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  • Kurt Cobain :p

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    • 24 Jun 2010, 13:17
    Layne Staley AND Jerry Cantrell ;). (For example "Rooster" is written by Jerry.)

  • I think most of the grunge guys all wrote really really great songs, thats why we all love grunge, we all connected wth the sound and lyrics to all of these bands!!! Personally I cant pick just one, every different band and song evokes such different emotions from within thats its difficult to pinpoint one great lyricist. I just love grunge \m/ (>-<) \m/

    Im calm like a bomb - Rage Against The Macine
  • ''Close your eyes and bow your head
    I need a little sympathy
    ‘Cause fear is strong and love’s for everyone
    Who isn’t me
    Kill your health and kill yourself
    And kill everything you love
    And if you live you can fall to pieces
    And suffer with my ghost'' c.c

  • i love Vedder's lyrics for the deep meaning and beauty. "black" is the best example, but my personal favourites are lyrics from "Into the Wild" album.

    i love Staley's lyrics for symbolism and Cantrell's for the touch of impressionism.
    "Roses in a vase of white
    Bloodied by the thorns beside the leaves
    That fall because my hand is
    Pulling them hard as I can"

    and Andy Wood's for the mix of much symbolism, fun and creativity
    this is shangrila:
    "Oooh baby gotta put me back together
    I need your smooth dog lovin' oh, yeah
    And so I'm sending off the little monster
    Gonna turn it up inside your head
    Do you believe?"

    I'd say you can find interesting part even in Mark Arm's lyrics,
    broken hands:
    "I loved your fragile fingers
    So thin, so smooth, so long
    I lose my bank of memory
    How did we ever get on?"

  • "I'm a weirdo and I'm a greebo" - Greebo by Nukeateen


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