Adventures of a Ween Crazy Canuck Cyclist

    • redhalo said...
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    • 3 Dec 2007, 01:20

    Adventures of a Ween Crazy Canuck Cyclist

    This journey would take much more than 100 words to get into great detail, so I'll give you the Readers Digest condensed version...

    Flew my bike from Vancouver, BC to Oakland CA rode to Berkeley, CA met up with a bunch of Ween freaks to see Ween play at the Greek Theatre.

    After the show I rode my bike back through Oakland across Dumbarton Bridge, through Stanford University campus, over the Santa Cruz mountains to Pescadero Park down the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Cruz.

    Didn't quite make it to Santa Cruz, hitched the last 3.9 miles, I had run out of energy. Arrived, napped, then watched Ween play through tired eyes. Flew back to Vancouver the next day.

    Wow, 100 words is hard!
    I'm gonna add some web links for greater detail to readers.

    Here's a link to an interactive Google Map of the route I took.

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