• Songs inspired by me

    It's time for you to start tagging music that has been clearly inspired by me. Use the tag .

    Don't be shy.

    • Adan0s said...
    • User
    • 1 Dec 2007, 21:25
    aren't all songs inspired by you? i mean, everyone takes you as inspiration

    even my cat's meow is inspired by you

  • If your cat's meow were a song, it would had been listed.

  • some dream theater stuff, i can't recall

    • JoostW said...
    • User
    • 9 May 2008, 08:17
    Beethoven's 9th Symphony

    All lies, all lies, all schemes, all schemes, every winner makes a loser in the western dream!
    • Amarvl said...
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    • 11 Jul 2008, 06:49
    Some caveman named Tias commenting on some-one watching yaoi and then banging his head into solid granite and taking credit for inventing music which was—of course—invented by Daniel Gildenlöw.

    Also, Latin was inspired by Daniel Gildenlöw, but the Latins messed the prestigious grammar of Daniel Gildenlöw up which then leaked its way into the city of Rome and thence the Romance languages and that is why none of those languages contrasts the masculinity of 'God' with the femininity of 'new'. As it motherfucking should (Daniel Gildenlöw, 19 BDG).

    Also, the poster above me is homosexual, that's also inspired by Daniel Gildenlöw, except he again does it wrongly for he loveth not Daniel Gildenlöw as Daniel Gildenlöw himself does, but other men than Daniel Gildenlöw.

  • Our national anthem! ^_^

  • Chammilionaire's "Ridin'".

    I mean, that's almost too GIldenlöw-ish

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