Terrorizer Polls - Best Of 2006

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    • 16 Jan 2007, 23:43

    Terrorizer Polls - Best Of 2006

    The Terrorizer 2006 awards are out, in the new January issue.

    Writers' Poll 2006:
    1. Celtic Frost - Monotheist
    2. Enslaved - Ruun
    3. Jesu - Silver

    Readers' Poll 2006:
    1. Mastodon - Blood Mountain
    2. Deicide - The Stench Of Redemption
    3. DragonForce - Inhuman Rampage

    1. DragonForce
    2. Akercocke
    3. Lacuna Coil

    Any thoughts on this?
    What are your polls?

  • Inhuman Rampage was a bit of a weak album in my opinion...but yea, i dont have this issue yet.

    • Jimcus said...
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    • 7 Feb 2007, 17:28
    I had no major gripes with those, although I was a little disappointed that Hosannas From the Basement of Hell didn't get the top spot for best album cover of the year. Awesomely stunning surreal artwork on both the main cover and inside the lyric sheet.

  • I agree that Celtic Frost was the best album of the year, although my band of the year would have to Iron Maiden.

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