• [Deleted user] said...
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    • 7 Apr 2007, 14:15

    How often?

    Today I made tea thrice and it made me wonder.
    How often do you people make tea?

    I'd have to say at least once a day - but then I make an enormous pot of tea, I drink hot/warm tea rather than cold water, just like the Bedouins.

    Your turn! :P

    ( I know there's a thread about the volume of tea you drink, but but but. D:
    Making tea makes me very conscious of how I'm the only one in this house who drinks so much tea all the time. )

    • arvidnl said...
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    • 8 Apr 2007, 11:23
    I make tea with breakfast. When I will stay home (most of the time) that is about 1.5 litres. The type depends a little bit on what I have to do, and how I feel.
    That pot will take me through most of the day.
    Sometimes I make a new pot in the evening/late afternoon, but I mostly stick to water or juice instead after the morningpot.

    When I leave early I will make a bit less, and when I'm in a real hurry (shouldn't happen), I don't make tea. But at work or at university there is always (mostly bad) tea ofcourse.

  • I used to drink a lot of tea, but cut down and then stopped altogether.
    Now that Lent is over I might indulge myself in a cup tomorrow ; ) It's ridiculous really that I gave it up in the first place, as I'm not even religious! :P Hah, oh well...

  • I tend to only drink it once or twice a day, but the evening cup should really count for three. I brew one of those pyramidy-type-bags for about forty-five minutes, until it's practically syrup, and then add about five teaspoons of sugar. Healthy, I know.

    ...And there's more where that came from!
    • wubomei said...
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    • 21 Apr 2007, 22:08
    I'll make tea once to four times a day, generally. It depends on my mood and what kind of tea I feel like having. My favorite mint green easily makes a whole pot with one tea bag, and I like it so much I expect I'll want more than one cup. But others are more indulgent single-cup treats, so if I'm not in a mint mood, I end up making more individual cups.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 Apr 2007, 09:32
    Every day. Morning, with breakfast, afternoon with dinner and evening with supper ;] but I like also drink yerba mate but it's between meals ;]

  • anytime it's possible :] strong tea is better for me even than coffee.
    Tea with juice... delicious!

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  • Im on my 2nd cup today! It is a sunday however.

    Usually its:
    Breakfast, lunch, back from school, evening.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 May 2007, 20:34
    Usually 1 to 3 times a day.

    • iSui said...
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    • 15 May 2007, 18:14
    Usually I drink about 5-8 small or 3-6 big cups a day, depends on how much time I have.

    In school I can only drink water.:( But in holidays I'm making tea all the time.*lol*

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    • osmark said...
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    • 17 May 2007, 16:40
    I'd say about 2-4 cups a day. Now we're talking pretty spacious cups as well.

    We're all citizens of the Republic of Virtues
  • I drink 1-1,5 litres every day -- if I dont count milk in, but I dont drink tea with milk very often

    I make a cup of tea any time I can -- even in school

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 29 May 2007, 20:06
    2-4 cups a day ;]

  • At least two cups a day, in which one is a 0.5 liter mug :D Sometimes I drink over 1.5 liter of tea. But usually it's one small cup in the morning, then another big one in the evening.
    I would drink tea all the time under two circumstances: provided that I would have a tap and electric kettel in my room; and a large variety of teas to choose from (I tend to get bored with one taste quite easily).

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 27 Jul 2007, 03:27
    I have tea about every 6 hours on average so that’s around 4 cups a day.

    • xavi3r said...
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    • 28 Jul 2007, 01:00
    Now, during the holidays, I drink one mug (=0.8 liter) in the morning (I usually prepare English Breakfast) and one mug in the evening (usually any green tea). Recently I have cut down on tea consumption, because I got lazy.

  • i only really drink black tea like earl grey, vanilla, almond sunset etc.
    i probly drink around about 2-5 huge mugs a day.:D


    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 28 Jul 2007, 09:55
    During the week only two or three a day, one in morning and one or two in the evenings, I dont really drink it in the day. At weekend I drink in day sometimes like at least five cups I think XD mmm tea!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 29 Jul 2007, 10:27
    The same at me. When I have enough time I drink one cup of tea in the morning and usually one or two in the evening. On hot summer days I often don't drink any tea, it's more for cold days for me to drink it.

  • probably 3 or 4 cups on days I work, since I don't drink it at work. Then probably 7 or 8 when I'm not working and am at home.

    I am awesome.
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 2 Aug 2007, 23:46
    I have to correct my previous statement (1-3 a day), it's probably 3-5 cups of tea a day now. Basically all I drink during day.

  • 2-4 cups a day. More if i'm reading.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Aug 2007, 19:31
    3-4 times a day, sometimes more...

    • Mebex said...
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    • 4 Aug 2007, 21:06
    I have a cup of tea when I wake up in the morning, yummy. :D

  • On a workday I have one cup at 11am, another at 4pm and again at about 8pm. I try not to drink caffeine after 9pm, otherwise I can't get to sleep...

    This group has inspired me to have another tea right now.

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