• Fratellis in Paradiso

    7 Jun 2008, 14:49 by fayestardust

    Wed 4 Jun – The Fratellis, the 925s

    I must say that by now, everything I thought during the gig has gone a bit hazy, shame on me for writing this review much too late.

    I'd never been to Paradiso before, but I knew as soon as I arrived that it was going to be good. First, my compliments to the staff for getting me a good spot to sit at. I was let in to look where I wanted to sit long before the gig started. Upon entering the building I could hear the Fratellis soundchecking and got all excited because I knew I would be let into the hall to look for a good spot to sit. When I finally did get to the hall, the Fratellis were done soundchecking. Damn.

    Went for a quick bite to eat after that and then was let onto the balcony just before everyone else. Had a fabulous view, right in front of the stage.

    There weren't many people for the support act, The 925s. I liked their songs but they didn't really get the crowd behind them, possibly because most of them were eagerly waiting for The Fratellis. Or possibly because the 925s aren't anything like the Fratellis. In my opinion anyway. What I did notice, even during the support act, is that Paradiso has got great acoustics. It's a very classy venue, all in all, with nice church windows and a fabulous balcony.

    By the time the Fratellis came on stage, the hall was packed, and everyone seemed merry, including the Fratellis. Starting out with Mistress Mabel, the music kicked in good, and the crowd seemed to like it.
    Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night and Got My Nuts From A Hippy were next, good old classics to the crowd, which got them going more than Mabel, possibly because the album wasn't for sale yet.
    A Heady Tale, is one of my favorites live, with the catchy piano. Will did a good job and I sang along loudly, getting a few odd looks from the people around me because I bet they were all wondering why and how I knew all the words.
    Henrietta does it every time, never gets old. The crowd looked like a wild sea, going from left to right and back and forth.
    Acid Jazz Singer was next from the new album, but didn't do very much for the crowd, if I recall correctly.
    Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes did though, but has gotten a bit old for me, even though it's a great tune, I'd rather hear it done as the acoustic version.
    Tell Me A Lie was next, I still very much like the intro.
    Whistle For The Choir can do no wrong.
    Shameless, I've said it before, I'll say it again. What a smashing tune, live! Had me and the crowd jumping up and down.
    Chelsea Dagger, in a different placing than I'm used to, gets the same old reaction. I've had enough of it, myself, to be honest. Therefore glad it wasn't in the encore, but somewhere in between.
    My Friend John, brilliant. Singing along loudly, in love with that song even though when I first heard it, I wasn't too sure about the intro.
    Following was Cuntry Boys & City Girls, never disappointing, had a big laugh singing along to it with Jessy.
    Milk & Money surprised the crowd, but I think they were happy about it. I sure was, it's exceptionally brilliant.

    The crowd cheered a lot, waiting for the encore, and the Fratellis weren't off the stage for long. The encore started with Flathead, which the crowd dug a lot, but I didn't really like as an encore tune.
    Was happy to hear Look Out Sunshine!, I'm not quite sure if I heard it live before, except for on recordings. I love the rhythm.
    Last tune was Baby Fratelli, in my opinion the best closer ever.

    All in all, it was fabulous, and great to see the lads enjoying themselves on stage, too. Crowd was well into it, clapping along when occasion and Barry called for it, not just at the front, but everywhere.
  • Going to the Fratellis Live from London gig!

    15 Aug 2008, 12:45 by fayestardust

    On this coming Monday, I'll be lucky enough to go see the Fratellis in the Apple Store in London, for an acoustic performance.

    I'm looking forward to this very much, because it's the first official acoustic performance since the release of Here We Stand and there are only about 300 people able to see this gig and I'm one of them!

    Their new single Look Out Sunshine! is released on the same day, so I'll be buying that. So should you, because the money made from this single will go to TCT. Charity, people!

    I'll be spending a total of two days in London, so it's a bit of an expensive trip from the Netherlands, booking so late, and all. But it will totally be worth it. Expect a review when I get back :)