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    Post your favourite lyrics from songs here.

    I'll go first, it's more or less the entire song, cus it was hard to pick out just a few of the lyrics lol

    Breaking Benjamin - Breath

    I see nothing in your eyes
    And the more I see the less I like
    Is it over yet?
    In my head

    I know nothing of your kind
    And I won't reveal your evil mind
    Is it over yet?
    I can't win

    So sacrifice yourself
    And let me have what's left
    I know that I can find
    A fire in your eyes
    I'm going all the way
    Get away, please

    You take the breath right out of me
    You left a hole where my heart should be
    You've gotta fight just to make it through
    Cause I will be the death of you

    This will be all over soon
    Pour the salt in to the open wound
    Is it over yet?
    Let me in

    <snipped here>

    I'm waiting
    I'm praying
    Start hating

    <snipped here>


  • I got into Counting Crows simply because someone posted some of the lyrics to Time and Time Again on DS once:

    I wanted so badly / somebody other than me
    Staring back at me / but you were gone, gone, gone
    I wanted to see you walking backwards
    To get the sensation of you coming come
    I wanted to see you walking away from me
    Without the sensation of you leaving me alone

    Brilliant stuff.

  • Another one if mine is this one...

    Blue October - Come in Closer

    <Snipped here>

    The thundercloud rain hits the freeway
    The clowns put on makeup for show
    The nightfall, my skin crawl kind of evening
    And how the wind she blows
    How the wind she blows

    <Snipped here>

    Come dancing with devils
    Need not to know their names
    We'll waltz like an army
    For the fear of our pain
    Our souls become useless
    As the day they were born
    In a rusted arm rocking chair
    Away from your storm

    But still, the truth remains lethal
    A lie made by man
    Where my shoes become hammers
    And my words become sand
    Like a sour patch, a wedding batch
    Of roses you threw across my floor
    In the rusted arm rocking chair
    Away from your storm

    <Snipped here>

    Blue October - Come In Closer (Full Track)

  • some may say urgh depressing, but really it's not, nor is he (I'm talking about Morrissey!)

    From 'Everyday is Like Sunday'

    Everyday is like sunday
    Win yourself a cheap tray
    Share some greased tea with me
    Everyday is silent and grey


    • beckic said...
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    • 16 Jan 2009, 16:35
    Lord Only Knows by Beck:

    I'm going back to Houston, do the hotdog dance.
    Going back to Houston, to get me some new pants.
    Odelay, odelay odelay, odelay.

    Always makes me smile. :)

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