Five things you'd like to see in The Filter

  • Five things you'd like to see in The Filter

    Here's my five ways I would improve The Filter - what are yours?

    1. Easier iPod playlists! I think that the iPod playlists thing is a bit mental and could be as simple as making a station on Pandora. It's a really good idea, but is too hard to impliment. I remember being completely confused first time I tried it.

    2. Better looking. It's not as pretty as my other Mac Apps.

    3. A version of the player that works with Winamp for when I'm on the PC.

    4. The ability to see just the current song in the playlist - I don't like the fact I can see the artwork for the next few songs in the playlist. It isn't a surprise anymore!

    5. I don't really like the AMG data. Would be cool if they used reviews from things like Pitchfork or other music blogs.

  • I can't say I agree with Ernie about The Filter not looking pretty. It is one of the nicest apps I've seen.

    My wishlist:

    - Make it feel more responsive - sometimes it just sits there like a lump and you don't know if it is busy or not.

    - Make it dock above or below iTunes so that it feels more like a utility and not a separate app.

    - Give it the ability to analyse and extend all playlists, not just those it created

    - Hook in with and build playlists similar to friends / group tastes/

    - Offer recommendations of free music from sites such as GarageBand and offer direct download and addition to relevant playlists (similar to what iLike does)

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