• My iPod changes my

    3 Nov 2006, 15:04 by SeanBarrett

    I listen to about twice as much music in my ipod now that I have one. Also, the music I listen to depends on where I am and how I feel. And being out and about changes that. My is no longer a summary of all the music I listen to, rather, the music I listen to while in my room or at my computer.
  • Damien Rice and Fiona Apple

    30 Jul 2006, 00:57 by SeanBarrett

    Yesterday I saw Damien Rice at the tweeter center (sucks) and the music was fucking great. I got the tickets for free because the WXPN show got rained out. That worked out well because Damien Rice is awesome. During the last two songs some fat drunk fuckin peice of shit girl was talking all loud like 4 rows behind me and I told her to shut the fuck up. Other than that he was the best part of the show.

    Fiona Apple played but I'm not really into her music. Its a little too unorthodox for me. She's a decent performer though.
  • Pink Glove

    27 Jul 2006, 19:57 by noahcorbett

    The song of the moment is Pink Glove by Pulp. It's from "his and her's" and is the perfect example of cocker at his creepiest. I listened to it three times already today. its perfectly passive aggressive and has cocker resigned to the fact that "'ll never leave him" but thrilled by the idea that "every now and then in the evening you could get it right the first time". the band was perfect and cocker is the only songwriter who has the swagger to sell the idea that it was better with him than it ever could be with anyone else. now if he would just hurry up with the solo album.