The Casket Letters - MSTU

  • The Casket Letters - MSTU

    I've been lucky enough to get an advance copy of this from Monkey Swallows The Universe, honestly, it is so beautiful. I'm not sure when it's out but I can't stop listening to it so please get it as soon as you can.

    I have cried every time certain songs come round and it's been looping since yesterday morning, I'm not particularly sad either at the moment. The words are just heartbreaking and the music is incredible. a couple of songs remind me of Johnny Cash's way of telling sad stories of being in love/ dead...

    yes, plenty of death and loss. do not listen if suicidal, but otherwise you should be alright.

    argh. amazing. please buy it when it comes out.

    Monkey Swallows the Universe

  • I'm really looking forward to this one...!! I've got the single Little Polveir and absolutely love it! The album's due out 6th August on Loose Records...!

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