Looking for a drummer in East London...

  • Looking for a drummer in East London...

    ...to play with me and a friend on bass and guitar respectively. I've been trying to get him into The Fall - he hasn't been converted yet.

    Anyone up for having a bit of a bash?


  • Humn, I wish you good luck!
    Well, I would love to have a go, since I am a 'drummer', but I live in Hove...
    Our group here, Barins, needs a new bassist though.
    You can check out our sound here: Barins. Or here: myspace.com/barinsgroup
    Ciao! Cheers!

    I am a 35 year old man, and i like it.
  • I like the way you managed to shoe-horn a plug in there. ;)
    There's enough of you aren't there?


  • Steve, I really enjoyed your blog.
    Thanks for your words on Barins.
    Unfortunately we're supposed to break up, for a number of reasons, but mostly because we aren't able to book any gigs... My 13 year-old son, who plays the guitar, is not allowed to enter the pubs.
    So now I am thinking about forming another musical project, have already some ideas...
    Do you know the Londoner band The Tamborines? They're garage psychedelic guys from Brazil. Maybe I'll play with them.
    But I would like to play something related to The Fall's universe too... So I think we could try out something together, if you'd be into it.
    My email: waldenzanin@gmail.com

    I am a 35 year old man, and i like it.
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