• bt on myspace

    in case some of you are interested, there's a big takeover "friend" page on myspace. there's also a group. i didn't create either of them, but i did join em. you should too. it's fun times in there. gotta spread the bt love when you can.

    hope you all are well. i still haven't had a chance to read the lastest issue with death cab on the cover. the only thing i read was the editorial/interview regarding jack and his wife. so adorable.

    please join my big takeover group if you haven't already. it's the first group in my profile. k, thanks.
  • That was adorable. Cute couple and so devoted. I wish them all the best.

    The Desert Fenix, setting hearts on fire since 1984
  • BT on Myspace

    Hey...this is funny...I just clicked on here today to make a post about the BT on Myspace and found this already here!

    My name is Tim and I run the official Big Takeover page on myspace. If anyone in this group didn't know about it already, the address is http://www.myspace.com/bigtakeovermagazine.

    Please stop by & drop us a line.

  • BT on Myspace

    p.s. The new issue is coming VERY soon! Subscribe to our blog on Myspace to keep up with any BT-related news.

    If you use a blog reader (like Google Reader) you can also subscribe to the feed at bigtakeover.com.

    Lastly, please visit http://bigtakeover.stores.yahoo.net/bigtaksub.html for subscriptions & renewals. Subscribing directly is the best & effective way to support the magazine. Let's keep the Big Takeover alive for another 25 years!

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