• Tolle Stimmung

    17 Mar 2012, 17:26 by Herky1975

    Mi., 14. Mär. – Snapshots & Greatest Hits - Kim Wilde

    Hallo Fans,
    dieses Konzert von Kim Wilde ist unbeschreiblich.
    Ihre Sympanthie steigt und ist immer beliebt. Guter Start mit dem Song "It's Alright"
    der nächste Song "Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime (Featuring Nena)"
    Die Mischung hat es gemacht. So zur hälfte der Zeit wurden 80'er gespielt.
    Sehr bekannte jeder von Ihnen kannte Sie. Den genau diese Personen haben es damals gehört. Ich war unter Ihnen. Yello und mehr.
    Ihre bekanntesten wurden zum Medley. Da legten die Band so richtig los.
    Auf ein mal wurde unplugged gespielt und das mit den bekanntesten Songs und vom Snapshots Album.
    Geile Mischung, DanceFloor , Rock, Pop, New Wave, Unplugged.
    Hannover war wieder für ein kurzen Moment ein Jungbrunnen.
    Cambodia, water on Glass, Chequered Love
    Klasse, weiter so Kim Wilde.
  • Ben Liebrand tourdates

    17 Nov 2008, 11:16 by markbnl


  • [My Gang] Ladytron – Ace Of Hz : Reco of the Week 01 Mar 11

    1 Mar 2011, 19:02 by Babs_05

    Track: Ace of Hz [ Soundcloud ]
    Artist: Ladytron
    Album: Best of Ladytron 00-10 (Nettwerk, 28 March 2011)
    Single: Ace of Hz (30 Nov 10)
    Tags: , , ,
    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube, official video

    Somehow, I have managed not to write about Ladytron yet. I can now correct this glaring omission by introducing the new single and video from the forthcoming retrospective, due at the end of the month.

    Ace of Hz, (pronounced 'hearts') maintains the standard and sound Ladytron have established over the last decade, raising their game now with the sophisticated polish of the practiced hand; echoed in their stylish video which takes motifs made famous by surrealist artist René Magritte.

    Though formed in 1999, I first noticed Ladytron in 2002 when they released the singles Seventeen and Blue Jeans, from their second album, Light & Magic and both still among my all-time favourites today. I didn't get a personal computer till the following year, YouTube and the world of online music were still in my future. I heard Ladytron on XFM and time stopped.

    Ladytron blends electronic pop music and some New Wave influences, along with some more experimental leanings including psychedelic elements, using an array of vintage analogue equipment to achieve their distinctive sound. Albums so far have focused on a balance between pop structures and digitally edited analogue electronic sound. [ Wikipedia ]

    To put this in context, around the same time in 2002, indie was enjoying a renaissance, thanks to unparalleled works by Radiohead and a revival inspired by The Strokes. In rock, all hailed Queens of the Stone Age. In pop, we were still mad about Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head, released the previous autumn, and Girls Aloud were to form at the end of the year thanks to a reality show. This was the year Glastonbury featured Coldplay, Garbage, Stereophonics, Orbital, Roger Waters, Rod Stewart, and Air.

    Underground, Goldfrapp were just beginning their career and their only release to date was their award-winning debut, Felt Mountain. It was on the back of Ladytron that Goldfrapp took their electronic route later on, and Ladytron would go on to produce some remixes for them.

    In fact, it may be fair to say Ladytron inspired a lot of the electronic, EBM music we have enjoyed over the last decade right up to The xx. All take inspiration from Ladytron's mix of old and new, in particular early 80s post-punk synthpop. Artists we regularly recognise are The Human League, OMD and Depeche Mode to name a few. NME finally ask Have We Overlooked The Brilliance Of Ladytron? The answer is yes, yes YOU have.

    On to the retrospective. All too often, retrospectives are cobbled together and released too soon with insufficient content and far too much peripheral padding. We're supposed to buy into the merchandising in other words. For this reason, I tend not to pay too much mind to them. In the case of Ladytron, if this is released with a photocopy of the Amazon page, it would still stand above many of the others. It is a good introduction to a hugely underrated and often overlooked band.

    Fans and collectors will already have these tracks. For them, there is the new single, released last November and coming in at about 30 mins with all the remixes. You can listen to them all here YouTube: Ladytron - Ace Of Hz Full EP Stream [Audio].

    The Best Of Ladytron 00-10 reflects on a decade highlighted by 604 (2001), Light & Magic (2002), Witching Hour (2005) and Velocifero (2008) plus two new tracks; "Ace Of Hz" and "Little Black Angel." A two-disc deluxe version features an additional 16 tracks & 80-page photo booklet.

    Track List:

    Disc: 1

    1. Destroy Everything You Touch
    2. International Dateline
    3. Seventeen
    4. Discotraxx
    5. Tomorrow
    6. Soft Power
    7. Ghosts
    8. Flying In Built Up Areas
    9. Playgirl
    10. Blue Jeans
    11. Cracked LCD
    12. Deep Blue
    13. Light & Magic
    14. Runaway
    15. The Last One Standing
    16. Little Black Angel
    17. Ace of Hz

    Disc: 2

    1. The Reason Why
    2. Whitelightgenerator
    3. Mu-Tron
    4. Black Plastic
    5. The Way That I Found You
    6. True Mathematics
    7. High Rise
    8. Black Cat
    9. Another Breakfast With You
    10. Usa vs. White Noise
    11. Commodore Rock
    12. Evil
    13. Beauty *2
    14. Seasons Of Illusions
    15. Versus
    16. All The Way


    - My Gang

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  • The Cars (the ORIGINAL LINEUP) working on NEW STUDIO album....coming in May!

    10 Feb 2011, 00:53 by The80sFan

    The Cars are working on their first album of ALL NEW material since 1988 complete with the ORIGINAL lineup minus Benjamin Orr who died in 2000 of pancreatic cancer. It is entitled "Move Like This" and you can hear 3 clips from the new album on their Facebook page at this link...

    After hearing the 3 clips I am absolutely AMAZED at how they recapture their '80s sound flawlessly! It will be incredible to hear the entire album when it releases on May 10, 2011!
  • Steve Perry - Happy Birthday

    19 Jan 2011, 23:26 by ohmegah80

    January 22nd another birthday for Steve Perry and I wish him a great day wherever he is at that time.

    I made him a fansite, for him and for ya all out there who love to listen to his voice and love him as the fantastic man he really is.

    Steve Perry Webs
  • [My Gang] Twin Shadow - Shooting Holes : Reco of the Week 14 Dec 2010

    14 Dec 2010, 14:49 by Babs_05

    Track: Shooting Holes
    Artist: Twin Shadow
    Album: Forget (4AD 15 Nov 2010) [ We7 | Spotify | Official Site ]
    Tags: , , , , ,
    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube, audio upload

    Despite trying (not too hard) to keep up with each week's new releases, I managed to miss one of the best debuts of the year. Thank goodness, then, for end-of-year lists. Twin Shadow was selected by The Sunday Times as one the best 10 new artists in their Top 100 Albums of 2010 list.

    This year stands out, for me, as one for, not only a remarkable number of new albums, but also for an apparent increase in homemade music arriving fully formed, finished and ready to go. I don't have any statistics to hand (if anyone does, I would be interested to see) but normally, there's only a handful and everyone hears about them. Whether we like their work or not, we can't help but admire their sheer good luck with bypassing the system and making the bigtime, apparently on their own.

    Where once you needed cooperative and reliable band members and money for instruments, now you just need a quiet space and GarageBand software. Last week's recommended artist, Glasser, recorded some of her whoops and yelps in the shoe shop she worked in, alarming her customers. This week's artist, Twin Shadow (George Lewis Jr), maybe didn't go up a mountain as fellow label-mate Bon Iver did, but isolation in a hotel bedroom, not to mention a strange and lonely childhood, is behind the creation.

    And creative it is. Focused mostly on the 80s, Forget is an album with a wide span, from quiet introspection to party music. This week's track slips back a little further to the 70s and looks to disco, sounding like something that was forgotten and shouldn't have been.

    The track begins quietly, barely audible, as if you're listening to the gap on a record before the music begins. And then it starts, the funky squelchy sounds full of soul that are pure Giorgio Moroder. It isn't as high energy as some disco songs, but played loud, it'll keep the party going.

    Like Robyn (see previous journal), the lyrics are imaginative and will catch your attention. The song begins:

    Bite the hand, I know she doesn't care
    Leave the trail, the hounds will find us anywhere
    Call the cops and tell 'em what we've done
    Tell 'em that tonight we stole your father's guns

    The rest of the song is them on the run, "shooting holes at the moon", singing songs and having a blast. (pun intended)

    Though the subject matter is heavy, it's lightly handled and the story doesn't progress much further, focusing instead on the sense of fleeting freedom and joy before reality sets in and they're caught (and our party ends).

    See the articles I have gathered for more on the album. I think it would be a shame for me to spoil the surprise before you've heard it. Read the articles after. Suffice to say, when he says he wishes he was around at the time of This Mortal Coil's Song to the Siren, I can smile to myself and say that I was. He's right, his record does belong to that family.

    His nods to Morrissey, Japan, Orange Juice, Joy Division, Echo & the Bunnymen and Depeche Mode amongst others are wonderfully done, but don't get caught up in spot the influence.

    As a whole, the album is understated and quite shy, if an album can be shy. You have to listen to it a few times to coax it into revealing itself, then the lines embed themselves in your brain and the music blossoms.

    I spent some of this evening listening to's global tag radio. He fits.

    NB: We called it 'new romantic' in the UK. In the States, it was '', but it's the same thing. In case anyone was wondering.

    Further Reading:

    Official Site
    Pitchfork - best new music
    The Line of Best Fit
    Rolling Stone
    BBC Review


    - My Gang

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  • [My Gang] Deerhunter – Desire Lines : Reco of the Week 28 Sept 2010

    28 Sep 2010, 16:56 by Babs_05

    Track: Desire Lines
    Artist: Deerhunter
    Album: Halcyon Digest (4AD, 28 Sept 2010)
    Tags: , ,
    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube, amateur video

    Two albums on NPR impressed me last week. One was Neil Young, which I wrote about, and the other was Halcyon Digest from Deerhunter.

    As usual, I avoided the hype and, if I'm honest, I wouldn't have noticed anyway; Deerhunter haven't made much of an impression on me before. I had to look in my library to see if I'd already listened to anything. I had. I have no memory of it. I went to We7 and listened to everything again. Don't remember a thing.

    (Source: MySpace)

    Why is an interesting question and easy to answer - the new album marks a change in direction and, dare I say it, a huge improvement. The trendy stuff has gone. Instead, the focus is on good writing, composition and production with a hark back to 80s art rock and dream pop, notably Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine and Ultra Vivid Scene. It is an exercise in subtleties, nuances and engaging melodies.

    The songs are personal, describing a rich inner world of memories, insecurities and a fragile, sensitive character. The attention to detail is almost uncomfortable at times. The best example is the beautiful and languid Helicopter, which I played on repeat last week, with the standout line, "No one cares for me, I keep no company / I have minimal needs and now they are through with me." Seems I'm not the only one to love this track, it's in the hyped track charts at no. 4 this week with a rise of 2,189%.

    Whilst the flavour is 80s art rock and dream pop, it doesn't necessarily inform every track. Basement Scene has a 50s/60s rock'n'roll layer over the top, recalling The Everly Brothers and All I Have To Do Is Dream. The pace, tempo and these additional layers change throughout the album, making it something that will take time to get to know and a future album to adore.

    (Source: MySpace)

    My recommendation this week is arguably the best track, the anthemic Desire Lines. At 6:44 minutes, it's the second longest, though you don't notice. The first half carries the song, the second, gorgeous guitars that should never stop.

    When you were young
    And your excitement showed
    But as time goes by
    Does it outgrow

    Though the guitars take flight, they do so in a restrained manner. All is perfectly controlled. They don't let rip. The effect is trance-like. They lift you up, then you float.

    The amateur video is appropriate for those of us in the northern hemisphere suddenly plunged into autumn with its falling leaves and fungi.

    From the sleepy ambient dream pop opener, Earthquake, to the weird 60s pop closer that ends abruptly, He Would Have Laughed, their tribute to recently deceased Memphis musician Jay Reatard and the longest track at 7:29 minutes, Halcyon Digest is an album that once heard, stays in your mind, not for its drama, but for how it makes you feel.

    Further reading:
    BBC Review
    4AD - news
    NPR - review and album
    MusicOMH - review


    - My Gang

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  • [My Gang] Matthew Dear – Little People (Black City) : Reco of the Week 31 Aug 2010

    31 Aug 2010, 16:32 by Babs_05

    Track: Little People (Black City)
    Artist: Matthew Dear
    Album: Black City
    Tags: , , , ,
    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube, audio upload

    One of the tracks that will define the summer of 2010 will be this one from Matthew Dear - Little People (Black City).

    At over nine minutes long, in three sections roughly divided into three minutes each, it is a highlight from a near perfect album.

    (Source: MySpace)

    Black City is darker and poppier than earlier work, taking it away from dance floor fillers to appeal to the wider world. Weird catchy little hooks, unexpected words in strange lines and otherworldly imagery typify the new direction. His vocals are deep and mannered, recalling the style of many artists of the early 80s, who in turn were inspired by Bryan Ferry. This is music for gentlemen in suits and long overcoats, the brims of their hats obscuring a dash of black eyeliner.

    The nod to the past doesn't stop there. Beginning with early 80s post-punk, art-rock and new romantics, we have funky grooves, mid-80s hip-hop, old skool club classics of the early 90s, right up to the morose tones of The xx, who Dear has remixed for.

    The darkness is sexy. It's the sleazy, sweaty, dirty variety from shady corners of nightclubs. Unlike earlier albums, all the track names are 'safe for work', again appealing to a wider market, but the sexiness remains and if anything, is intensified for the restraint.

    That's just the umbrella. Embedded in the layers as you go deeper are details which only reveal themselves on repeat listen or on headphones. Tiny quirks, little flashes of sound, odd rhythms. They can throw you off your stride as you dance, catching you off guard and cause you to wonder what happened if you're following them. Glamourous little jewels to catch your attention.

    The album closes with the emotional Gem, a beautiful, ethereal ambient piano piece with Dear's vocals over distorted, distant vocals in the background and choral oohs.

    Matthew Dear is described as one of America’s foremost minimal techno producers, with a career that goes back about ten years. He and Sam Valenti IV created the record label, Ghostly International. Over the decade, he has remixed for and collaborated with others, and worked under a number of aliases, including Audion. He lists Talking Heads, David Bowie, Adonis, Nitzer Ebb, and Roman Flügel as inspirations.


    - My Gang

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  • [My Gang] Shamantis – J. Biebz - U Smile 800% Slower : Reco of the Week 17 Aug 2010

    17 Aug 2010, 18:58 by Babs_05

    Track: U Smile Ambient [ Stream/download Soundcloud ]
    Artist: Shamantis
    Album: To be released later this year
    Tags: , , ,
    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube, audio upload

    This is the sound of 2010. Justin Bieber made not just palatable but downright beautiful. I haven't seen a single comment from anybody saying they didn't like it, and it's all over the internet today, even being picked up by MTV and NPR. A quick Google search for "bieber 800%" brings me over 800,000 results. The track was only 'released' last night.

    The video, at just under ten minutes, is merely an excerpt. The whole piece comes in at around thirty five minutes.

    The track is Justin Bieber's U Smile put through a piece of free opensource software called Paulstretch. Hand on heart, I haven't heard the original, not being a fan, so I can't compare, but this version brings to mind Sigur Rós, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, Brian Eno and Robin Guthrie. The waves are the percussive sounds, digital snares and cymbals, stretched so they crash and roll.

    Sonic State stretched a picture of Justin Bieber by 800%, giving a visual idea of what's happening with the sound:

    I'm not sure how everyone will tag this track or how it will appear in the charts next week. When you download it, it comes up as "U Smile Ambient", which is what I've gone with. Attribute it to the artist Shamantis.

    Shamantis is 20 year old Nick Pittsinger of Tampa, Florida. From his MySpace: "[He] is an avid musician, composer/songwriter, and producer. He has had intensive jazz music theory training, and continues to push the envelope of sound by incorprating [sic] genres from traditional hindustani music to new and experimental forms of goa and down-tempo."

    His track is so good, some very naughty people stole it and put it on their Bandcamp page, claiming it as their own. Fortunately, it looks like that little drama is resolved now. All this in less than 24 hours. Things happen fast on the internet.

    2010 is the year of Justin Bieber bashing, with everyone from the bad boys and girls of 4chan onwards getting in on the act. Bashing him is as much a meme as it is a reaction against manufactured teeny pop. Both YouTube and suffered Bieber attacks on 4th July, with links and images replaced with porn. Around the same time, cheeky 4chan raced to get Bieber to perform in North Korea, after there was a poll asking fans where they would like him to appear.

    In Twitter, he is invariably in the top ten trending topics on a daily basis. Yesterday, Mashable reported that Bieber tweeted his phone number on Saturday. He received 26,000 texts.

    Inexplicably, there is also this website: Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Whilst this bashing is going on, there are thousands upon thousands of genuine Bieber fans the world over, mostly children (I presume). One can only wonder at the impact global abuse towards their idol must be having on them. Nobody did this to earlier child stars such as Millie, Little Jimmy Osmond, the young Michael Jackson, Hanson or Britney Spears, for example, at least not to this extent.

    Bieber bashing is a unique phenomenon of 2010 and the age of social networking, widely available broadband internet, and the disparity between what the media promotes and what the public wants. It wasn't so long ago that something was advertised and we were conditioned to want it because they said so. With various blockers for the internet and time-shift television, we need not view an advertisement if we don't want to. We are left to make our own decisions and word of mouth counts as much as, if not more than, paid promotion.

    It would also be fair to say that this is one of the symptoms of the demise of the music industry and its desperate attempts to rake in money by creating 'paint by numbers' pop bands. There are more bands around today, and more music to listen to, than there ever has been since charts began in the 1950s. This includes everyone from bedroom artists and independents to those signed to major labels.

    To my mind, it makes perfect sense that people react strongly when someone, reduced to a 'product', is over-promoted to the point there is no escape. In the past, when mass media amounted to a few channels on television, the press and public radio, if you didn't like something, you turned over or turned the page. Today's mass media tries harder, and the harder it tries, the less we pay attention. I see Bieber bashing as the public's response to the barrage attack from the music industry and his fans alike, who dominate every platform.

    Not that I condone bashing anyone, just that I understand it isn't personal to Bieber or any of his fans. It's a reaction against the machine.


    - My Gang
    - Central Point: where artists and listeners meet

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  • [My Gang] Scissor Sisters : Invisible Light : Reco of the Week 29 June 2010

    29 Jun 2010, 17:12 by Babs_05

    Track: Invisible Light
    Artist: Scissor Sisters
    Album: Night Work
    Tags: , , ,
    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube amateur video

    This week's reco comes from my album of the week, the third release from the Scissor Sisters, Night Work. Final track Invisible Light closes the album with over 6 minutes of euphoria, sealing it with a smacker of a mwah, making you want to play the whole thing again.

    The whole is a party circa sometime in the late 70s and early 80s in New York city. Scattered throughout are little touches and references that bring to mind any number of artists of that era. So far, I've heard Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, Madonna, the Bee Gees, Sparks, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, ABBA when they updated their sound, Prince, Bronski Beat...

    (Photo by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1980, ballet dancer Peter Reed)

    Produced by Stuart Price, Night Work draws a line under the less successful Ta-Dah and brings us back to the phenomenon that was their debut, Scissor Sisters. Darker in sound, Night Work may not be as dazzling but it complements it nicely. Lyrics are lusty and salacious, aimed solely at adults and clubbing. Guests include Helen Terry on Whole New Way, Kylie Minogue on Any Which Way, and Santigold on Running Out.

    Ana Matronic might describe Invisible Light as "a magical song" but user comments here in cut to the chase and state the obvious - that it's like a gay 'Thriller', and indeed it is, with the 'Thriller'-style dialogue from Sir Ian McKellen (aka Gandalf).

    (Sexual gladiators! Image source: The Guardian)

    The track begins all quiet Pink Floyd guitar, quickly shifting to Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer. A false calm before the storm via Madonna Ray of Light before introducing Sir Ian McKellen to scare the kiddies with his scary voice. We are commanded to "Come to the light! Into the light. The invisible light". From the relative calm of the spoken word, the music starts to build and build until all hell breaks loose as the the track and album race to the finishing line, trailing wigs, glitter and platforms in their wake. Fabulous.

    I was delighted to find someone has put together a great video for the track featuring clips from Michael Jackson's Thriller video along with "some cool nature shots and other random stuff." (above)

    Fitting too because it was the one year anniversary of Jackson's passing last Friday. The world remembered and tributes were paid at Glastonbury.

    Scissor Sisters were one of the highlights at this year's Glastonbury festival, held over the weekend. Kylie joined them for Any Which Way. Watch it here. UK viewers can watch some of the set on the BBC iPlayer.

    Kylie in thigh-high disco mirrored boots, a 'cheeky' album cover, sexy dirty naughty lyrics and cheesy dance moves, the album picks us up on Friday night after work to take us to a never-ending party that started in 1977 and nothing bad ever happened ever after. The end.


    - My Gang

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