• Season 3 Track Cup

    The track Cup will take place later this month. I have determined today the 32 tracks that will take part. There were some requests for non-league bands to get a chance, but I have decided that's all too much, and we will go with what we have.

    How I have decided which tracks to include goes like so:

    1. Looked at each band in the British Rock Artists League, looked at their most recently published studio album (not including remasters, not including EPs, not live albums), and then using Last.fm to determine which is the most popular track on that album at the moment by checking the last 6 months charts (for Placebo, Kasabian and Manic Street Preachers I used the last week because the albums were released so recently).

    2. Picked the 32 most recently published albums and used the songs I determined above.

    This means that last season's winner, Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors cannot take part this season for two reasons. 1, Editors album "An End Has a Start" is now outside of the most recently published 32 albums, but also 2 the track An End Has a Start is more popular now and would have qualified instead!

    So what follows is the list of 32 artists that are to be involved this season. Please take this opportunity to familiarise yourself with the tracks ready for the first round, which will commence on the 14th of August or thereabouts, and run until the end of the month.

    Listed in order of most recent to least recent...

    For What It's Worth
    Jackie Collins Existential Question Time
    My Body, a Funeral

    The Only One
    Crack the Shutters

    Never Miss a Beat
    This Train Is My Life
    The Shock of the Lightning

    J. Smith
    The Sun Smells Too Loud
    Runaround Man
    Heroes of Our Time

    Love Is Noise
    Can't Go Back
    Viva la Vida

    Miss You
    My Friend John
    Straight To Hell

    The Beginning of the Twist
    Always Where I Need to Be
    Grounds for Divorce
    Too Much 21st Century

    Hearts Burst Into Fire
    It Means Nothing

  • Maybe the list changed a couple hours ago, but isn't "Something anything" more popular than "J. Smith"?

    Wollt ich leben und sterben wie ein Toastbrot im Regen?
  • SilentPoet82 said:
    Maybe the list changed a couple hours ago, but isn't "Something anything" more popular than "J. Smith"?

    Also Underneath the Stars vs The Only One, and by a huge margin.

  • In seeing which was most popular I didn't just look at what was rated highest. A track like "J. Smith" can have many variations, such as J Smith, J.Smith etc, so I searched for all variations and totted them up.

    I will double check these tracks, but its probably that, when you combine all the variations, actually J. Smith is more popular, and the same for The Only One, which I remember was strongly listed as "Only One" too.

    Edit: Yeah I double checked.

    J. Smith is only slightly behind Something Anything, so when you add on the other variations, it just overtakes it.

    The Only One is miles behind Underneath the Stars. But you almost double its tally when you add "Only One" to the count, which again just takes it past Underneath the Stars.

  • Ah, good thinking! :D

    Wollt ich leben und sterben wie ein Toastbrot im Regen?
  • Fair enough. If I was organizing this, I'd have been too lazy to check for alternative spellings ;-)

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