• Raven and Hilary Have New Contracts

    6 Aug 2008, 22:12 by tcatron565

    Fans of Hilary Duff and Raven-Symoné can rejoice! Their recent albums, Dignity and Raven-Symoné, have proven that they are maturing strongly in lyrics and music. However, their record company, Hollywood Records, was unable to promote the way they should. Fortunately, Raven only had a two album contract and quickly left the company after they failed to promote her last album. Dignity was Duff's fifth record and she had a six album contract. Hilary was planning on renewing her contract after the new album. However, the company started to rush her. They wanted a single out by the end of August and an album out by mid October, even though she hadn't even started going into the studio until early August. Duff was so frustrated that she decided to not renew her contract and take all the songs that were written by her with her. Thew new Hilary album will feature two new tracks. "Reach Out (feat. The Prophet)" and "Holiday". The album would then feature past singles and remixes of the new tracks and will be released September 23rd or 30th. This would end Duff's contract and she would be on her way. Hollywood currently will keep any song recorded for the albums both singers made for the company. However, since duff was in the making of recording her album, any song she wrote will not be kept by the company.

    Raven has found a new company and will start working on her new album in 2009, after her concert tour is over. Her fifth album is looking to be released May 2010. Duff is currently working with different company executives to start recording her seventh album. That album is due December 2009. It is currently unknown what label Raven is signed to and what labels Duff is considering. On Hollywood's main page, the block that once held Raven now has Demi Lovato and the block that is holding Hilary's spot will be replaced by Selena Gomez's band in October or November, after the Best Of era is over.