My top 10 Cure Songs

  • My top 10 Cure Songs

    My top 10 Cure Songs, In no particular order-

    Charlotte Sometimes
    The Forest
    Lets go to bed
    Pictures of you
    in between days
    A Letter to Elise
    The Walk
    Boys Dont Cr
    Fascination Street

    What are your favorites?

    • Narleen said...
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    • 13 Feb 2010, 19:57

    My top 10 Cure Songs

    i think i'm in love with all of them, but...

    Friday I'm in Love
    A Forest
    The Funeral Party
    The Holy Hour
    Like Cockatoos
    The Scream
    Pictures of You
    Love Song


  • My top 10 Cure Songs

    Boys Don't Cry
    A Forest
    A Strange Day
    In Between Days
    Pictures Of You
    Fascination Street

    And more songs!!!

  • 1. Disintegration (Disintegration)
    2. Lullaby (Disintegration)
    3. Pictures Of You (Disintegration)
    4. Lovesong (Disintegration)
    5. Fire In Cairo (Three Imaginary Boys)
    6. Cold (Pornography)
    7. Homesick (Disintegration)
    8. The Hanging Garden (Pornography)
    9. The Same Deep Water As You (Disintegration)
    10. The Lovecats (Japanese Whispers)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 Feb 2010, 14:17
    1.Just like heaven
    2. Lullaby
    3. Fascination Street
    4.Friday I'm in Love
    5.Love song
    6.Pictures of you
    7.Prayers of rain
    8.Why can't I be you
    9.Boys don't cry
    10.Fire in Cairo

  • for today:

    let's go to bed
    1015 Saturday night
    doing the unstuck
    to wish impossible things
    maybe someday
    there is no if
    perfect boy
    funeral party

    "...Taki piękny dzień, biało-czarny dzień, chodźmy na spacer zakochajmy się..."
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Mar 2010, 23:53
    - The Same Deep Water as You
    - Lovesong
    - Plainsong
    - Apart
    - Just Like Heaven
    - The Last Day of Summer
    - There Is No If...
    - Where The Birds Always Sing
    - At Night
    - Last Dance

    Still not sure if it's right.. I guess there are just too many songs which are simply perfect.

  • Fascination Street
    A Forest
    Watching Me Fall
    Just Like Heaven
    Close To Me
    Friday I'm In Love
    One Hundred Years

  • Catch
    The End of the World
    10:15 Saturday Night
    Why Can't I Be You?
    All Cats are Grey
    Hot, hot, hot
    How Beautiful You Are
    Close To Me
    Fascination Street

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 16 Mar 2010, 18:45
    Sleep when i'm dead
    Boys don't cry
    This. Here and now. with you
    Just like heaven
    The Perfect Boy
    How Beautiful You Are...
    The Only One
    Hot hot hot
    In between days.

    and other...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 Mar 2010, 13:45
    1. The Funeral Party
    2. Primary
    3 A Forest
    4 Prayers for the Rain
    5 Fascination Street
    6 Faith
    7 M
    8 The Kiss
    9 Last Dance
    10 The Lovecats

    • Ye110w said...
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    • 11 Aug 2010, 00:20
    1. One Hundred Years
    2. The Kiss
    3. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
    4. Lullaby
    5. Lovesong
    6. The Lovecats
    7. Boys Don´t Cry
    8. Just Like Heaven
    9. The Hanging Garden
    10. 10.15 Saturday Night

  • 1,Play for today
    2,Charlotte sometimes
    3,The last day of summer
    4,A strange day
    5,The kiss
    6,The figurehead
    8,The same deep water as you
    10,Jupiter crash

  • Cold
    One Hundred Years
    A Strange Day
    The Last Day Of Summer
    Maybe Someday
    Charlotte Sometimes
    To Wish Impossible Things
    Doing The Unstuck


  • Pictures Of You (live version from Show)
    The Funeral Party
    The Last Day Of Summer
    Just Like Heaven
    The Same Deep Waters As You
    The Figurehead
    Out Of This World

    Music = Life
  • 1. A Forest
    2. The Hanging Garden
    3. In Your House
    4. Lullaby
    5. The Drowning Man
    6. One Hundred Years
    7. Primary
    8. Charlotte Sometimes
    9. Play for Today
    10. Killing an Arab

    • euth_ said...
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    • 26 Aug 2010, 18:47
    uh.. I don't even know..

    Just Like Heaven
    There is no if
    The end of the world
    Close to me
    The Last Day Of Summer
    In between days
    Pictures of you
    I'll stop the world an melt with u
    Friday I'm in love
    Just say yes

  • 1. Disintegration.
    2. Homesick.
    3. Just Like Heaven.
    4. From The Edge Of Deep Green Sea.
    5. Pictures of You.
    6. Lost.
    7. The Funeral Party.
    8. A Night Like This.
    9. Cold.
    10. The Caterpillar.

  • Push
    The Big Hand
    All Cats Are Grey
    The Last Day of Summer
    Cut Here
    Friday I'm In Love
    One Hundred Years
    10:15 Saturday night
    Killing An Arab - The Cure International Forum
  • One Hundred Years
    The Hanging Garden
    Pictures of you
    hungry ghost
    Prayers for the rain

    Legalize it!
  • Just Like Heaven
    Pictures of You
    Inbetween Days
    Boys Don't Cry
    Fire In Cairo
    A Forest
    Mint Car
    Friday Im In Love
    The Walk

    • dewuh said...
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    • 24 Feb 2011, 14:03
    This is hard... Hmm.. as of now it would have to be the following:

    Love Song
    Never Enough
    Boys Don't Cry
    A Forest
    Let's Go to Bed
    Just Like Heaven
    Friday I'm In Love
    Just Say Yes
    The Walk

    "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."
    • ma-na19 said...
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    • 28 Feb 2011, 18:15
    Just like heaven(becous i fell in love with cure,when heard this song first time )
    strange day
    a night like this
    a letter to elice
    the figurehead
    the same deep water as you
    kyoto song

    and others

  • My favorite songs by The Cure

    There are so many... The 10 I can't live without, right now, are:
    1. Lovesong
    2. Play For Today
    3. 10:15 Saturday Night
    4. One Hundred Years
    5. From The Edge Of The Green Sea
    6. The Figurehead
    7. Untitled
    8. Kyoto Song
    9. A Night Like This
    10. It Used To Be Me

  • My Top Ten

    1. Love Song
    2. Caterpillar
    3. Kyoto Song
    4. The Blood
    5. Faith
    6. Bloodflowers
    7. Lullaby
    8. Charlotte Sometimes
    9. Wrong Number
    10. Just Like Heaven

    Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live. -Mark Twain
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