it was unclear under what form the show would take even as the early hours approached.

    Babyshambles played a set before the reunion, taking the stage at 2:15am (BST) to play seven songs: 'I Wish', 'Killamangiro', 'Delivery', 'UnStookietitled', 'Back From The Dead', 'Baddie’s Boogie' and 'Albion'.

    Then to the sound of screams and cheers from the crowd Barat took to the stage and strapped on a guitar, while Powell set up behind the drum kit. Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell remained on stage to complete the four-piece.

    The four-some launched into a frenetic version of early Libertines hit 'What A Waster', with Barat and Doherty sharing a microphone as they sang the lyrics.

    They then played 'Up The Bracket', 'What Katy Did', 'Can't Stand Me Now' and 'Time For Heroes', with Doherty leaping into the crowd near the end of the short set.

    Barat and Powell left the stage to more cheers then Babyshambles' Adam Ficek and Mick Whitnell returned – plus a surprise guest.

    The band were joined by their former guitarist Pat Walden, now playing with three-piece Big Dave, for the finale, playing 'Pipedown' and 'Fuck Forever' to close the eventful show in kinetic fashion.

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  • Dirty Pretty Things - The Last Hoorah and goodbye

    20 Dec 2008, 20:36 by hanamiyaka

    So today is supposedly the day that will mark the end of Dirty Pretty Things - the band that Carl Barât formed a couple of months after killing off The Libertines.
    They're playing their "last-ever" gig at the London Astoria.

    I was lucky enough to catch two of their gigs this year. Unfortunately for me, those two gigs are the ONLY two DPT gigs I've ever been to. And to top that, Ive never been to a Libertines/Babyshambles/Pete Doherty gig ever.
    Oh well.

    The first gig out of those two took place during a one-day-festival in June in my original hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. The stage was theirs for an hour at 4pm. I can't remember the songs they played other than Gin And Milk and Bang Bang You're Dead, which btw was the song they finished with.
    It was a pretty lousy day in general - it was raining pretty much all the time and I was nervous as hell. I was waiting for the guys to show up along with like an additional 30 people when Gary came up on stage and started talking to us but since he couldnt hear us from the stage, he jumped down to us and spent a good 20 minutes talking to everybody, taking pictures, giving out hugs and autographs.. It was fab. Too bad it wasnt Carl but heeeey! Gary was a Libertine as well!
    The concert itself was amazing and I'll always remember the fact that it stopped raining and the sun started shining while Carl was singing. Then, after the concert, it started raining again.. Haha.

    The November 16th concert I went to - coincidentally, that was in Stockholm too and I dont even live in Sweden anymore, havent for many many years now... haha - was better in every way possible. For starters, they released their sophomore album (Romance At Short Notice) shortly after the June concert so I got to hear such songs as Come Closer and Hippy's Son live for the first (and last..) time, and it was amazing. Come Closer is probably one of the best songs on that album so I was psyched.
    The best part was when Carl performed the old Lib classic I Get Along (and heres another coincident.. Im actually listening to it now.. haha!)... I couldnt hold the tears
    Wait, I lied. The best part about that evening was meeting Carl. Hes such a sweet guy. Humble, too! But that I knew, of course. Pete was always the outgoing one of their duo.

    In general, Im pretty sad to see Dirty Pretty Things go. Didz is great, Anthony is great too.. Their music is definitely not comparable with the music of The Libertines but after a while, I actually realized that comparing the two is kinda unfair, cuz the music Pete and Carl made isnt the same kind of music made by Dirty Pretty Things.
    I liked the debut album - Waterloo To Anywhere - because the tracks sounded a lot like The Libs and the name clearly indicated a thing or two about the resemblance, am I rite or not?!
    Waterloo To Anywhere must be from You're My Waterloo, the old Lib demo, right? I mean, from what've heard, Pete still performs that song.. So yeah.. But I also liked the second album. Sure, it sounded differently from the first one and I know a lot of people who were disappointed. I was actually one of them. Til i started listening more carefully and came to the conclusion that they've started looking for their own sound. And I was happy. I was looking forward to a 3rd album.
    I guess I wont be seeing that third album. Too bad cuz they were walking down a very good road.
    So yeah I know the 2nd album wasnt as popular as the 1st one but hey! I still think they had a pretty strong fanbase, and there were HEAPS of people supporting them, that believed in them!
    I guess they wanted to go out gracefully while they still had a fanbase (like that old TVshow I used to love - Friends) instead of making a 3rd or even 4th album that hardly nobody would buy (im only guessin here, i might be wrong..) and theyd play nearly-empty clubs for pennies.
    I dont think thats a realistic scenario but maybe thats what they thought?

    Im kinda sad to see that Dirty Pretty Things ended the same way The Libertines did, but under completely different circumstances. Well, thats actually a good thing, Im mighty glad that nobody is a heroin abuser but the fact that DPT had problems recording their 2nd studio album and that they wont be making anymore - JUST like The Libertines - gets me thinkin.
    Why is that? Is it Carl? I mean, I read that interview with him in NME and yeah, I know he started thinkin about priorities while hospitalized in June and that made him realized that he doesnt want a commercialized band.. Good for him.. I hope he'll find whatever it is he's looking for. Im pretty sure I'll still be standing by the stage, looking up to him singing, wishing for his lovely blue eyes to look my way.

    Nah but seriously. Thank you: Didz, Anthony, Gary and Carl for three amazing years. For two excellent albums. For many great songs and many, countless moments of joy I felt while listening to your music.
    Thank you for two AMAZING days I got to experience - one in June, the other one in November.

    I really do wish you all the best. I hope I'll be seeing you around.

    Here's the last HOORAH for Dirty Pretty Things. I love you. THANK YOU and goodbye<3
  • Dirty Pretty Things November 16, 2008

    17 Dec 2008, 22:38 by hanamiyaka

    On November 16, 2008, I went to see DIRTY PRETTY THINGS play one of their last-ever gigs.

    I shouldve written a review ages ago but I havent. Why? Well, the concert was fab, amazing, everything i had wished for and beyond. I got to meet Carl Barât, talk to him and... oh well :) It was a magical evening.

    As for the concert, it was amazing but I somewhat regret the fact I was standing in the very front because I basically only heard the guitars, not Carl's singing. Thankfully, Ive heard him sing his amazing songs before so I aint crying.
    The best part of the gig was DEFINITELY when they finished with I get along. You know, the Lib classic. I seriously started crying out of joy. Sounds stupid, I know, but I never thought that Id ever hear a Lib song being performed by either Carl or Pete so I couldnt believe it was really happening.
    So okay, I get along isnt Death on the stairs or What Katie Did but heeey its I Get Along! Those guitars, those lyrics! Pretty fricking brilliant if you ask me!

    Another great thing was them performing BURMA. Personally, I think BURMA is one of their best songs so I was exceptionally happy they included that one in their set list. Ohh, what else..? One of the low points was Kicks of Consumption - I couldnt hear a single word of Carl's singing.

    They played (this is the accurate set list, a friend of mine got it so I took a pic of it!):
    1. Wondering
    2. Holly Go Lightly (what the heck is that?!)
    3. Buzzards And Crows (I never liked this one actually...)
    4. Doctors And Dealers (another pretty excellent track!)
    5. Blood Thirsty Bastard
    6. Kicks Or Consumption
    7. Come Closer (DEFINITELY one of the best songs from their 2nd album... no doubt)
    8. The Enemy (another of my personal favorites, my heart started beating faster when I realized this was the song they were performing..)
    9. Hippy's Son
    10. Chinese Dogs
    11. Gentry Cove (the intro is perfection!)
    12. Plastik Hearts (my fave of the 2nd album... stupid spelling though!)
    13. Last Of The Small Town Playboys (gosh, I actually hat this song but the performance was pretty sweet anyhow)
    14. Gin & Milk (brilliant, the whole crowd was singing along and some of us had some gin and milk prior to the show so it was a memorable moment, no doubt about it!)
    15. Deadwood
    16. Truth Begins
    17. Bang Bang You're Dead (thank you DPT for playing this, brought back a whole sea of sweet memories!)
    18. You Fucking Love It (HOTNESS!)

    +bonus track:

    I Get Along

    In general, Im a little bit sad they didnt play The North. It's definitely one of the top five best songs on their 2nd album and Didz's voice is really good. But oh well. The gig was really great, all four of them were really into delivering a smashing show so Im really happy.

    And a big THANK YOU to the brilliant crowd I spent this evening with - Jessica especially. It wouldnt have been all that fun without you guys, thank you!

    Dirty Pretty ThingsDirty Pretty ThingsDirty Pretty ThingsDirty Pretty ThingsDirty Pretty ThingsDirty Pretty ThingsDirty Pretty ThingsDirty Pretty Things

  • The Lyrics game - next try

    22 Nov 2008, 07:46 by Fonque

    Step 1: Open up whatever MP3 program you use and add every song in your collection.
    Step 2: Put it on random.
    Step 3: Post the first (two) line(s) from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarassing the song. (if it's instrumental or contains not enough 20 words - skip it!)
    Step 4: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
    Step 5: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
    Step 6: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    Notes: I just did it on my favourite songs, which include some 2.600 titles, only 1 title per artist. Also the title shouldn't be obviously featured in the lines posted.

    1) He's just a boy that his lost his way, He's a rebel that has fallen down
    2) You were my lover just a short time before, but now that's all behind me
    3) You're pretty, oh so pretty why waste your time just sitting here a-listening to this dead-eye bitch?
    4) I really don't know much better, There's nothing I can tell you
    5) When we played tag in grade school, you wanted to be it
    6) Mein Name ist Joachim von Hassel, ich bin Pilot der Bundeswehr
    haha, easy one
    7) Bilder die Worte spielen und sich in dir verlieren, Um ganz still zu liegen fragen und erinnern.
    8) Midnight, I'm a-waiting on the 1205, Hoping it'll take me just a little farther down the line
    lol, do I really like that song??
    9) I don’t mind when you say that you’re going away, I just don’t want to be lonely
    10) Precious and fragile things, Need special handling Depeche Mode - Precious
    11) When no-one else can understand me, When everything I do is wrong
    12) I would say I’m sorry, If I thought that it would change your mind
    again, an easy one!
    13) And now your time has come for me, girl your love at the door (???)
    14) Crowded cities polluted air, every day is getting worse
    15) Well, the clock says its time to close now, I guess Id better go now
    16) It was the third of June, On that summer's day, When I became a man
    17) I Must have read a thousand faces, I Must have robbed them of their cause
    18) Walkin' in the park just the other day, baby, What do you, what do you think I saw? Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop
    19) Like to tell you 'bout my baby, you know she comes around, Just 'bout five feet four a-from her head to the ground.
    20)Sitting in the morning sun, I'll be sitting when the evening comes
    Otis Redding - Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
  • The most fascinating entry you'll ever read...

    10 Sep 2008, 22:46 by hanamiyaka

    ... or probably not, but since I'm bored I'll write it anyhow

    So basically, I just read this journal entry written by a South African girl called Nicky. Unfortunately, I can't remember her user name. Anyhow.
    Her entry was basically all about her musical journey, like how she started out in the very beginning by listening to Aqua and Vengaboys and how she then started listening to more serious stuff.
    Sooo I figured I'd write something similar, haha.

    So basically, my earliest beginnings were filled with the music my mother listened to. Wait, scratch that. I'm preeettyyy sure she still listens to all of this.
    I was brought up listening to a narrow mix of 60s, 70s and 80s band, most notably ABBA, The Beatles.. and Rod Stewart.
    I never took any particular liking in Mr. Stewart, but ABBA and The Beatles on the other hand... One of my favorite childhood memories involve the Swedish fab four, actually - it's of me spending the day at home because of a cold or sumthing like that, and I was sitting by the kitchen table drawing the members of ABBA in their lovely costumes - the pastel spandex and the plateau shoes. Yum.
    The Beatles have always been and will probably also be my biggest love when it comes to music. I have no idea why but they've always been everything I've ever really needed. Whenever I'm feeling lost, I'm listening to The Beatles. Whenever I'm happy, they're with me. There's no kind of situation that wouldn't be suitable for their music. They're just flat-out perfect for whatever it is I'm doing.

    I grew up with a mother that didn't allow me to watch MTV so the first videos I can recall watching is No Doubt's "Don't Speak" video and the video for Offspring's song uhh crap I can't recall what it was called but they used to sing "I'm pretty fly for a white guy" in it. I must've been in 4th or 5th grade when they released that song.

    I was never a big fan of the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, NSync and Britney. Not to mention Christina Aguilera, I can't recall ever listening to any of her music. Anyhow. I just couldn't find a single thing about all that mainstream pop that I would actually like. Nah, I stuck to my lovely oldies. I even had a short stint involving Barbra Streisand - nothing I like admitting to today, but yeah..

    7th grade saw me listening to quite a lot of The Rolling Stones, don't know where I got that from though! I don't listen to them all that much today, as a matter of fact, I don't listen to them at all

    Truth to be told, my musical revolution hit hard as late as March of this year. I joined and discovered a whole lot of new music. I definitely changed my musical course - don't listen to ABBA all that much nowadays.. I prefer indie/post-punk/alternative rock over their disco pop, no doubt.

    Nowadays, my iPod's filled with lots of Bob Dylan, Belle & Sebastian, The Clash, The Smiths, The Cure... But before all, I listen to The Libertines. I'll always be a huge Beatles fan and I dearly hope I'll never forget my roots, but The Libertines definitely have something that I've never ever heard in any other musical act. What it is, I don't know. But everything about them - their British-accented singing to their violent guitar solos through their amazing lyrics - is just effin perfect. I can listen to a hundred Libertines' tracks a day, seven days a week, and still I don't feel like I'm listening to their songs on repeat. It's like walking down the same street every single day yet everyday shows you something completely different. Nothing ever stays the same.
    And that's definitely the case with The Libertines. Carl's singing doesn't appear the same to me today as it did when I first started listening to them. Actually, and I'm quite ashamed to admit this, in my earliest days of listening to The Libs, I was sure it was Pete who did most of the singing. As it turned out later, Carl's the main vocal provider.

    I just don't know what to make of it all. But I'm happy I'm walking down this musical path, any other wouldn't be as interesting IMHO.
  • Quais são os 10 mais para você?

    18 Aug 2008, 23:28 by Timoteorodrigo

    Nessa pesquisa escolha os artista do mundo da música que mais marcaram
    para você.
    Pode ser bandas e todos os genêros músicas, faça sua lista,"somente 10 blza"
  • Desert Island Discs

    12 Jul 2008, 06:56 by MoogleFan

    The long-running BBC Radio 4 programme, Desert Island Discs asks famous guests (or "castaways", rather") to select one book, one luxury, and eight pieces of music to take with them if they were going to be stranded on a desert island. Not albums, as is sometimes assumed...SONGS! Just 8 songs! OK, well the book part is easy, because I would choose The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde. As far as luxury, you aren't allowed to choose anything animate and it can't be of surival value. I'd probably pick a piano, that would keep me occupied. I'll probably revise this at a later date. Hopefully, I'd be able to sneak the discography of The Fallonto the island as well, because just one song would not do (though, if I did, it would be Cruiser's Creek; though that would mean I'd have to leave something else off *le sigh*).

    For No One - The Beatles: This might be a short Beatles track, but it's one of the songs that I've listened to *the most* in my lifetime. It's so sad and simple, I've listened to it over and over on repeat for years and it still seems fresh and much longer than it's actual 2 minutes and 2 seconds.
    Her Father And Her - Adam Green: This is the first Adam Green song I heard, the one that got me hooked on all his music. I met him in May before a concert, and he was the epitome of cool. This is currently my most-listened-to track on Lastfm.
    Marquee Moon - Television: Good to throw in some lengthy tracks, too, eh? To pass a lot of time on that desert island...I almost picked See No Evil, because that was the first Television song that I heard, but "Marquee Moon" is the track that convinced me that the band was epic. Where else will you hear guitar artistry and poetic wonder like this? If I had to choose one song out of these eight, this would be it.
    Venus in Furs - The Velvet Underground:
    I remember listening to The Velvet Underground and Nico several years ago, thinking it was a pretty cool album based on the first few tracks...and then..."Venus in Furs". Wow. Carl Barat has talked about this song as blowing him away when he first heard it, as well. I could listen to this track forever.
    How Soon Is Now?
    The Smiths I remember liking this song years ago and not really thinking about it until it appeared again on a message board in 2004 or 2005. I proceeded to buy all of The Smiths' albums because of it. This is in the same vein as "Venus and Furs", actually, swirling and psychedelic, almost in a world of it's own.
    What a Waster -
    The Libertines: I was torn between choosing this one and Up the Bracket. I got into the libertines around late 2004/early 2005, and it was a real turning point for me musically. Good memories. This is, perhaps, my favorite song of any song.
    Good Song - Blur: I'm still not sure whether I would pick this or not because it would rather depress me if I was on a desert island. I think it might be the saddest song I've ever heard. Tears have welled up in my eyes before, just because of this song, or even thinking about it, and that's not a common occurance with me and songs. It's so sweet and melancholy, nothing could be more simultaneously lovely and sad.
    The End - The Doors: While this might make a person on a desert island go mad, it is the longest Doors song, and I love the Doors, plus it's a track that always interests me, so it is a must.

    I just noticed that I didn't choose any songs by female artists. o_o If there was, it would be something by Siouxsie and the Banshees or Nico. . .
  • Adam Green @ the Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco 5/20/2008

    22 May 2008, 08:00 by MoogleFan

    I'm referring to this: Tue 20 May – Adam Green, Tim Fite. WOW. What an experience! I got there earlier so I was able to meet and chat with Adam Green a bit. I told him that I thought he should do a covers album and he said his bassist had suggested that to him previously...that would be fab if executed well, which I'm sure it would be. I asked him if he had done The Doors before and he said he covered The Crystal Ship awhile back. I checked recently, and he has covered it BUT WHERE'S THE RECORDING?! EDIT: I was able to find it, now. =P
    He was very sweet and funny, like I figured he would be, and even cuter in person than in pictures (can you imagine?!)!

    In between meeting him and getting his autograph and the actual show, I went to get flowers for him and came back. When the doors to the venue opened, sometime afterwards he was walking backstage and I gave him the flowers. He kissed me on the cheek and I kissed him back! Or barely grazed his face, one of the two. =P I was so amazed and in shock. *faints* Now, as to the actual show. The opening act Tim Fite was *quite* interesting. I liked the background images they used, and (erm, rather more than Tim Fite himself) his quirky companion Dr. Leisure. Probably because I thought Dr. Leisure was cute, how shallow am I? ;) But, I'll be downloading some of their stuff, especially the song about consumerism ("Over the Counter Culture", I think). As for Adam Green...GOD!!!!! He sounds so good live. I already love him on record, but live he sounds so incredibly good. His speaking voice is actually not far removed from his singing, it's so deep...and of course the Jim Morrison comparisons are inevitable. There were people on the balcony that shouted "JIM MORRISON!!!" at a couple of appropriate opportunities, when Green was dancing/flailing, leaning in with the microphone, and/or just sounding incredibly like him. But it's not like he's imitating him, per se, since his total style is a composite of many different factors, it just seems that at times he can channel a spirit that's so similar to Morrison that it's almost eerie! I'm a big Doors fan, so forgive me for the aside, but GOD I love that voice.

    Anyhow, he did a lot of my favorite tracks, including "What a Waster" (Libertines Cover), "Her Father and Her" (also my top-listened song on, and "Leaky Flask" (best track from Sixes & Sevens, bar none). The band were synchronised well with each other, and the gospel singers added a great element to the performace. The Rickshaw Stop is a cool venue to see artist at anyhow, because it's so small and it wouldn't matter where you stood or sat because you can see from ANYWHERE! A fantastic night, all in all. I've got more to add still, but you can check out some of my photos here:

    EDIT: If he was to do a covers album, these would be some of my picks:
    The Crystal Ship (as an alternative to some live version floating around out there)
    My Wild Love - The Doors (this would be great, too)
    Luck Be A Lady - Frank Sinatra
    Teachers - Leonard Cohen
    Run Like A Villain - Iggy Pop
    Electric Alice - Grinderman (or something by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
  • Album Of The Moment (01/06/08)

    1 Jun 2008, 19:25 by Xemper

    About two months ago I went through my Album Of The Moment. The Album Of The Moment is a selection of twelve songs that are my current favourites. These change over time as I get bored and/or irritated by current favourites and discover new music or dig out forgotten gems. In the two months since I shared my AOTM a number of songs have come and gone and now I have a totally new set of songs I’m loving right now.
    Below are the twelve tracks that currently makes up my album of the moment.

    MapsLost My Soul
    I reckon this to be the best song from Maps' debut album We Can Create. I got the album after discovering it had been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize last year. Honestly, the album is lacking lyrically, often being pretty meaningless with words seemingly being chosen out of audible impact rather being of any substance. Lost My Soul is a prime example. One of the more down-tempo songs of the album, the chorus is somewhat haunting ("I found it all / but lost my soul"), but the song doesn't really mean anything. However it all fits together rather nicely. The song has a great beat to it and although the words coming out of James Chapman's mouth are rubbish, it doesn't make them sound any less beautiful. Calming.

    Portishead - The Rip
    It really took me a while to get into Third, Portishead's aptly named third studio album, but The Rip was a song I instantly took a liking to. Third is a bleak, dark album and The Rip is another rather sad song, beginning with a rather mellow acoustic riff, which changes to become more electronic. Beth Gibbons' voice is as chilling as ever and is a real pleasure to listen to. A review from Drowned in Sound described the song as being “magnificently repetitive”. That is certainly something I would agree with. Also worth mentioning is that the song was recently covered by Radiohead no less during sound checks on their current tour. Anything Radiohead deem worthy of covering is certainly something I’ll pay attention to.

    The Beatles - Come Together
    Oh my word, a Beatles song. Scandalously, I don’t know that much about the Beatles. Well, I know a lot of their songs, my dad is very much a fan of them, but I don’t know much about them themselves. They were very much before my time, but as they are considered by many to be one of the best and most influential bands is music history, I thought I’d better get something by them. I decided to get their ‘best of’ album 1 featuring all their #1 hits. I often wonder what all the fuss is about. I’ve never considered them to be anything special but I can understand why they would be ‘back in the day’. There’s not really too much to say about this song. I just like it. One of my favorites off the 1 album.

    Röyksopp - Poor Leno (Jakatta radio mix)
    Röyksopp - Remind Me (Someone Else's radio remix)
    I very rarely have more than one track from an artist in my Album of the Moment, but these are songs that I had great difficulty in finding before discovering that not only were they by the same artist, they were also from the same album. It took about 5 years for me to piece it all together.
    I first heard Röyksopp back in 2003 through playing SSX3 on the Playstation 2 in the form of the Poor Leno mix. I loved the song but never followed up the band, not really being into music at the time. Four years later years later I came across the song So Easy whilst scouring the iTunes store for something or other. I absolutely adored the track. So Easy itself was in my AOTM for some time, but again I never bothered to look up the band, not realizing that the two songs were by the same band. Then, another year later in 2008, just a few weeks ago in fact, I stumbled across the music video for Remind Me. Realizing that Remind Me and So Easy were from the album Melody A.M., I decided to get it, where upon I discovered that Poor Leno was also there. Melody A.M. is currently one of my favorite albums.
    The songs on the AOTM are both remixes, The Poor Leno remix is the one featured on SSX3. It is a little faster, smoother and more relaxing than the original. The Remind Me remix was actually featured in the music video rather than the original. It certainly more lively and catchy than the original and the video is brilliant. Two fantastic songs.

    Fryars - The Ides
    Fryars are a band that I came across thanks to Criznittle’s great Indie/Rock playlists. I just love the lyrics in this song. “You should have died that very night / Good job for you I wasn’t born a killer”. They seem rather sadistic lines but the way in which it is sung and the fun, bouncy tune takes most of the seriousness away. A strange but addicting little track.

    Moby - I'm Not Worried At All
    Moby could be considered as a bit of an anomaly in the music business by actually being of some intellect. Earlier, I was reading a nice little snippet of a journal by 2Serenity which tells how when interviewed on MTV’s Cribs, he was one of the only celebs to have books in his house. That doesn’t really come as a surprise.
    Usually a bit of a heavyweight in sadness, some Moby songs do tend to get you down. I’m Not Worried At All however stands in contrast as a rather uplifting song. I’ve found it to be the best cure when the stresses of life start to get too much. Very mellow.

    The Killers - Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll
    If there is one thing the Open Mind Index has taught me, its that I’m quite the fan of indie music. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of genres that I like. Heck, most of this AOTM is made up of electronic tracks, but it seems I’ve always been a bit of an indie boy. This track sums up what its all about. Loud and forceful. It gets its message across rather well. phillybird, in the song’s shoutbox rather brilliantly pointed out that it goes all Bohemian Rhapsody at about 2:05, but that’s not to take anything away from another great track. Its indie rock and roll for me.

    Bloc Party - So Here We Are
    Silent Alarm is one of my all-time favourite albums. I know I’ve said that I don’t generally have definitive favourites, but Silent Alarm is a slight exception. I love almost every track. So Here We Are is a track I’ve recently rediscovered. I remember some time ago chatting to some friends about the album and discussing our favourite tracks. One friend mentioned this as their favourite and although I disagree that it is THE best, its certainly one of the best. Again its another slowish, calming song. I read somewhere that the band said that the song is about the feeling of being on ecstasy. I’m afraid I’m in no position to compare the two experiences though I think this song feels more like a come down.

    Jeff Buckley - Corpus Chisti Carol
    My, my Jeff. What a piercing voice you have. This song goes to show the magnificent range that Jeff Buckly was capable of. With his death at the age of 30, he was a fantastic musical talent whose life was cut tragically short. Though he is perhaps most famous for his cover of Hallelujah, it is a song that is now really starting to grate on me. Not to say it’s a terrible song, just that it receives so much attention and a lot of his other work receives so little. With Corpus Christi he manages to reach some ridiculously high notes seemingly with ease. It’s a song that really focuses on Buckley’s vocal ability. The harp like backing is rather faint, almost sluggish so it’s the voice and lyrics that take center stage. A fantastic rendition of the early English hymn. Ye olde English sounds so beautiful.

    Boards of Canada - Satellite Anthem Icarus
    An instrumental track here. I only have The Campfire Headphase from the Boards Of Canada’s surprisingly large discography and I have every intention to get more. But for the moment I’ve been rather content with this release alone. There are a number of songs from the album I like. Up until recently it was Chromakey Dreamcoat that was in my AOTM, but I’ve begun to find it over-repetitive, bordering on irritating. I think that song is about 2 minutes too long. Satellite Anthem Icarus is actually longer than Chromakey Dreamcoat, clocking in at just over 6 minutes long. And again, it is mainly the repetition of simple acoustic strumming. But surrounding it is an array of drums, digital sounds, electronica, echoes and ambience. Yes it is a little bit of a slog at over 6 minutes but theres enough variety within it to keep you content.

    Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam - Join the Dots
    Tim, Sam, Tim, Sam. The band name is terrible and really should be reconsidered. Are band names that important? I think so, and the only thing you can decipher from this one is that it is centered around a person called Tim and a person called Sam. They are in fact a seven piece acoustic/experimental folk band, or so their artist page says. I heard this song from In The City – Unsigned 2007 album. This is all I have of them, so I have no idea what the rest of their music is like, but I am on the lookout. Join The Dots is another intrumental track featuring an assortment of different instruments including guitars, cellos, glockenspiels, violins, various percussion instruments and more. When they all come together towards the end it sounds fantastic. Love every second of it.

    Album Length: 50:31
  • The Zissous

    18 May 2008, 22:02 by hanamiyaka

    I love the fact rocks when it comes to discovering new music. I've started listening to oh so many fantastic bands thanks to, and I thought I'd start writing about the lesser known of those bands in my journal.

    First band out is a Swedish band I found thanks to's free downloads. They're called the zissous.
    I don't know what I can compare them to - their music reminds me a teeny weeny bit to a couple of The Libs' songs, but they don't play punk in any way. Definitely a bit alternative - I guess they a little bit like Snow Patrol. Idk, seriously.

    But they're really good! So check them out, download a tune or two and see for yourselves. I can guarantee you that you won't regret it (: