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    At my last job the desks were essentially low counters bolted to the walls of the office. Every 10 feet or so there was a large metal pipe for added support. My work space was in a corner where one of these support pipes was situated. After a couple of months twisting my feet around the base of my office chair to gain some modicum of comfort, I started to notice that the tendon under my knee cap in my right knee was starting to ache. Being of hearty New England pilgrim stock, my self-diagnosis was "just walk it off." This in fact made it worse. Over the next few weeks this ache got steadily worse and it was particularly painful to walk down stairs. Eventually it got to the point where I had to cling to a hand rail and keep my right leg perfectly straight to walk down stairs.
    I finally put two and two together and figured out that this problem was due to a combination of poorly planned work space (i.e. a giant support pole where my knees should be) and the fact that this world was not built for short people. I petitioned my employer to order me a foot rest for my work space and moved my computer to the left about a foot, to get away from the vexing pole. The ache in my knee cleared up in a little over a week.

    • julians said...
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    • 7 Sep 2007, 18:17
    Last summer, I had an internship with a web 2.0 company (that was recently bought by CBS). I was sat at a desk too small for me, so I couldn’t adjust the height of the chair properly. My knees weren’t at 90º. They were feeling very much like an indie band. After a couple of weeks, they were starting to ache.

    Eventually, I was hired. And got a new table. My knees got better quickly. While assembling the table, though, I got a blister on my hand. Damned screwdrivers.

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