• Debut single Last Summer out now!

    2 Jun 2008, 12:37 by Tomosaur

    Today is the release date of Earl Grey and The Legomen's debut single Last Summer, featuring the title track - Last Summer and Britain In The Rain

    It is limited edition, and is only £3 (Including £1 postage and packaging in the UK) directly from I Blame The Parents Records.

    Please visit the IBTP Myspace page to buy the single. Scroll down and check the right-hand side for PayPal links. You should see three seperate links to buy the single, priced as follows (All prices INCLUDE the postage and packaging cost):

    Earl Grey and The Legomen: £3.00
    Earl Grey and The Legomen Europe: £3.50
    Earl Grey and The Legome Rest of World: £4.00

    All of this is running pretty much at-cost, as IBTP is a brand new independent startup - so if you want to show your support, it'd be very much appreciated! IBTP has a great roster of bands affiliated with it now, and since all of the singles are limited edition (Only 100 each!), you can own a little slice of history and show it to your grandkids. Or something like that, anyway!

  • December 4th gig supporting The Mitchell Brothers is cancelled.

    28 Nov 2007, 16:40 by Tomosaur

    Hello friends!

    Unfortunately, the gig on the 4th of December has been cancelled. The actual reasons are still unclear at the moment, but The Mitchell Brothers have postponed their tour.

    More information can be found at The Mitchell Brothers' website.

    Apologies for any inconvenience, and we hope The Mitchell Brothers' reasons for postponing are not too serious.

    Tom H
    Earl Grey and The Legomen
    EGLM's Myspace
  • Latest Earl Grey and The Legomen demo / EP is available on!

    10 Nov 2007, 17:09 by Tomosaur

    Hello friends and frenemies!

    Your favourite band in the whole wide world, Earl Grey and The Legomen, have their latest demo / EP available on Check it out and leave a review!

    Due to various problems with our equipment, and generally sporadic availability of band members and time, these recordings have a few minor issues (particularly in the levels of some vocal tracks), but we hope you'll enjoy them nonetheless. The tracks on this EP are:

    1: Ghoul Town (This is an updated version from that which is available on Plooms of Doom)
    2: Parasites (A brand new track!)
    3: No Road To Home
    4: The Unsettling Time

    Hopefully in the future we'll be able to re-do these tracks once our recording equipment is sorted out, but check them out and let us know what you think anyway!

  • Earl Grey and The Legomen featured on the latest netBloc release!

    24 Oct 2007, 20:30 by Tomosaur


    This month's netBloc release features lo-fi recordings from the darkest corners of the universe (and/or internet). Featured on this release are Earl Grey and The Legomen with the track Britain In The Rain.

    netBloc is a free, monthly, downloadable album featuring the best tracks from the internet. Along with the tracks (which are available in a variety of formats, even the FREE, lossless FLAC format - and of course, mp3), you get a PDF booklet featuring artist and track information, photographs and other artwork, as well as full album artwork such as CD labels and covers so that you can create your own CD.

    The full track listing for this month's release is:
    1: The Unfinished Sympathy -Teenage Kicks
    2: Chapi Chapo & Les Petites Musiques De Pluie - Horse on a rock
    3: Sebastian Kramer - Perdon
    4: Louis Lingg and The Bombs - Conspiracy
    5: microtonner - george II
    6: Earl Grey and The Legomen - Britain In The Rain
    7: Monk Turner - We're Going To Take Back America
    8: Gorowski - of the sky
    9: Dudley - The Flower That Eats the Moon
    10: Schaua - I Was Someone

    Special thanks for compiling the album go to Last.FM user Michael Gregoire, who is the owner of

    Make sure you download and listen to the album!
  • My sound...

    19 Nov 2006, 20:02 by marshee missing from my computer. It just stopped! Help please. I htought it was iTunes, but even the radio isn't giving out sound. My speakers seem to be working as well. I'm really worried my sound card has just decided to die on me. Has anybody got any advice on what might be wrong and how I can solve it?
  • Victory against fate, computers, the internet and

    5 Nov 2006, 13:42 by marshee

    Right, now 3rd time luck I hope, as this is the third time I'm writing this seemingly-doomed enry, and no piece of machinery will erase, corrupt or, in anyway what-so-ever do anything I don't want it to with this entry. I'm in supreme control over the PC, BT internet and it's connections,, and fate for next 2 hours while I write this and finally, submit it successfully to the main site.

    Now that I've gone over how I'm going to do it, I'm going to tell you what it's about. It's about the last 2 weeks, my holiday, and my adventures, achievements and dissapointmensts, both musically and non musically during the period. Here goes:

    Day 1: 25th October

    This was the day we travelled out, and while on the way to the airport, I was listening to the radio (XFM), which is something I haven't done in ages... well, not since April when Dirty Pretty ThingsBang Bang You're Dead was released. Anyway, they played the new song by Oasis called, I think The Masterplan, and I have to say it's the best music I've heard from them for ages. It has persuaded me to get the new album of the same title!The Masterplan They also played a really good song by either The Cure, or Pulp, but I'm not sure who as I always get them mixed up, but I'll find out which. Instinct says Pulp, but instinct is often wrong... I was looking at the album it was on in HMV at the airport, and thinking "I wish I could afford that". Unfortunately I couldn't, but I vaguely remeber what the album art looks like, so I should be able to find it again. I had 3 hours to kill at the airport, and was excited because there were 2 music shops there, and I find airport outlets usually have much better variety for music than normal highstreet stores. Unfortunately, both were sold out of all Libertines albums. I can't believe how hard they are to find! I didn't buy anything, but my sister bought an album by Wolfmother, which confirms my dislike of their music. Instead, I bought the Novemeber edition of Uncut magazine, which has a free CD (usually with good music) but I haven't listened to it yet. The magazine itself occupied me for the entire flight with very interesting articles on Oasis, Rem, Sufjan Stevens and john philips (fomerly of Mamas & Papas) which reviews his only solo album and rates it extremely highly. I lookforward to listening to the song which came on the CD! Also, in magazine is a poster for the Dirty Pretty Things tour, which I'll scan and upload to their tour dates.

    For the irony of the next bit, I'll have to tell you a little story of last time I went to Italy in July 2005. We drove back then and what I want to talk about happened on the way back. It happened about 2.5 hours into the drive as we were driving through the city of Bari. Well, as we were driving, I was listening to my iPod, half asleep, and when we came to the motorway tunnel in Bari, a really magical, amazingly enchanting German song started playing which I'd never heard before. I glanced at my iPod and saw that the artist began with an S. When I got home, I searched iTunes for a German artist starting with S, and all I got was Sportfreunde Stiller, who definitely did not sing that song. I haven't though much of it until when I flew to Bari again last week.

    Anyway, back to the present(ish). We were driving to the hotelwhich is in a village outside Bari, an we took a wrong turn onto the motorway, which means we went through the same tunnel. I was very sleepy, being about mid-night, and listning to my iPod on shuffle, as you do when you are sleepy, and this amazing song came on again. I had to look properly at my iPod this time, and read Schrei nach Liebe, Scala being a artist. Finding this song again already made my holiday for me!

    Day 2: 26th October

    We went to Bari for the day where while looking around, I listened excessively to Illinois (about 4 times through) and my only other song by him: Henney Huggy Band, which always makes me want to dance (and I did dance in the middle of a pedestrianised zone).

    After Bari packed up for it's siesta, we followed suit and drove tour new hotel, guided by the delights of Johnossi, Kasabian, Illusion Of ConclusionSugarplum Fairy, and Babyshambles Sessions

    Anyway, we arrived at our new hotel, which I have to say is one of the cutest buidings I've ever seen. It was a local trulli, which is like a stone tent and is traditional of the area. Unfortunately, this hotel is at the heart of a whole village of trullis which is a huge tourist trap. I still got some good photos though.

    Day 3: 27th October

    I spent the morning basking in the sun with my iPod (playing Shania Twain, The Libertines, and Hakan Hellstrom) and my German esssy on Swedish music, which I shall post on this site as soon as my teacher gives it back, as I promised. You can then all mock my German!

    That afternoon, we took a family trip to the sea, during which I tried (unsuccessfully) to get my sister to see why France 2 is such an amazing song. We went to the harbour of some tiny village which I don't know the name of, and then to walk around the winding alleys and fish market of Monopolí.

    We then returned to the hotel, in which time my sister tried (unsuccessfully) to persudade me that Wolfmother are good. For dinner we went to a really nice restaurant where we ate really good local cuisine whilst serenaded by Handel, Beethoven, Mozart and either Schumann or Schubert. (I always mix them up). It gave the restaurant a very classy atmosphere.

    Day 4: 28th October

    We spent the day travelling from the hotel to my Grandmothers house in Tricase Porto. On the way I listened to Wir sind HeldenJames Horner Die Reklamation and Titanic and Back To Titanic, all of which managed to send me to sleep, meaning I had to listen to some Snow Patrol and Undertheigloo which is a combination which never fails to wake me up.

    This day was also my second annivarsary with audioscrobbler.

    Day 5: 29th October

    We went to the sandy beach near the village of Patu, and I have to say that my iPod and the beach got in very well indeed. so well that the iPod has take half the beach home trapped under the case and in crannies. Thank god I didn't take my camera. I also think that Belle and Sebastian, The Strokes, and The Ordinary Boys make the best music ever for listening to at the beach.

    That afternoon we went went to the village of Castro for an ice-cream with Manu Chao and Martin Jondo, a combination which helped me get an amazing picture in the port.

    Day 6: 30th October

    I spent most of the day at home listening to Hard Days Night which is an amazing cover version of MeatloafTom JonesThe Beatles hard days night on repeat along with a piano/radio verion of You Can't Steal My Love which is pure bliss.

    In the afternoon I went for a short walk with my Grandmothers dogs in which I listened to Reload for the first time fully and found a few good songs, especially Motherless Child which we learnt at shool with 2 other parts which really adds to the song. I also re-discovered Bat out of Hell which really is an amzing song.

    After dinner, I watched an Italian film. I can't remember the title, but it was really good.

    Day 7: 31st October

    I spent the morning doing more German homework, and some physics while listening to my entire Nightwish collection all together for the first time along with some Rasmus. Not sure if they helped or hindered my concentration, but it definitely was more enjoyable.

    In the afternoon I went for a walk, this time with camera, and I got alot of good phtos, as well as listening to my entire Belle & Sebastian collection, as well as most of my Libertines collection with MuseScreenager thrown in a few times just for good measure.

    Day 8: 1st November

    I spent the morning packing and listening to Postal Services' album on repeat all morning until we went for a quick walk along the coast before leaving for the airport.

    On the way to the airport I made a playlist which I listened to the whole evening to conserve battery power with Elin Sigvardsson, Sleep the Clock Around, France 3, What Katie Did, Music When the Lights Go Out, Adam Green, and Billy Joel. It made a nice selection for travelling!

    Anyway, since the holiday, I've been looking up more stuff from Scala & Kolacny Brothers, and I really like it. It makes a nice change from most of the rest of my music library. I think the best song by them is Heartbeats.

    I've just eaten a Penguin bar... so I'll post the joke:

    Excuse me sir... Could you call me a taxi?
    A. (highlight for answer)...You Are A Taxi!

    They really are awfully bad! Oh well.

    Success... told you I'd win against all!
  • 2 years on!

    24 Oct 2006, 20:09 by marshee

    I'm coming up to my second anniversary using Audioscrobbler (this Saturday), and so, as I'm on holiday in Italy then, I'll write my entry now! I'm going to look back over the last 2 years, the music, the social side and the growth of the site while I've been a member.

    I joined 28th October 2004 at the recommendation of aradnuk who was posting shamelessly on the Pianofiles forums about Audioscrobbler. I decided to join, but I wasn't a very active member. I also very rarely listened to music from the PC then, probably about 3 songs a week. This was due to the fact that the speakers of my computer were appalling, and it only had a 2GB harddrive.

    My family finally got a new computer in November, with new, much better speakers. This meant I could upload all my currant favourite CDs by Greenday, Good Charlotte, The Rasmus, Evenescence and whatever other junk I listened to back then. I also had all the songs extremely badly tagged, which was the cause of my resetting on December 10th, after I'd finally sorted out the file tagging.

    For Christmas 2004, I received a 20GB iPod from my grandmother, which means I had to change from Windows Media Player to iTunes, a swap I've never looked back on! iTunes sorted out all my tagging problems, downloaded the CD information easier, and worked like a dream with my iPod.

    I was still not a regular Audioscrobbler user, probably visiting my profile once a month at the most, and not using its features for more than a stat machine, as I love stats of all sorts!

    At the beginning of April 2005, I was at home one Saturday morning, extremely bored, listening to XFM online from their website. I was waiting for the Adam and Joe show to come on, when I decided to browse their days' playlist. There was the normal stuff by Coldplay, Snowpatrol, Hot Hot Heat, The Athelete and all the other "" stuff they play. Unfortunately, or actually fortunately for me, most of their previews of the songs were buggered, so I just clicked every link until one worked, and it was magic. I went to look what it was, and it was by a band I'd never heard of before, Mando Diao. I finally had something to do. It was just about the first warm and sunny day of the year I decided to put this amazing song, You Can't Steal My Love, on my iPod, and I went to my shed, found my bike and went cycling (something I hadn't done for about 5 years) along the Grand Union Canal listening to the song on repeat for 4 hours. That was the best day of my life!

    Mando Diao remain, to date, my favourite artist, and climbed my charts with astounding speed, knocking Placebo off the top spot, from which they have only been dislodged once, briefly, by Muse.

    In May, my computer crashed and I lost all my files and ripped CDs, which meant I had to start again. The first CD I ripped after the computer was repaired was Europe 1982-2000 and the following day Hurricane Bar. While I listened to a lot of Europe then, and they were once 3rd place in my charts, they have since fallen to their currant place at 43rd. In June, I borrowed a foreign exchanges' iPod and ripped his music onto my computer, adding another 700 songs, to which I still have listened to all. However, there is some good music amongst this mass, which I listen to, like Adam Green, Linkin Park, Robbie Williams, Oasis, Air, Manu Chao, Wir sind Heden and the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack which has got me listening to Dusty Springfield.

    Over the summer, I met some German friends who introduced me to Juli, who's songs Geile Zeit and Perfekte Welle are absolutely amazing.

    It was only in the autumn that I started using frequently, and I was getting bored of always listening to Mando Diao, Placebo, Muse so I started using the radio, and thank god I did! It brought me the delights of Dire Straits with Sultans of Swing and Hakan Hellstrom. That autumn I started using my journal with the first entry about the first time I used the radio. Throughout the closing months of the year I listened to a lot of stuff I'd found from throughout 2005, including Oceanship, The Killers and many others. For a fairly comprehensive list of what I discovered in 2005 you can read my journal entry on the subject, in which talking_animal recommended me Ute Lemper, a German artist who just grew on me the more of her stuff I heard.

    I subscribed to the site on December 28th.

    That winter, I listened to a lot of what I call music from Ute Lemper, music composed by Irving Berlin and Kurt Weil as well a old and Rock 'n' Roll as well as a lot of Hakan Hellstrom and Belle & Sebastian which another exchange recommended to me.

    Around this time, I virtually didn't touch any of the music I'd previously listened to, including Mando Diao. In April, Placebo released their new album, Meds, and on hearing this I realised I really couldn't stand Placebo any more.

    When Muse Released Supermassive Black Hole, I immediately loved it, and sent me into a huge Muse listening spree throughout May and June, which propelled Muse to the top spot of my charts knocking Mando Diao off for about 1 month. This was quickly undone after my visit to Koko, on June 29th where I saw Mando Diao live for the first time. I counted this as the first "proper gig" I've been to, as I don't count Party In The Park 2001 as a gig, but as a pick-nick (I couldn't even see the stage!), not that I missed much with the likes of Craig David, and Destinies Child playing. The only other concert I could count was a concert by the New Jazz Couriers, but I personally don't count that either. Anyway, this gig by Mando Diao launched them back to top spot, despite the release of Black Holes and Revelations a few days later. At that gig, I also saw Pull Tiger Tail as a support act, and immediately loved their music.

    In the summer, I discovered the bands Air, Massive Attack and Portishead, as well as some band Nightwish, who I really like... as long it's in small doses! In the summer, as well as my other holidays to Switzerland and Devon, I went to see a friend in Stockholm, Sweden. While there, I went to see Hakan Hellstrom live and I heard about, and fell in love with the music of Tiger Lou. I also heard music from Moneybrother and Kent, but they didn't impress me so much! When I got back to England, my copy of Ode To Ochrasy had arrived, which separated Mando Diao even more from the rest of the charts. It is this I think which causes my "Recommended Radio" to play pretty much only music now.

    That was in September. Since then, I have been listening to The Libertines, Kasabian, Dirty Pretty Things and Johnossi as well as Sugarplum Fairy for various reasons:

    Dirty Pretty Things: Because I am going to their concert on Dec 3rd. Mando Diao are supporting them with Larrikin Love.

    Libertines: Because I was listening to Dirty Pretty Things and have been meaning to check them out since I first heard them in 2004.

    Kasabian: Because I was contemplating going to see them at Earls Court, but won't 'cos it's not worth going seated.

    Johnossi: Because they're supporting Mando Diao on their European tour.

    Sugarplum Fairy: Because I got an autographed CD!

    Part 2 shall follow on my return from Italy, and shall contain all the stats which is here for.
  • The April fool...

    1 Apr 2006, 11:53 by marshee you for reading this!