• Favourite Blue Nile 'moment'?

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the group and wanted to get some discussion going. It was going to be "Favourite TBN lyric" but that's more an American Music Club/Eitzel/The Hold Steady kinda question; other bands I like that are more lyrically driven.

    Preaching to the converted here, but sonically TBN are pretty much unmatched, so your favourite moment might be the cut-glass, synth stabs in Saturday Night, or the mournful horns in Lets Go Out Tonight. Or it could be a live performance moment, or just something personal connected to them that you're willing to share.

    For the record, my fave moment is about 5.08 mins into Downtown Lights when the jangly guitars kick in and PB starts on the lines "neons and the cigarettes, rented rooms and rented cars...", all in a rising pitch of slightly hysterical desperation. Perfect synthesis of music, lyrics and vocal perfomance that for me really encapusulates why TBN are the best band in the world.


  • The guitar break in "Tinseltown In The Rain" that burbles like distant traffic. Gets me every time.

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