Video Thread: Post and comment your favorite Corr videos

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    • 5 Feb 2007, 02:22

    Video Thread: Post and comment your favorite Corr videos

    Andrea is crackin' up

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  • i love that one! that guy from the crowd sure made Andrea laugh ;) pretty cool how she handled it - "you naught naught boy" XD

    to continue Andrea making funny things and laughing during Old Town performences i give you OLD TOWN from GMTV.

    Simply love how she starts to laugh there and can't go on with singing ;)

  • hehe, "Jim made me laugh" - Jim seems to enjoy himself too ;)

    Andrea gets carried away:

  • hehehe that was something... especially that I WAS THERE... seriously you can see my hands holding the cam and making pics when the cam rolls left to show Sharon. There are two hands holding black cam and it's ME XD
    and it was such an adorable moment of Andy ;)

    to follow the spirit of her great moments. BBC RADIO 2 concert and my fav mistake during Don't Say You Love Me:

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    • 7 Feb 2007, 17:59
    Well, that one will remain for posterity as the "I'm hearing things" video. Crazy girl XD

    You see? How many band actually have such a thing as "favorite mistakes"?? It's amazing how she gets away with that. I just have a question: Radio 2 was live?!

    Hey, I like that What Can I Do? video. She's just having so much fun that loses it. How lovely is that? And you were there, Joy! Where was it?? Near my town, bands and venues are shit, unless your thing is smelly old cinemas and bunch of wankers playing some "Post-deathcore neo-progressive speed metal". Wankers.

    So I'll introduce the band

  • ooohhh, It's a pity they cut it out from the DVD.

    I love this one - let's torment Caroline

  • yeah it's pity.. I don't actually know why they cut it out od LIL... it's the mistakes that make the show sooooo cool.. well, of course - not only, but Orlando you're right - it's soo great to be able to say "my fav mistake is" XD

    As for your questiones - BBC Radio 2 was recorded live, then it was on air during christmas. as for the video version, I don't know when it was on TV.

    and as for the What Can I Do vid - it was in Bonn in 2005. We travelled over 1200km from Poland with my friends, but it was worth it!

    and the Caro vid is cool XD I just love it "i've nearly made it" XD Andrea face looks great there XD

    and another one:

    that's the instrumental verse ;)

  • Well, Andrea gets away with all those mistakes by the way she handles all of those situations - totally adorable :D + another thing: the three sisters are HOT! (lol)

    This concert should be nicknamed: "The one with all the mistakes..." {lol}

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    • 12 Feb 2007, 14:33
    Hello people!

    Dude, they were like drunk in Radio 2. What the heck happened then?!

    About the Live in London, if I was the producer or the singer I'd leave it out too. But you're right Joy, maybe they should have put it at the end of the DVD, something like "and now, a special moment with Andy...", just for the fans. Because, come on! It's so funny and adorable! I love that chick...

    I'll give you this one. It's a bit long (10 mins) but I absolutely like this interview. Sit back and enjoy:

    Who's the trouble maker?

  • why would you live it out? I mean - they didn't leave it out in Unplugged and I think they should leave it also in Live In London - it wasn't anything wrong (she just forgot to introduce the band - happens all the time :P) and now when you know it's missing, you see that there's something wrong in the moment where it was supposed to be.

    I wonder what they cut out off Lansdowne Road, cause it's flawless, and it's not possible :P And I know that for Live In Geneva they did the Summer Sunshine song 3 times... would love to see them too...

    and back to the video - the TFI interviews are the most funny interviews they did!!! i mean come on they are GREAT there! the whole miming thing... LOL!

    and the other one is here:

    Caroline we've got you a present ;)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 2 Apr 2007, 18:17
    I wonder if she actually used her presents. How romantic... Hahaha.

    The following is an excelent video. It shows how a song is written and produced:

    Rewind: The Making of "Would You Be Happier"

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 26 May 2007, 21:50
    Hey, I found this one. Very funny, it must have been really embarrassing too! Poor Andrea:

    Smells of The Corrs

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    • 6 Oct 2007, 20:16
    Yeah, I like this video very much! It's a lot of fun, they all look very happy in it. Thought I don't like the remix, the original is better.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 16 Oct 2007, 18:11
    Beautiful song with Andrea Corr and Brian May, the guitarist from Queen. Performed 29/11/2003 at Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, as part of the first 46664 concert against AIDS:

    Is this the world we created?

  • Why

    Sometimes people asks me why I like The Corrs. Watch for an answer ;)

    Hopelessly Addicted

    Mr. Ramirez
  • Here there is a funny video of Andrea, from a concert in Benidorm (Spain) in 2004, I WAS THERE!!!!

    "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"
  • My favourite Corrs video

    My favourite Corrs video is What Can I Do 1998 .

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