The Extreme Music Gauntlet Rules

  • The Extreme Music Gauntlet Rules

    Welcome to The Extreme Music Gauntlet. This group was created to expand on the popular Tournament Feature of the Extreme Music Forum. In this group, we can run multiple Tournaments at once and expand beyond the basic genre Tournaments. Before posting, please read this section.


    2. This group is only for Tournament discussion and participation. No other discussion is allowed here. For less competitive discussion, head over to the ExMF.

    Basic Tournament Rules and Standards

    1. Only 3 Tournaments can operate at one time.

    2. All Tournaments must begin with a "Field Thread"(more on this later). The maximum number of bands in a Tournament is 64(for now) and the minimum is 32.

    3. Only 5 voting threads maximum may be open at a time for each Tournament. No less than 3 voting threads can be open at the same time for each Tournament.

    4. All voting threads must have no less than 2 youtube links and a Myspace link(when available). All threads must have 2 band pictures or 2 logo pictures(one for each band). Do not embed more than one Youtube video per band, and do not embed the video if it is not a live performance.

    5. Threads open longer than 2 days will be auto counted and locked unless their is a tie(in which case the Tournament Master will deal with the tie).

    Specialty Rules and Tournament Approval

    1. In order for a Tournament to be approved, you must contact one or more leaders with the following information.

    A. A list of bands for the field. The list can be 64, 32 or 16 bands long(depending on the size of the tournament and how much voter participation is involved.)
    B. The list must be well researched and all bands must be spelled correctly and Identified correctly by genre. Too many errors will lead to a denial.
    C. If it is a non-genre Specialty Tournament, please make sure all the artists/bands are actually related in the way you are trying to convey. Too many mistakes will leak to a denial.

    2. RULE CHANGE: If your Tournament is approved, it will be added to the queue. Major genre Tournaments will move ahead of specialty Tournaments, as they have a higher level of participation

    3. Unless someone agrees to help you run your Tournament, you as the submitter of the Tournament idea will be solely responsible for running the Tournament. If you start a Tournament and decide you don't want to run it, it can either be taken over by someone who volunteers to take over or your threads will be deleted. If you quit running a Tournament you submit part way through, future submissions for Tournaments will be denied automatically

    That is it for now.

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  • Also, no creating millions of spam accounts so your favourite band wins... ;)

    I run a Facebook music page, True Metal and Punk: (the stuff posted is not limited to metal and punk but it is primarily from those two genres).
  • And no voting against the band I've voted for.

    I run a Facebook music page, True Metal and Punk: (the stuff posted is not limited to metal and punk but it is primarily from those two genres).
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