Your First Kinks album or experience

  • Your First Kinks album or experience

    Time for a new thread folks, and a new question to wake us from our torpid-seeming fandom.

    How and when did you become a Kinks fan? What was the song or album that brought you into the fold.

    When I was really small, I used to listen endlessly to EVERYBODY'S IN SHOWBIZ with my aunt, and later on she gave me the RCA best-of CELLULOID HEROES (I still can't believe that hasn't been reissued in its original form). A little later, I got my aunt's duplicate copy of ARTHUR. Finally, for my 12th birthday, I received GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT, which was brand new at the time. From there on in, I was completely hooked.


  • Hey, I'm Cristian from Colombia...

    I'm just 18 and I became Kinks fan when I heard "You Really Got Me" as a film soundtrack... (I don't remember the film) almost 2 years ago.

    Somehow I heard them in comments of Oasis' Gallaghers.

    The first album I got was Something Else By The Kinks.


  • First into the Kinks

    I guess when they first appeared on the U.S. scene with You Really Got Me. They were something quite different from the Beatles or Stones. I liked the way Ray sang directly into the microphone. I also thought that Dave Davies hair was about the longest and coolest I'd ever seen. His flashy guitar riffs were different from the Stones and more like the later Clapton/Hendrix that would follow. My first Kinks album was a "Best of" collection and featured Til the End of the Day and Something Better Beginning (this was way pre-Lola). I loved Well respected Man and got a copy of Billboard magazine that used to print the lyrics. My mother got hold of it and read the lyrics and thought it not appropriate for an eleven year old (He adores the girl next door and is dying to get at her.) Joe Bear

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  • Recently got Kinks' "Ultimate Collection" CD which is full of (I think) all their songs! Woo. I'd heard various of their songs on the radio, then I eventually realised it was the Kinks who sang all these great songs e.g. Lola, Sunny Afternoon, Days, You really got me; and then you discover more great tracks on the CD! Great stuff!

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  • the first Kinks album I heard in it's entirety was School Boys In Disgrace, which I loved. From there it was a long happy discovery of all their other stuff.

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    kristen_ud said:
    I became Kinks fan when I heard "You Really Got Me" as a film soundtrack... (I don't remember the film) almost 2 years ago.

    Catch Me If You Can, perhaps?

    As for me, my parents have a couple of compilation records, which were a pretty good introduction to their 64-66 period, but somewhat less to anything later than that. Sunny afternoon was probably the first Kinks song I ever heard, it's still one of my favorites. I especially liked 'Louie Louie', 'Got my feet on the ground' and 'Mr. Pleasant' as a kid. I didn't listen to any of their regular albums until a few years ago, but I have them all now!

  • I heard "You Really Got Me" on my uncle's old records and started researching them online. I listened to VGPS sound clips, and I soon after purchased it. Nowadays Ray Davies is like a brother for me.

  • cubicengine said:
    I heard "You Really Got Me" on my uncle's old records and started researching them online. I listened to VGPS sound clips, and I soon after purchased it. Nowadays Ray Davies is like a brother for me.

    Whoa. Do you fight with him onstage and everything?

    [sorry, I couldn't resist].

  • Shangri-La - The Kinks. Great harmonies, haunting lyrics, and fantastic playing.

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  • I'm not like everybody else

    well of course i knew you really got me and sunny afternoon and lola back then in the mid-70ies. that was the time when i had left school and had to find my place in the professional world. my first choice was a terrible mistake, but i met a friend there. one saturday afternoon we were sitting in his room listening to his elaborate kinks collection. when i'm not like everybody else came out of his huge boxes, something happened. the song changed my life, and ray commented on later developments like low budget and state of confusion. now it's to the bone, really.

  • I was aware of the Kinks and liked the hits that were played on the radio. Then Low Budget came out and I bought it. Then they toured and I went to see them (for the first time). I was hooked and bought about everhthing I could get my hands on.

    When CDs first came out, my darling wife decided we didn't need albums anymore - and so I came home from work one day to find all of my albums had been thrown in the dumpster that morning.

    I have been slowly building up my Kinks (and other bands) collection ever since.

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  • Begaining with VGPC accidently and ending with endless love

    the kinks are among my favourite artists .
    Something else/aurther/VGPC and many other singles from KINKS is absolutely treasure in the world!

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  • For me it was their One For The Road live album (i was born in '77). I really got into music around the late 80's but was a metal head kid so i was aware of Van Halen covering them (yeah i've outgrown some of my hair metal likes :P ). That live album was perfect for me. They were going through a very "hard rocking" phase at the time documented on that collection and i found myself digging the sound almost immediately.

    At the same time i had some Stones and Beatles stuff from my folks and relatives and it made sense to start discovering the back catalog. So i started digging deeper. I started, as many have, with You Really Got Me and All Day And All Of The Night and from there kept discovering stuff i like to this day.

    By the time P. Weller came back and Britpop hit big in the very early 90's, it all made perfect sense. Love the Kinks now.

    So yeah, the One For The Road (original CD issuing) did it for me.


  • waterloo sunset

    My friend is a big kinks fan. He told me stories about tripping on acid and seeing them play around their Village Green days. I loved that record, but the record that really cemented it for me was Something Else. I loved "Waterloo Sunset". The genius of Ray Davies really hit me after I absorbed that album.

  • He's Evil

    It was one of the many great songs featured on the TV show LOST. Season 2, episode 10. Charlie is signing it as he walks along the beach, if you care.
    However, I had never heard of the Kings(!). So I googled them and about a month later I had The Ultimate Collection.
    Oh, and for He's evil. Ironically, I haven't heard it in its whole to this day

  • the first and best kinks album i have ever listened to is kinks are the village green preservation society

  • About 3, maybe 4 years ago I was in a cd shop and I just HAD to buy a cd. The 60's section being my favourite part in any cd store i was devoted to buying a cd of a band who i didnt quite know. I was drawn to the Kinks. Of corse, i had heard the name and knew a few songs, but i just had to buy it...when i listenend to it for the first time IT BLEW MY MIND!
    It was only a greatest hits album, but it still blows my mind everytime i hear it. I'm in love!!

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  • A friend gave me a copy of their ultimate collection a couple of years ago, alot of the songs on it were familiar and I ended up buying Something else, Village green preservation society and lola versus powerman. From there, the obsession grew

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    • 9 Jun 2008, 16:29
    I heard Sunny Afternoon on AM radio as a kid and I thought it was the best thing ever." The taxman,s taken all my dough and left me in my stately home. All I've got's this sunny afternoon."

    Does it get any better than that?

  • "You really got me" was one of my favorite songs as a kid. I couldn't understand the words (I'm french), so I invented french lyrics that sounded like what I was hearing.
    The chorus was "y avait les gamins", which means "there were the kids". Even now when I listen to it, I can't help but sing "y avait les gamins"...

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    • 11 Jun 2008, 11:51
    Um, Weird Al's Yoda...

    Not my fault, none of my friends even know they exist. I downloaded Lola because of Yoda, borrowed Village Green from the library, bought it a few days later and the rest was history.

  • I got a 2 disc best of or something similar. I listened to it all and got hooked on Lola, Celluloid Heroes, Days, Waterloo Sunset, etc. I still am. Most of their classics I've heard before (You really got me, All day and all night)

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    • 16 Jun 2008, 14:18
    Radio (:
    And the first album.. Ehr.. Idunno? The Village Green Preservation?

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