• Red Things

    Kevin has a thread about the good things we do or own, so I want one about the bad things.
    For example, I know Ipods are bad, but I have 2.
    I also have a dishwasher (actually is my parents, and it stoped working yesterday), I spend to much time on the computer, I consume more hairspray then most people, I love sitting in front of the heater in winter and I’m a little bit scared of the dark so I sleep with the passage light on.

    boycott flirting, it makes me vomit.
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  • What's the problem with iPods?

    As far as the topic at hand, while it's good to cut back and work to weed out flaws, imperfections, and downright embarrassing traits/habits/addictions I want to say that it can do more good to be a flawed advocate engaging society than to be a perfect saint who lives in a hidden island community nestled amongst the tree top canopy. And if you live in society, which is decidedly non-green (I am speaking now of the USA which is where I live) you're going to be flawed. So, let's not get too critical.

    That said, I'd like to stop desiring for an extra-wide plasma television.

  • I didn’t say there is anything wrong with having flaws, we will always have flaws, but there isn’t any thing wrong with realising ones flaws and trying to improve.
    I wasn’t impressed with my green things list, it made me realise how much more I could be doing. That’s why I decided to make a red things list, so I can replace my red things with green things.

    My aim is that by the time I am independent my green list will be almost as big as my red list, then hopefully it will become bigger then my red list (I wont actually use a physical list, because that would be boring).

    boycott flirting, it makes me vomit.
  • OK. I am curious though why iPods are considered red things. Is it a comment about consumerism in general or is there something more to it?

  • Consumerism and globalization. but i guess its apple, Microsoft or nothing and i need something.

    boycott flirting, it makes me vomit.
  • I think all mass produced stuff is ultimately harmful to the environment... At least under current conditions. Maybe one day there'll be a new mass-market ethos that focuses on gentle integration with the environment.

    I'm a bit of a hypocrite here though, I like my iPod(s) and computers.:(

  • red things:

    Anti union hotlines (Walmart has one of these :/)
    Anything from Walmart

  • do we have walmart in Australia? ive never seen it before.

    The red list is for red things we do or consume, and i know you are a vegan.

    boycott flirting, it makes me vomit.
  • Grid power.

    (unless you buy from a green power company)

    Most grid power is dreadfully wasteful, in the UK, most of our power plants are monstrous coal furnaces that were installed in the 50s-60s and waste more than 50% of the energy that's put into them. it's just vented off as "waste heat".

  • If anyone would like to Green-up their iPod here is a podcast series that I very much like:

  • ipod for me too :_(

    and i can't just live without books

    regarding pc ive built it(along with many others : P ) with spare parts so i figure it an anticapitalist-pc : )

  • charmedquark said:

    Anti union hotlines (Walmart has one of these :/)

    what exactly is an anti-union hotline ?

  • I found this online but forgot to copy the url - -

    One after another the scandals emerge revealing Wal-Mart's ruthless campaign against workers' rights.

    When Wal-Mart employees attempt to stand up for themselves and try to form a union, they face threats, propaganda, discrimination, intimidation, and even firings. It's wrong, and it's got to stop now.

    Full Petition Text:
    We, the undersigned, demand that Wal-Mart:

    - Stop encouraging Wal-Mart personnel to spy on suspected pro-union coworkers and get rid of your anti-union hotline.

    - Stop spending money on anti-union activities, including your "People Division," an on-call unionbusting army which responds to the 'threat' of unions in your stores.

    - Stop closing stores or departments where your employees have decided to form a union.

    In a related matter, here in Texas we have a "Right to Work" state law; this means, basically, that unions can legally be discouraged by all but the most heinous means.

    Books? Are you referencing the production process?

  • fuck... it's like the DDR.

  • books = paper = trees, i guess.

    but good books are eminently worth their cost and it's fairly common today for publishers to make paper from recycled material or from sustainable forests.

  • i think books are fine - no, books are good, its excess packaging, trashy magazines and junk mail that bothers me.
    rather than producing less books we should recycle what we can, and make paper from hemp rather then trees.

    boycott flirting, it makes me vomit.
  • Annie_Disgrace said:

    rather than producing less books we should recycle what we can, and make paper from hemp rather then trees.

    good idea : )

  • My dad has a book made of hemp paper... And it's actually a book about the history and uses of hemp. :P

  • Annie_Disgrace said:
    For example, I know Ipods are bad, but I have 2.

    why do you have two? lol I don't really get the hype about iPods they're a money making scam from Microsoft (one of the million) and according to The Gadget Show here in the UK the sound quality has always come out bad in every one of their tests compared to other mp3 players.

    I too spend too much time on the computer and I've got more books then I've got the space for.. and I probably watch too much tv aswell..

  • iPods are from Apple!

  • apple.. microsoft.... tomaeto.. tomaato.. =P

  • I have 2 Ipods because my old one is only one gig and my new one is 4.
    I prefer Ipods because they have better menus and a better screen then other mp3s, and they could probably survive being run over by a moderately sized car... and apple is much prettier then all the other eyesore mp3 p-layers and computers. Apple is sleek and clean.

    boycott flirting, it makes me vomit.
  • 4 gig?? wow!(that's alot for me and my little 520mb mp3 player=P) it is prettier yeah I'll give you that one=P
    And the funny thing is they actually test things like on The Gadget Show (getting run over by a car, explosions, sound tests, being waterproof) and in everyone of the tests the iPod came last. And to be honest being pretty doesn't justify the price they ask for something you can get for much cheaper and better quality. Again IMO=)

  • in my opinion it does. Plus you cant always trust gadget shows, lots of big businesses are against Apple because it is competing with Microsoft which is so much bigger and more powerful.

    ...And do other brands make the 80gigs video playing...things?

    boycott flirting, it makes me vomit.
  • well each to their own isn't it=)

    About the show, they promote other things from Apple so it's not like their anti-Apple, they just say whatever happend in the tests. They have no reason to lie. Infact they even have this special section where theres this guy talking about iPod and Apple's latest things just for the people who love Apple!

    I don't know if they make 80gig video playing things (are they called mp4's?), but I'd never need 80gig.. that's insane=| lol

    I hope I'm not sounding bitchy or whatever, I'm just sayig how I feel about iPods that's all=)

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