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Created on: 30 Jul 2008
Fans of the bass stylings of Colin Greenwood, normally associated with Radiohead.

Colin Greenwood, the amazing bass player from Radiohead, plays some of the most interesting and innovative bass lines known to rock music. Listen for Colin's intermittent bass on tracks such as Airbag and 15 Step. Another good example of what he brings to Radiohead is in the song Paperbag Writer. The fact that Thom Yorke wrote the bassline for The National Anthem doesn't stop Colin from rocking out during live renditions at nearly every concert.

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  • daslife1

    hey collin whats up its me daslife

    11 Apr 2013 Reply
  • karenbrightlove

    Colin is wonderful that's for sure.

    16 Dec 2012 Reply
  • humanraccoon

    my main man! Coz seriously is one of the most amazing bass players on the planet and he's also pretty underrated. Without him being so avid I'd probably've never become a bassist, thanks, Colin.

    28 Aug 2012 Reply
  • DosTsiembo

    Forever in Jonny's shadow

    13 Oct 2011 Reply
  • Bub_Clifton

    He totally dominated The King of Limbs. Especially the first half.

    18 Aug 2011 Reply
  • RadioZuka

    THE man. Amazing bass lines on last 2/3 albums!

    12 Aug 2011 Reply
  • Ronit123

    my fish is named Cozzie in his honor

    30 Apr 2011 Reply
  • susana4u

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    15 Apr 2011 Reply
  • Tenshinhan

    As a fellow bass player, Colin is one of two who defines my work. I got my sense of groove from Tim Cormmerford (of Rage against the machine), but my sense of melody and minimalistic perfection, I owe it all to Colin.

    2 Feb 2011 Reply
  • rcstars

    COLIN IS TEH SEX. In all seriousness, he's probably my favorite bassist of all time. he's far from flashy, but that's what makes him so good; his bass playing is always extremely tasteful and effective. Whenever I'm listening to Radiohead, I am always overcome with joy at how perfect the bass is in so many songs. He plays with such extreme precision but still sounds so loose and fluid. A truly amazing musician.

    29 Jan 2011 Reply
  • Binkus

    Check his feel on Morning Bell, both versions. Excellent

    26 Jan 2011 Reply
  • Pastel-colors

    Colin!!! i love your big huge eyes!

    17 Oct 2010 Reply
  • triciathetree

    28 Sep 2010 Reply
  • ram42493

    As a Bass Player. I Love Playing Radiohead. Colin Has Such A Unique Way Of Playing Bass. It Is Truly Sad That This Type Of Talent Is Being Shunned. Keep It Up Colin!!!!

    5 Sep 2010 Reply
  • malentedeadfuck

    I will name my bass "Kim". Sorry Colin.

    14 Jul 2010 Reply
  • hatedanddamned

    also, he has weird alien eyes.

    31 May 2010 Reply
  • hatedanddamned

    worst member of radiohead EVER

    31 May 2010 Reply
  • Albumcapita

    a movie called meeting people is easy made by radiohead themselves, is mostly about ok computer. Colin had a plenty of interview there, talk a lot and is a funny guy.

    11 May 2010 Reply
  • phillthemuse

    Colin use the instrument in a right way and he has a great feeling. He is not like those artists who play on a solo guitar with 4 thick strings, nor a rock bassist making meaningless lines. Just a modest guy on a stage, who loves good music.

    21 Apr 2010 Reply
  • D3302

    "He is thirty-two years old, with jet-black hair and large, kindly eyes. He is easily distracted and delighted by the world around him, favoring the words “mad,” “brilliant,” and “amazing”—the last spoken with a long, liquid stress on the second syllable. He has a habit of suddenly burying his face in his hands, as if he were sinking into despair, or falling asleep; after a moment, his face lights up again. Lavishly well-read, he can talk at length about almost any topic under the sun—Belgian fashion; the stories of John Cheever; the effect of different types of charcoal on barbecued meat—but he gets embarrassed by his erudition and cuts himself off by saying, “I’m rambling.” He is not above wearing a T-shirt that says “Life’s a beach and then you shag.” You might peg him as a cultish young neo-Marxist professor, or as the editor of a hip quarterly. But he is a rock star, with several Web pages devoted to him." - Alex Ross, "The Searchers"

    26 Mar 2010 Reply
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