AntiChristian Manifesto!

  • AntiChristian Manifesto!

    Anti-christian Manifesto

    This material goes out to all the people who are smart.

    Note: My personal philosophy is intertwined with my manifesto, and while I do not worship the being commonly called God, I do not actually hate him unless he directly inspires me to do so. And also I wish to send a ripple throughout the the world.

    May this ripple become the tsunami which Anti-christianity is meant to be.

    By my definitions and foundations of the palletable God (see alternate blog), christianity’s worship of certain uninspirational and obviously distant deities is repugnant to the very things; the beings in which are God and other members of any pantheon: the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. To me there must be a foundation of some baseline fact or conception which underlies any reason for supposed knowledge or anything that is said to exist within light. All things; us being part of, surrounded by of, and found within us is life. God to me is life and being part of life we are Gods (beings not any lesser than nor greater than life itself) (see bible John 10:30-35). The angel, the man, the demon, the animal which conquers life is a conqueror of God, the one true God. Christians on the other hand subject themselves to a baseless definition of a God and entrench themselves in caverns of un based and biased morality without light; simply to feel there way around always avoiding things outside of their dwelling. They embrace their confinement and work from a state of boundfulness even killing, harming and condemning those who find light or venture outside.

    The work of the Christian is striving to undo any achievements of past warriors, magi, scientists, philosophers, leaders, warriors and great spirits for the sake of assimilating the world to a doctrine of whom they cannot even wrap their own wits about: ie. Ask a Christian if you can understand God and they will reply to you a numerous possibility of communicae aiming towards answering this simple question. The most common answers to this question I’ve seen from people being: "within his word (the bible) is his understanding," "You can’t understand God," "I know God," or "God is Good."

    Try it, go to a christian or Christian chat room or forum and ask them if they understand God to investigate this. Now, most of them will eventually type in a bible verse, fine - go ahead, back it up with biblically inspired conceptions mandates and doctrine. For me, someone who was or for anyone raised in it: typical Christian morality or worldview in general is easy to topple.

    Ask the christian for help with a problem and they may give you advice, but if they don’t know they may very well say that you must pray aince they don't know and God must know the answer. Well quite honestly, no God or any deity I’ve encountered has ever wished to be bound or subjected to becoming someone’s personal genie or Q & A guide. In fact these Christians might just be punishing God along with Jesus; not forgetting to fear the Holy Spirit’s torments against you if you cross it. Nearly all Christians find themselves eventually binding themselves to Jesus’s body as the subject of their group essence. In the bible Jesus basically states that if he doesn’t know you, he will reject you; the poor man.

    This is fair in fact much of the history about this man tells us that he was as merciful as he was sever, so my question is WHEN did these Christians ever meet Christ? Answer? They didn’t. In fact some even persecuted Christ or the earliest Christians who actually knew him in their past lives. It is so said that Jesus was claimed to be a sorcerer who could bind anything, heal any sickness and even multiply food and other items. If the God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit are life, then to ask it guidance, control forgiveness, etc. for yourself is not to change anything and basically is to pissing him off severely. I think God has bigger fish to fry, that being his many pan-sexual counterparts. Personally I like Jesus and respect the true Yoshua as a powerful living being in his prime and I leave him alone.

    As stated God to me is life as it’s living essence, not devoid of spirit or soul. Not only does God encompass concepts of "Love" but also "Hate" and an "lixer" (both) in themselves as well as pax and war, giving and taking, speech and silence. Some of us wish to have a free life while others wish for limit, it doesn't take a genius to see that there is a need for both in most beings. In life there is scalding and frigid, hot and cold, luke warm, chilly, and cool. There are many differant degrees of the same thing which encompasses the whole concept which is temperature in this example.

    This is a great parody for how concepts work within life and I do consider God to be the all encompassing, even visible and rationally understood concept of life encarnate. As life gives rise to life consumes life and is what it is a living life it will choose to proliferate itself. Further more it is up to the individual being what they find tasteful or choose to be. This includes God.

    Now Eshu himself said in John 10:30-35, "Ye are GODS." This is something that the satanists and atheists should find to be a hallmark in modern Anti-christian philosophy: I'm better than God, or I doubt God, or I hate God aren't necessarily antichristian as much as they are an atheist view (atheism is good, please critique in the comment box; I look foward to answerring your questions). What kind of God am I? I choose to be a God to conquer [God the body of life] and set forth my foot first to do so.

    So not only am I as a single thing in my limits and can be anything in my unlimited self; I can also take on life as a thing which is limitted to one; steer it; overcome it; direct it and make it my own. Who’s to stop me from climbing a mountain besides the mountain itself, or if not then some being on the mountain?

    This is the essence of the human, to consume, to conquer to more or less overcome life and it is the greatest of beings who do so. If life is God, then we have basically dominated God himself in this region of his body - be life itself limited, unlimited or both according to perameters we make within it. We are not separate from life, we are indeed one with it as it is written in the Gospel of St. Thomas [which is very important since the ages have not defiled it from Yoshua's original words] and known to Buddhism and forms of Hinduism. This being said, it is like some biological body which life is which we are constantly struggling within, with each other (ye are Gods) and with ourselves.

    When a person says to someone having trouble in their life to trust in God, well, it’s God himself who is troubling them either directly or vicariously. It is God himself they should be working to overcome or to defeat in that situation person or problem. Now what if you are hiking up a mountain and the mountain is an easy climb and a MotherFuckingBear gets in your path? Will you overcome it, will you scare it or will you run or just stand there and let it maul you, will you pray to God? Think about it, the bear is one with life as we are, but it’s still a limited single thing which is not God but a purity within him and it’s a problem. What I would say of this logic may be based on this sylogy that:

    A mountain:a bear::Life:A problem

    God is life

    A mountain is life

    A bear is a problem

    as well as

    A bear could be anything

    So within life, there is conflict sometimes as well as harmony and many degrees of an all encompassing concept which is harmony and chaos: condition. Only a complete idiot would get on his knees praying while the bear would be smelling food and be ready to eat. A prayer might get you out if God sees fit to do so, however it may simply agravate him with your very request or rebukal and he may decide to send the bear to eat it.

    Either way, on your path there are many obstacles there are different ways of dealing with it. Now if you pray to some entity or man-god such as Christ and you are ALWAYS aggitating unless he knew you in his life. What reason does a diety have to be altruistic of their own essence that they would choose to entice the bear: think twice from eating. And what if they don’t know you or even hate you; what then?

    To be completely honest if I was genied into being this so called Jesus, then I would make sure the man got eaten by the bear; however after 2000 years of this bombardment from the cult of Christianity, I would simply shut it out and ignore it completely. Hell, if I were Christ I too would have ran into the wilderness and ate scorpions and wild berries for over a month due to the constant psychic bombardment that "worship" is.

    How did the Anti-Christian come to be

    Now, An Anti-christian is [usually] a human being who has found tastelessness (or even extreme repugnance) of the Christian faith or may be someone who is displeasured by any objective reality which is idiotic. Idiotic objective realities being baseless foundations such as chastity, Moral-Paternalism, belief that Jesus cares or the concept of God (if it's dumb to you).

    The Anti-christian is in fact a force within, and either of God, or any other body against, rebelling or opposed to that which are to be granted no pass or no reguards towards a future existence [according to an Anti-christian's rationality] due to their "un-flawless" nature. It can be for the sheer abomination, annoyance, aggitation or even chosen opposition towards bodies caused by any means they problems proliferate, themselves, negative possibilities. Ie. Drug crimes are supported mostly by Christians, so aren’t smoking bans or the bans on the God-given rights of people to enjoy several partners of any type sex or whatever the hell they bring into existence that brings rather difficult to handle realities into being.

    The Anti-christian often believes that idiots and idiocracy is to be DESTROYED UTTERLY within life's body. An Anti-christian is taught not to fan out in a lower wavelength of existence and generally idiotic way which is this very HELL the Anti-christian finds themselves forced to be subjected to by the idiocy's presence.

    Obviously, people trying to bother God, enslave God or make a certain deity their genie should not do so to those deities because it is idiotic. If these deities exist it would, if not desensitized, be a malicious force toward the irritating factor and may even be pushed to contrive a rebellion or retaliation much like celebrities with paparazzi. Think that, to bind a demon is to bring upon you the wrath of that being. Christians genuanly 'Genifie' God and treate him, something they know nothing about for themselves, as if he is thier loyal servant demanding of life's essence their will baselessly. They also act as if they serve him by doing this.

    Now, our civilization is run by Christians, they propose laws, they vote, they work and maintain their ways proliferating all of the way up and down our civilization. It is at the root of the Anti-christian’s essence to destroy any force plaguing any individual being in any way. But why does this exist?

    It is well known that Christians can be bullies and harm greatly the freedoms of entire nations if not worlds [see Qur'an burning as it is a current issue schedualled this year (09-11-2010)]. It is a stupid christian who tries to bind the great Satan who is by now bindless by this severe aggitation. Whether they do it themselves or if they ask their precious psuedo-Christ to do it, it is ineffective. I myself as MeniManiMuni have been subjected to a great deal of christian bindings at the hands of there demonization. Anti-christians themselves see the hypocracy of the religion, feeling a great hatred toward it as it is in it's current state. Is this intended to be a rebellion against organized tenents which we cannot help but be effected by or is it sentiment against their faith? No, it is sentiment against their idiocracy and specifically not necessarily the christian idiocracy.

    Christians only piss us off and they can't just be ignored, they must be crossed in every way one may be inspired to cross them. The world needs a smart, emotionally cool and analytical opposition to the christian horde. They harm us whether they are the man taking up our time jebuzzing us to death or if they are the foolish parent that thinks his 18 year old daughter is too young for sex or that a 16 year old shouldn't be able to [choose or be] her own sexuality (gay, strait, bi, pan sexual). Antichristianity is more than a rebellion as would be suggested for our very essence. It is a passion, a feeling a state of being, an essence, a love, a liberation. (please give me more ideas in the comments, NOW LISTEN UP!)

    If people cast a magicks against a christian group or another idiocracy, then they have encarnated unto the world living concepts which fuse, bind or separate, [anything really] and these created essences may choose to be immortal in their incarnation to become human later. If the spell is charged with Anti-Christian energies, it may just come back to destroy idiocracy in general as the very being who cast it wished to do and may even become a human or any other being [including aliens, animal, a star a rock, any body].

    We bind curse and magice the idiot factor to be compatible, harmonious, to shut their damn mouths or stop ruining freedom. Now it is that very magic becoming in it’s form: human. Remember it is the very essence of the Anti-christian to attack that which is idiotic. So life arises forth life and concepts come and go and change and all things such chaos and order, we as gods create and the result is Anti-christianity and now as it infiltrates mankind it flourishes in our objective selves.

    Remember, Humans, animals and inhuman organisms (such as myself) are all Gods, literally, as a person, a Group, rocks, plants our organs and our planet life which we are intricately a part of - all Gods. Take a cell of blood from the body and it dies, take a man off the earth and it suffers the same fate [as space travel is very unhealthy for humans and most terrestrial creatures] or even take a tongue out of the preacher and it dies. Possibly the preacher dies as well.

    To convert a christian to become an Anti-christian is to take the idiot out of the christian and you get a normal being who is learning to become sexually, intellectually, spiritually and in all ways liberated from old bindings of their own essence which is the essence of the idiot. You do them a favor; However there ARE smart Christians who know the truth and are forced to live as [a portion of] "Gnostics," "Mystic" Christians, Christian Witches and theists as they are rejected by current day christian doctrinal ethical, or worldview standards. If you are feeling that christianity should end, you may still not be an Anti-christian. You have to be SMART in order to be an Anti-christian. This is the only thing I ask of you as the very essence behind Antichristian (in general) thought can even be stirr up a new birth in other realms and even complete themselves as an idiotic thing in essence.

    Sometimes eternal concepts encarnate as such beings as Michael the Archangel who is the arch-concept of love or as Satan being freedom who's true essence is the name (Shackael) as far as I myself can trace it back with my own wisdom. Now christianity itself and it's being existent stirrs up many counterpursuits and the concept of Anti-christianity was encarnated right at the marriage birthings of the christian spirit such as feminism, pro-drug movements, swinger movements, gay rights activism. christians engage in missions around the world inciting hatred and rage. As the world turns it turns red as the blood of christ was shed ages ago in light of the future of christianity and Christianity. (note: christian is easily interchangable with idiot and Anti-christian with smart person)

    Life is the place of the encarnation of Anti-christian and it's conception point is within the realm of conception itself birthed from several places, but mostly right here in this realm of Delerium. It is here on earth and caused by the very essence of that which idiocy is in order to fight it and destroy it. Intolerance for idiocracy is THE prime value of the Antichristian. Jesus, or Yoshua himself would be an Anti-christian especially when it comes to cults which cut off there genitals to give chastity in tradition where it is completely unnecessary.

    It was once a form of radical Judaism which was smart and recognized the heir to the throne of Isreal which became horribly perverted into it's current form. Think how a loosely organized Jewish royal following with over 100 scriptures in it's first 100 years of existence (which should be the New Testiment) now has much less since the Cannonization of the bible. They limit and harm everything free and fun; the Antichristian HATES this stupid shit with undying furror and that is how antichristians came to be. It is no new movement, from Witches at trial in the inquisition (christian idiots) to romans feeding criminals to lions in colloseums (roman idiots), the anti-Christian conception has been and always will be. It is today that it becomes a personal identity with the goal of abolishment of idiocracy in general. Satanism, philosophies and thoughts of Atheism, personal thoughs and even Christians themselves will add to this soup and it is better than any other soup ever invented. Make thyself at your own will but always know yourself, if you are opposed to idiocracy then you have what it takes to be your own AntiChrist.
    Anti-christian Manifesto III

    Identity is at the core of human strength so let that solidify in your minds as you read this question: what is an Anti-christian? Let us also discuss what a christian is. It is obviously the antithesis of the Anti-christian. A christian in there essence cannot be an Anti-christian but an Anti-christian can still be a christian if they please (gnostics) because an Anti-christian is truly free to be themselves knowing all that they are. They are diametrically opposed to each other in the very conception of what they are, smart and idiotic. A good plus is that Satanistic influence in Anti-christian groups ensures that freedom is of the essence. Thank God for Satan.

    What is a christian but an idiotic creature [differant from the Christian], dumb and ignorant in any of three triangular points and extremes making a repugnant abomination unto the world to be rejected in the Anti-christian realm. The first modern Satanists were persecuted as were the first wave of Atheists and almost anyone who isn't christian, in their least, has been, at the least, annoyed by christians. However just being annoyed by a christian doesn’t make you an Anti-christian - though it helps. The great influence of Atheism gives us a critical edge.

    The Anti-christian is NOT someone who is simply bothered or annoyed with christianity. It is simple, the Anti-christian was born and encarnated to be against Idiocracy in general, possibly even infiltrating an idiot famly line by being born to them. Anti-christians are perceptive, smart, and passionate; steeped in intelligence, criticallity and joyful fun such as indulgence of vice and vice of indulgience. The Anti-christian truly picks their poison having an open mind and only chooses when he or she or whatever they may be gets involved with another's life. It is someone who has choice, power and strength as an individual and importantly freedom to choose who and what they become. Truth is that they are upright in total disreguard for what idiots would call corruption and they are attractive by nature and in their own luster and light.

    The common idiot is bound to the three point diagram of stupidity, moronicism and dumbness. If you are not any of these things you shouldn’t be a christian and if you are not these and you become an idiot or a christian; dissodence, frustration, stress and rage builds and you’ll leave eventually shortly as you are only a dabbler. The three points make a fourth whole which is boring, used and old like a rotten ancient apple core; not to be chewed and needing to be planted in a fertilizer and ground of an Anti-christian world. Keep it around and it will attract flies and these flies are a symbol of liscence and lust. We are the flies that will lay our eggs in it, make love on top of it and assimilate it to our own very essences through consumption; sucking it's juices and spitting them out.

    While a Christian is one thing, the Anti-christian's configuration being subjected to the reality of Christianity reality makesboth a more valiant and chisselled people's who fight oppression, idiocracy and abomination in either party. Christianity right now is trying to stub any movement outside of itself out like a done smoked cigarette. What I propose is an infinite blunt that never goes out. You should know that as an antichristian you have choice power and strength, so you may destroy or create, bind or uncure endlessly.

    The most destructive thing you could do to a christian's group is to separate one from the body and open up their eyes to our world and pain thier stupidity, explain thier moronicism and shed light on thier dumbness and you can either improve the Christian within themselves or destroy them as what they are; choice is your, later ours. Corruption, knowledge and sex, magic, liscentiousness, evil and the general "dark side" of reality often poison the christian and remove from them their very essence. An Anti-christian desolves christian peoples and assimilates them into light, even rescuing youngsters from cruel or limiting parents from what I call "Christian Child Abuse." [see dACTYL sHIZZER 13]

    Further more may I add that this is the nice way around things and truly helpful. You also "dead horse a person and force a man or woman you begrudge to mush through the snow for their ever driving worldview; always trying to prove and perpetuate themselves and force them to go on till they reach a soulful collapse. Doing this only to animate them in their collapse, magicing in them the notion that collapse means eternal death and that they must go on only to realize in the grave of death that thier life was an utter waste. This will force them to be a zombified dead/undead horse which is beyond broken yet continues walking destroyed to the point of absolute non-apathy. Then dementia ensues and the christian target goes on as what they are finding naught in their only christian accomplishments living a wasted life.

    Within every Anti-christian's very essence there is something which is bright not only to be against something [which primarily idiocy], but to be for something: to know the self and build the self, to know the world and build the world. It is not simply to be ‘against’ that we must be, but the body of Anti-christiandom must be for both "Ay" and "Nay." It will find its own shape and dynamics within itself and each person within the body must be sharpenned. An Antichristian defines themselves, formulates morals, knows truth, breaks idiocracy and accepts critique which is not without good reason. It should be known that they are the authors of their own destiny. They are to wield life, overcome it and take from the vine what’s theirs and consume it with their teeth.

    Is the body of the Anti-christian like a young teen looking for trouble, a bottle of booze in hand heading to the mushroom patties to get high and sirr up a ruckus in the pasture. Or is it a violent twenty something brawler dude in a bar ready to smash the bottle off of the guy who's Bible macking his girl to join him in abstinence, or is it a woman finding her fountain of eternal and sinful pleasure in another's unvieled loins or is it a seasoned soldier fighting a war for world union, peace and jubilee; or a psychic warrior in the heat of battle looking raze the chruches with the force of a bolt issuing out his sheer will.

    I do not encarnate a murderrer, but a warrior. Who are the Anti-christians? Is it but a nuisance who can be fought, opposed, cured? I wish to encarnate an immortal. The body of christianity must succumb to it's solar eclipse, may the over-arching shadow of the rock fall on it’s head scattering it’s previously dammaged brain; guts, and juices about on the path of life for flies to feast. Justly destroying the body and dissolving the people into some other being; daring them a favor to break this hoard. Of course I would stop and say we mustn't slay the idiot, on the contrary, we must pridefully triumph in the most merciless way. Of course the monsterous type of christian may think someone such as myself deserve death, however us Anti-christians shouldn’t succumb to such things in the passion lest it be our lives at stake.

    However it's not a murderer we will encarnate, let it be it a Tormentor...

    Baf@el! Baf@el!


    May your piece fall and suffer the worldly abominations tremendously!

    AntiChristian Manifesto IV

    Why be Anti-christian

    Idiocy is and always will be a pox upon the dead demi-god Jesus, Eshu, "christ", Yoshua whom I will represent and channel now, "I HATE THEM," he says with a furror! Good, Yoshua is on our side. Christianity itself is widely idiotic and follow the abomination in it's form of ancient, radical Judaism of Yoshua's creation which, [at large], feeds pigs at the sunday service. Niether Judaism nor Christ are at fault for Christianity. Who is the prodigal son? It is the body of Christianity; Jesus, it's father . Know it.

    Idiocracy in it’s very essence is bound and so in their very essence an idiot is hard to bind. Christians are the same way and they may even enjoy these bindings which the True Christ, Yoshua, woed upon their existence for his displeasure with certain ones. It is said he constantly heard the sound of millions of trumpets blairing: the psychic force of over 2000 years of future worshipful bombardment. Of course he got used to it and he could bind rediculously well, so he bound them who worshipped him to a dead horse, ressurecting it to walk dead. If Christ himself bound these people so horribly, then we are obliged to help them. Whether we choose sevarity or mercy or both, it must be done that they must be destroyed in their spirits and very essence of their christiandom if nessessary. So target the Idiot; the christian inside of the Christian. Beware however to destroy the pure essence of the Christian as it may be the very essence of the being in your scope of site who is destroyed.

    I’ve been the idiotic type of christian before - it’s not fun. I always did drugs and had sex anyways - sinning and feeling guilty. I remember when a christian girlfriend of mine got mad at me for we were having a sexual relationship with each other and she tried to kill me over me blaspheming christ repeatedly. I guess she cared more about old Jesus and her faith I was disproving to her than the sacredness of life [even though she wanted to marry me].

    Only an idiot would wish for abstinence and end to latent freedoms so they become cops, state workers, politicians and enforce their worldview and their passed blue laws. What is better than rejecting biassed cops, state workers, or politicians for ruining peoples lives by legal means for crimes which hold untrue to the concept of separation of Church and State? [In this I speak to america.] Things such as forced unemployment after prison time, satanic child abuse laws, purposeful denial of priviledge. Christians want to persecute drugs, nationwide medical coverage, and they wish to kill Barak Obama, anyone who wishes to depose them, me and even people supportive of christianity who are demonized and figureheads of faith such as Barak Obama!

    If it was all up to the radical Christian they’d assimilate everyone to a strait-edge heterosexual, and create an oppressively safe society according to christian law. We have now instituted all of these things as "Blue Agenda" in the United States. If you lived a past life durring the inquisition then you should definately be weary of christian stupidity and there propensity for absolute intolerance, violence and moronicism (again: trilaterally an abomination). There must be an opposition factor opposing christianity and all sorts of idiocracies that may come up in general. If you simply wish to become an Anti-christian because you wish to fight Idiots, it is one good reason to support our agenda. May a moron never become an Anti-christian.

    Why be an Antichristian? To find yourself as your own center and your group as your fellow stars? To learn how to conquer life and ride your liscentious lust out while we are alive? To be free spirits? To reincarnate in a future less idiotic world? To stand on top of our achievements and feel the sensation of pride charging your life? To aid in the abolition of the christian dominion over [specifically, for now,] America then the world? To many people it is comfortable being not only a "Non-Christian" as the enemies would call us but also an Anti-Christian for there is persecution and tyrany over the heads against many peoples perpetrated specifically against me, the AntiChrist. Why not: gay marriag, polygamy, Satanic child initiation, Atheists considered equal? No reason! Just a Christian people in control, fear not.... Jesus loves you, be BLUE! There is no basis for not allowing these things besides the blue agenda!

    To be an Anti-christian is to find strength in pride, to be truly free in liscence, but especially to be chisselled by strike of criticism, compliment and comment. To know your own being in it's essence (mind, spirit and body and beyond) is to realize that this is the end times according to every tradition and as Anti-christians we must strive against what is unbecoming in ourselves and in life and FIGHT! To be an antichristian one must oppose all forms of stupidity within thier grasp. Sure, criticize the label, but to be an Anti-christian is to be able to have a moral and grand life!. If one cannot see this, then they are stupid and should be shunned and avoided or struck down with a lead pipe to the skull.

    If you wish to punish a christian more physically, it is not my place to say ay or nay, it is up to a individual, the GOD (see John 10-30-35), according to Yoshua's own preserved words, that this type of thing is of thier own essence or within notion to do. I personally have a disdain for physical combat simply over stupidit, preferring other tortuous means of psychological sorts. I have myself killed and survived persecutions beyond belief where the only way out was the death of a whole party or an individual. Be aware that some forces are tougher than you and that doing something like an attempted "shit-beating" upon a christian will make you a victum of the penile system or worse, absolute failure and you might find yourself beaten or dead. Use your head dum-dum! Be smart! Find conflict where you choose and don't be a stupid shit.

    Soon it will be a dangerous thing to be even ourselves in our own essence because specifically Christian groups and people are becoming more radical, more extreme, even terroristic in their blue agenda. They are indeed for now, at the time of this writing, not so bad but the bubbles are forming on the pot's inside. People like Timothy McVey, of the Oklahoma City Bombing, The unibomber and even the murderrer in John F. Kennedy's assassination were Christians and christians are responsible for several heinous acts. Be aware that we are not to fail ourselves into idiocracy.

    Why be an Antichristian?

    To keep IT a secret lest you choose to be open. Because we are smart, because we are sane, because we are good people, because we oppose everything moronic, because we are willing to be of our ideology. Why join our group? Because we are stronger together than apart, because we are better than the idiots, because we choose to be smarter, because we can be, because we smoke weed, because we drink booze starting at 11 or 12 years old, because we tried heroin when we were 5O. For many reasons.

    Fuck legal paternalism, blue laws and their blue agenda and open yourselves up to life, light, and a greater existence for ourselves. When christianity is over we will be something, just like when the war was over, the leftists still exsisted. Except we will win the war not by violence and murder, but by social movement and smarts to set a permanent strong hold for ourselves for all of eternity lest the death of man's children when mankind no longer exists as human. May we live to empower ourselves and bring about an end to the old, conservative, used, blood lust which kills mercilously.

    Need for war? There might be, but world war three is completely preventable and it is then, there in time, that the death of Christians will occure if it happens. Let us be there savior, let us torture their body to "desalve" them, yet (desalve to "unsave"). Let us also come to the rescue to torment them as there scripture states: "like hot coals over the head," simply taking them out of deaths way. Let us prevail in a time when mankind is unbecomming of it's own reality! May common sense over come ignorance and may the tide of the Anti-christian world overcome all abominations of moronicism which DOES exist in today's world. Excellence is within our grasp, let us feist as our gandeur is the preverbial apple of our eye!

    "Morali che? Vinci Forte! Come poi moderi? Vita Immortali!"

    By -Mani Meni Muni

    Where ever is home
    a center in Rome
    freedom Come
    the Moon dusk's sun
    la Piccoria di Mortis
  • whoever reads all of this gets a medal

    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
  • I think I read 3/4th... And even then I kind of hurried through several sections. Way too many repetitions, too little getting to the point. Are you sure you shouldn't be writing a diary instead of a manifesto?

    But basically, the tl;dr,

    are you trying to revamp modern Satanism and Ordo Templi Orientis into calling it antichristianity?

    Btw, if you want to write a public manifest to rally people to support your opinions... You may want to understand that the average internet user has an attention span of a couple of minutes at most, and then I think I got a higher attention span than the average internet user. So yeah. Any kind of good writing gets to the point within the first paragraph, if you can't do that, you are bound to lose the reader right away.

    I am not even sure what I am trying to say at this point, because I am honestly not sure what you are trying to say.

    Advice from me: Attend a class of how to argue properly.

    Useless information: I had to copy paste the text into a word document to see how many A4 pages it would cover. Using the same formatting but with calibri at 11 points, it spans 10 pages.

    Advice 2: Actually reading through your own text works, because then you are put into the position of a reader and then you will also most likely experience how it is to READ your text. You should try it next time.

    /asshat off

  • The Antichristian Manifesto

    Author’s Note: This manifesto is intended to people who would recognize themselves with my beliefs. While this manifesto will try to attempt the antichristian movement as a whole, it will also be interspersed with some of my personal opinions on the matter. This may for example include that while I do not personally attest any personal belief in the Christian God, I may recognize its existence through the physical acts of the people who are inspired by this being. As with manifesto, the purpose behind it is to affect those who may read it and see antichristianity in a new, positive light as it was meant to be.

    In order to understand the purpose of antichristianity, one must first understand the nature of the Christian God. By doing so, it will become evident that the Christian God, albeit claimed to be personal by having an interpersonal relationship with human beings, is still considered spatially distant. This is because God can be by definition be considered a single substance, and since Christianity assumes that humans too, and all other living beings, are also considered substances, there will always be a spatial space between the believer and the God the believer claims to worship, no matter how close the interpersonal relationship may be experienced.
    This spatial problem can be solved by assuming that each single substance can be God, and if one assumes that God is life, then indeed all living beings are their own Gods, as proven by John 10:30-35. However, this is not a conclusion generally accepted by Christians, and interestingly enough, they themselves seem to have problems defining exactly who or what God is. Usually when asked, they may respond with answers such as “Within his word (The Bible) is His understanding”, “you can’t understand (the nature of) God”, “I know God (through my relationship with God)”, or “God is good”. Clearly, not a single one of these answers are philosophically satisfying. Even when attempting to present a theological explanation by quoting a verse from the Bible, one gets a sense that few Christians have actually thought over the concept of God, which can be explained by the fact that many were raised in a Christian environment. A typical example of this is how a Christian may respond that the only solution is to pray, when one asks for help, because even though they do not know, God knows. This is proves the fact that few Christians have thought over the concept of God more than the usual attributes of say, omniscience.

    However, if returning to the concept that God equals life, then what does “life” mean? Life itself is a complex term and there is no real definite way of defining when a person is alive. But if God is life, then one can assume that God allows life with all its complexities that follow. A typical example of this is simply highlighted by the circulations we may study in an ecosystem, in how simple organisms allow the possibility for more complex organisms to live, whose death in turn feed the simple organisms, allowing them to live.

    However, just as life makes me able to live, it also gives me control over my body and my will. As I previously argued, every single substance is God, and this makes me able to do whatever I want within my own physical and mental limitations. This is the essence of being human: to be able to freely take control over his or her body and actions. Since God is life and has allowed me to live which is physically manifested through the existence of a single substance – my body – we have basically turned into Gods ourselves through our dominion of our bodies. This argument seems in fact to be supported by the Gospel of St. Thomas, and similar trails of thought can be found within Buddhism and Hinduism.

    Who should we then turn to when facing hardships in life? Ourselves, of course. While we may not always be able to solve our own problems, we are still in control of our own actions and can decide what solutions to choose.

    How did the antichristianity come into being?
    An antichristian is, as the name suggests, a person who opposes Christianity. As such, Christianity is considered to be a social and political power in the Western contemporary society that has a highly corruptive nature. Indeed, one can find countless examples within Christian doctrine that many believers still take at face value despite that the content of these verses no longer got any cultural and social legitimacy. However, this does not mean that the religious spread of Christianity has not been historically effective, quite on the contrary. This in turn has affected the Western culture by accepting parts of the Christian doctrine into secular politics, and prominent examples include parties with strong Christian ties, that for example try to make it illegal for homosexuals to marry or adopt children. Even outside the strict political arena, many Christians make sure to cause a lot of social noise. A recent example includes the introduction of the national burning the Qu’ran day, scheduled to be held at the 9th of November.

    As such, even though Christianity professes to be a tolerant and caring religion, it is easy to find a countless number of hypocrites, who unfortunately, show a great deal of intolerance towards the liberation of women and sexual minorities. The way only to face this problem is to start informing Christians about science, such as the evolution theory and why it differs from the studies of abiogenesis. When being forced to rethink some of their stances on particular issues, they might ultimately change opinions in ways that can be perceived as more tolerant.

    Then when did antichristianity as a social movement historically occur? It is possible to tie contemporary antichristianity with new religious movements such as modern Satanism, which fully accepted, and sometimes even exploited the current cultural trends of feminism, pro-drug movements, swinger movements etc. While there are claims that antichristianity, or more specifically, the implication of theistic Satanism may have existed almost as long as Christianity existed, there is little to no evidence to back up these claims.

    Ideologically, antichristianity is about to know the self and build the self. It is thus ultimately an idea about self-empowerment and self-improvement. Through knowledge, logic and critical thinking can we gain power. Just like modern Satanists, antichristians do not have a set ideological system besides this common unifier, except of course, the idea of attempting to be the anti-thesis of Christianity. An antichristian is therefore free to syncretize various ideas from science, philosophy and elsewhere as he or she sees fit.

    This is as condensed as I can get it at this hour. Just because I can. 2 pages. I am sure can I condense it even more by condensing the condensed version, making the flow more coherent. A lot of the text were just poor attempts at creating a pathos. Maybe it's just me, but stating over and over how Christianity equals stupidity just sounds... stupid to me. There are so many other ways to express and formulate that, which I implied rather neatly in my version without actually ever saying they were straight out stupid. Sometimes subtlety goes a long way when it comes to make people accept your argumentation.

    This is basically the whole point of that 10 pages thing. And a reminder: stating how you are constantly smart when you can't a) spell words such as reincarnation and b) and seem to possess little to no knowledge of what you actually speak of (like how the passage of John is horribly taken out of context) doesn't support your cause, it undermines it. I had to severely changed some of your statements simply because they were factually incorrect, such as the one about antichristianity being proven by the fact that some poor women being blamed for witchery many centuries ago gave in under torture and agreed that they worship Satan. I do not profess to claim superior authority on Satanism (if anything, that should be credited to Jester Aagard Petersen who is a scholar on the subject), but I clearly seem to know far more than you, which is kind of sad considering that I don't even consider myself antichristian anymore. One thing is for sure, with this crap, you are just going to attract idiots. (Un)fortunately for you, you also appear as one.

    Btw Vampy, do I get a medal now? I would prefer it to be in chocolate.

  • I think I read 3/4th...
    I gave up at the word "tsunami" (~5 lines).

    So yeah, you can have a chocolate medal

    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
  • Woo! omnonomnom

  • Perhaps a mistake?

    Maybe I shouldn't have posted the whole thing. It's whole is of a 4 or 5 part blog and the work of refining the ideas is still in the process. Either way, I do not mean to offend or vex. If you make a statement you should back it up right? A LeaTela said, I should take a class in presentation or in his words, how to argue properly, however what is it to argue proper for instance.

    IDK, maybe I should have not posted the whole thing at once. However the aim is more to refine the identity of the AntiChristian as opposed to reorganizing Satanist foundations. If you are a Satanist, fine, atheist, fine, hate christianity? GREAT! Then have a basis for your beliefs and know yourself: what I am trying to do is just that, to reflect on basis of AntiChristiandom. In order to unify a people of common cause they must be given a definition a group. What exactly is the AntiChristian? Do they simply hate christianity or do they hate all of stupidity?

    I see that stupidity and hypocracy is the reason for people to hate christianity and thus if christianity is eliminated, there will still be the problem of mindless morons running around aggravating the hell out of people who don't wish to deal with the drama.

    It's truly a work in progress, I could use all the suggestions, critical analysis, and comments possible. In order for AntiChristianity to go anywhere, it must be not only a work of perfection, but defined and united. Perhaps I'm thinking too much like an idealist: to think that there is unification amongst the peoples who resent the church? I really don't think so, however that the child of my dream would be concieved in reality would need support from people as well as opposition. For now a phenominon; what next and then what?


    Where ever is home
    a center in Rome
    freedom Come
    the Moon dusk's sun
    la Piccoria di Mortis
  • Hate is such as wasteful emotion. I don't hate Christianity, though I think it would be accurate to label me an antichristian, because I am opposed to various Christian doctrines. I don't think the other active members of the group would say they hate Christianity either. Some points are made in the ACP's FAQ to determine what "antichristian" does not mean.

    To me personally, antichristianity means that I think Christianity is factually false where it makes assertions about the world we live in, and that Christianity entails ethical precepts that I either don't share or even oppose. I think the world would be a better place without Christianity. This means I should oppose it in some way. I have chosen to do this by engaging people in informal debates about it and by writing my thoughts on it and publishing them.

    Meshuggah: "A combination of the powerful and the avant-garde, the band is as visceral and imposing an act as you’ll ever see and hear, guitarists Fredrik Thordendal, Mårten Hagström, and bassist Dick Lövgren hammering out lurching, monolithic riffs as they headbang in robotic unison, vocalist Jens Kidman barking out surreal verses like a twisted drill sergeant while gesticulating like a puppet on strings. - Adrien Begrand (PopMatters)
  • Waldheri: Writing and publishing is exactly the right I am execising. I'm going to take a leave of absence from my computer but I will try to get to and read what you have published eventually.

    As for Hatred: What is the definition of hatred? Hatred is a human emotion with very well founded basis within the psyche. To not accept that you yourself feel this emotion and that it is a valid reality is to not become the self. To say hatred is a wasteful emotion is to judge it. By all means, I find reason to doubt your understanding of the emotion and would say that you must inspect yourself as far as you certainly do hate though reject it. Repression of hatred, as I have found, is not conducive to good sex, self defined nature or knowledge of the self and understanding of one's self. There are lots of reasons to delve into the essence of hatred or the root of any emotion and understand what it is for it's own existence before finding a basis to reject it.

    ie: I reject jealousy, it is a waste, Why do I still feel jealous? How am I affected and unknowingly guided by this emotion. For what cause does it serve: psychologically, biologically, to the self etc.

    Where ever is home
    a center in Rome
    freedom Come
    the Moon dusk's sun
    la Piccoria di Mortis
  • Cut the modern Satanist and pseudo-philosophical bullshit. It IS wasteful, because you go on and on about something without ever doing anything constructive about it. How do you see it being constructive to repeat how antichristianity is against stupidity ad finitum? It's not. A modern Satanist recognizes that he is hateful, but he does not walk around feeling hateful. There is a vast difference there and you better learn to understand it. I very well know I can be an asshat when I feel like it, but it doesn't mean I am an asshat all the time.

    I don't hate Christians. I don't hate anything. I don't hate Sverigedemokraterna for getting into the Swedish government, even though I despise their politics by all my heart and will do everything in my might to minimize their impact. I understand what drives fundamental Christians, I understand what motivates Sverigedemokraterna. And the fact that I can understand them makes it easier for me to engage them from various angles. I can respect their ways, I just don't have to agree with it.

    Like Waldheri, I believe in engaging in a constructive dialogue with people and write about my thoughts. I am concerned over that religion is used in the world of politics and the ethics found within the religion are used to justify marginalizations of peoples.

  • Do you intentionally twist what I say? I didn't say I never feel hatred. Of course I do, and it is part of being human to experience emotions like that. I say hatred is wasteful because I think it is an emotion strong enough to blind you to reason. So I don't let it drive me, it isn't the reason of my "vendetta" against Christianity. I repeat: I am against Christianity because I think it is perpetuated with falsehoods, and because I reject it's system of ethics (if you can call it that).

    Meshuggah: "A combination of the powerful and the avant-garde, the band is as visceral and imposing an act as you’ll ever see and hear, guitarists Fredrik Thordendal, Mårten Hagström, and bassist Dick Lövgren hammering out lurching, monolithic riffs as they headbang in robotic unison, vocalist Jens Kidman barking out surreal verses like a twisted drill sergeant while gesticulating like a puppet on strings. - Adrien Begrand (PopMatters)
  • Waldheri said:
    Hate is such as wasteful emotion. I don't hate Christianity, though I think it would be accurate to label me an antichristian, because I am opposed to various Christian doctrines. I don't think the other active members of the group would say they hate Christianity either. Some points are made in the ACP's FAQ to determine what "antichristian" does not mean.

    To me personally, antichristianity means that I think Christianity is factually false where it makes assertions about the world we live in, and that Christianity entails ethical precepts that I either don't share or even oppose. I think the world would be a better place without Christianity. This means I should oppose it in some way. I have chosen to do this by engaging people in informal debates about it and by writing my thoughts on it and publishing them.

    Btw, maybe we could linky to my article about religious definitions under question 10?

  • LeaTelamon said:
    Btw, maybe we could linky to my article about religious definitions under question 10?
    Good call. Done.

    Meshuggah: "A combination of the powerful and the avant-garde, the band is as visceral and imposing an act as you’ll ever see and hear, guitarists Fredrik Thordendal, Mårten Hagström, and bassist Dick Lövgren hammering out lurching, monolithic riffs as they headbang in robotic unison, vocalist Jens Kidman barking out surreal verses like a twisted drill sergeant while gesticulating like a puppet on strings. - Adrien Begrand (PopMatters)
  • Ooh! Yes yes yes. I'll try reading this tomorrow. Looks interesting.

    Edit: This'll take some time.

    The awesome link of flaming death, epic destruction and pancakes.
    Warning, clicking this link might cause defects like enlightenment, godlessness and knowledge
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