• recommendations?

    i don't think i've ever knowingly heard a fall song before and i need you guys to point out a good album to start with..something to get a potentially addictive habit going on..anyone?

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    • 28 Feb 2006, 01:16

    Fall recomendations

    This Nations Saving Grace was my first one , I think it's one of their better ones . Go for the version with Cruiser's creek on if possible . Grotesque is a pretty good example of the earlier stuff , try and get the expanded version with a bizzare Mark E Smith interview at the end :)

  • The current album "Fall Heads Roll" is a pretty good place to start, and it's easy to find.

    If you want an overview of everything, get the 6-CD Peel session set, and then see which era you might like best.

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    • 6 Mar 2006, 16:49
    I started with kurious oranj which was a great way to be slowly eased in I think. The marshall suite is a good way in too, if you want something newer, it's short and crunchy.
    I reckon perverted by language is the best album so make sure you pick that up too :)

  • Ok, thanks guys!

    I'll give some of 'em a go..maybe sans the 6CD-box : )

    I ran into some clips of The Fall and of Mr. Smith on WFMU blog and I'm already picking up some serious indentification vibes on the guy.. : )

    Anyways, I'm sure I'll fall in deep with the stuff.

    • DiceMan said...
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    • 3 Aug 2006, 11:50
    my fav is dragnet i think and would recomend it to start with aswell.

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  • 458489 A-Sides! Because it is fan-fucking-tastic and in my humble opinion representative of a lot of their best early material (with the important exception of "Totally Wired") but nobody ever names it and it really needs to be recommended more.

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  • The Peel Sessions box set is a pretty good place to start, although I wouldn't recommend listening to it all at once. It's a pretty representative document of what the group has done and how it has progressed.

    Pretty cheap for over seven hours of music, too ...

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  • 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong is a good 2CD career overview, & will set you back less than the Peel box.

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    • dpotta said...
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    • 22 Jan 2007, 01:16
    gotta be hex enduction hour

  • Bend Sinister's my favourite

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    • 6 Apr 2011, 02:26
    Bend Sinister or Fall Heads Roll.

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