Favourite Libertines/Dirty Pretty Things Song

  • Favourite Libertines/Dirty Pretty Things Song

    The Good Old Days


    The Boy Looked at Johnny

    what a waster

    I think there's too many

  • FOOK!

    I forgot about What A Waster.

    :( :O

  • What Katie Did

    Oh and Vertigo

    And Begging

  • Favourite song by the Libertines, hmmmm. The Good Old Days, Vertigo, Death on the Stairs, Time For Heroes, Music When The Lights Go Out, Begging... i could carry on for ages tbh!

    Favourite DPT song is Gin & Milk.. [:

    Hi, by the way!

  • nice (:

  • G&M is my fav DPT song too =]

  • music when the lights go out!

    I'm going to pretend tonight, I'm going to doll it up in virgin white.
  • Up the Bracket, Death on the Stairs, Last Post on the Bugle, Campaign of Hate, and What Became of the Likely Lads

    For DPT, I love Deadwood and B.U.R.M.A.

    • PiiiT_ said...
    • User
    • 11 Feb 2007, 10:42
    Can't say very much about DPT, but my favourite Libs song should be I get along, Last post on the bugle, What became of the Likely Lads, Boys in the band, Don't look back into the sun. And oh, Hooligans on E.
    And you know, it IS hard to pick just one, you have to write.. 6..

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 4 Nov 2007, 11:51
    favourite libs song would probably be the mick jones version of don't look back into the sun from the what became of the likely lads EP, and favourite dpt song is definitely the gentry cove.

    • jrabe said...
    • User
    • 2 Dec 2008, 18:35
    the good old days!

    • KCKate said...
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    • 2 Aug 2009, 11:52
    Vertigo. Always Vertigo.

  • What became of Likely Lads, forever and ever. I like The Man Who Would Be King too, and Tell the King.
    From DPT, Bang bang you're dead and Gin & Milk.

    • gasspis said...
    • User
    • 27 May 2010, 15:00
    It's a hard pick of all those amasing songs, but my favorite whit Libertines is Don't look back into the sun and whit DPT it is Plastic Heart.
    All the love to Carl!

    if I hang myself in the christmastree, would you be missing me?
  • Libertines.
    Can't stand me now.
    Don't look back into the sun.
    Boys in the band.
    Music when the lights go out.
    I get along.
    Likely Lads.
    ... & many more. (:

    Dirty Pretty Things.
    Truth begins!!
    Tired of England.
    Bang Bang, you're dead.

    Auf den billigen Plätzen sind die netteren Leute
    Auf den kleinen Hochzeiten gibt’s die schöneren Bräute
    Ich schlafe lieber im Zelt als im teuren Hotel
    Die schönsten Dinge der Welt bekommt man ohne Geld
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