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Created on: 11 May 2007
A collection of Last FM Groups that are amusing or oddly named and/or the purpose of the group is amusing and/or odd ... and we thank them for otherwise this Group would not exist!...

Welcome to the Emporium

If you like to sidetrack yourself every now and again for the purpose of nothing other than to find something amusing to do whilst listening to music then you have stumbled into the right place.

What is the Emporium

The Emporium is a collection of funny, strange and/or purpose-less Last FM Groups.

The Emporium is in its infancy right now but with a little help from you it will win an award (we love awards!) and provide hours of sidetracking material for wayward Last FM Users and when we have achieved our goal we can delete the Group and pretend we were never members of this very silly Group! BUT we will never forget the Group's 'secret handshake'. see our terms & conditions.

How to contribute

Become a Member. Please note that by becoming a member you are bound by the terms and conditions - these can be found in the forum section.

Once you have satisfied yourself regarding our terms and conditions and you take the silly step of becoming a member the next step you should do is click here and add a link to a Group that you think meets the criteria of being bestowed the honour of being on the list!

Ideas yet to be implemented

Once we've got a reasonable sized list we could start a monthly award vote for different categories. If you have any ideas about what we could implement then let us know by posting in the Ideas for the Group.

THE LIST *thus far

more groups can be found here

Us of course!
People who think groups with really long names are funny ... because they are!
Bad, Funny, Weird talentless Artist Listeners
We are complete retards and run around with scissors while drinking tea and pyromance forests *apparently if you like Britney Spears; you can't join the group! - there are lots of tea groups
but I thought this one took the cake.
What the hell is the point of Last FM Groups? *doh!
Self Diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Attention Deficit Disorder
People who like to join random groups when they are bored
People with nice shoes
People who like drinking water *might be a fun group (minus the water!)
Very cunning music for not so cunning people
People who join too many groups
One song on repeat
People who are online a questionable amount and may or may not be addicted to the internet or any particular website *wow that's a long name!
Now that's a big envelope
Cookie Monsters
Being in lots of groups make you hip
People who Like to stare at other people
This is not a group
You are not what you listen to
People who don't care what people say
People who join groups for no good reason
What's the point of Last FM Groups *I wonder this myself!
People who believe in magic & rainbows because they are optimists
Just because you can't see my guitar doesn't mean it doesn't rock * great place for air guitarists!
People who like typing ONLY with CAPS ON
Butter & Toast
Last FM Detox
People who like Cookies, Milk & Chocolate and want to rule the world using purple cherries
Compulsive Avatar Changes
The Gnome Liberation Front
The Pointless Group
Another pointless group
The absolutely pointless group
People who hate spiders
Devoted to writing weird stories for no reason at all
Weird or Bored people with questionable musical taste
People who like groups with long names and the longer the name the better
Dislike of Clowns
People who are scared of Last FM
People addicted to Last FM
People with sheep like qualities
People with insecurities
People who like taking surveys
People who think Groups are stupid]
People who think stupid groups rock!
People with stupid & random humour
Angry Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
A Good Soup Will Never Be A Bad Soup
Half A Bowl Of Soup
Instant Soup Addicts
Poo Heads
We Want Last FM To Be Available In Pink
We Want Last FM To Be Available In the Color Of Poo *the poor leader can't spell available!
We Want Last FM To Be Available In Green - ... another Group Leader who can't spell available!
Ultimate Poo Poo Heads
People Who Hate People
People Who Are Against People That Dislike People
People Who Hate People Who Hate People Who Hate Noise .... yep you read this correctly!

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